Summer Favorites

September 3, 2016

Today's post topic is to list your favorites from the summer, so in no particular order here goes our list of what we did this summer. 

I (with lots of help from Dad & Jeremy) started a garden. We maybe got 5 tomatoes and 3 zucchini out of it... but my shallot, green onion, and basil growing skills were good. 

I wish I could have found the pic of Harrison eating figs at the orchard, but we went fruit picking in July and managed to get a nice amount of strawberry fig preserves out of it.

This happened during the summer, but it isn't really a summer activity. My neighbor cleaned out a lot of her books and gave me several she bought on trips in England. I was the most excited about that David Starkey book Monarchy. He is by far a favorite BBC presenter of mine.

We also played outside, a lot. 

And went swimming a time or two.

In the photo above Harrison had actually fallen asleep in the lazy river. 

In playing outside, we might have used a kiddie pool as a sort of rinse off system after dinner.

There was a small getaway to New Orleans for us as well, we took Harrison to the aquarium for the first time and he was in love.

I'm pretty sure the other guests at the bed & breakfast hated us. Between Harrison insisting he climb the stairs and not being happy about his sleeping arrangements we weren't exactly the best of guests. 

And to top off exciting things of the summer, Jeremy had his first surgery to rebuild his ear drums. He started on his left ear and so far it has gone perfect, he has his last post-opt appointment this month and then we get to start discussing operating on his right ear. 

Selfishly enough, I can't wait to have fans on at our house all the time. 
Maybe I should do a post about what all is involved in his ear situation. 

Until next time, which will be tomorrow... and the topic is what I'm currently up  to.