Blog-tember:: De-stress

September 17, 2016

So true story, I'm not doing the vlog day. I just don't have time to do it today.

Although It would be interesting to redo the accent vlog from 5 year ago to see if I've been overtaken by the Cajun accent yet or have stayed true to my Southern girl roots.

On to today's topic, de-stressing, it's my favorite.

What better day than today to write this, Jeremy actually surprised me with a massage this morning. Hence the above photo of post massage hair. 

Don't think I'm someone who does this often though, this is my 3rd one in my life. Best one yet, that prenatal massage was no fun. Laying on my side and having a gentle massage was boring. Plus I should have waited until the 9th month to actually do it. 

Now on to my list of my favorite ways to destress >>>

  1.  Massage or Facial, but that is few and far between. 
  2. Home facials, anything that makes me think I'll look better at 80 is a winner in my book. 
  3. Drinking hot tea and watching mindless TV. 
  4. Detox baths - 1/2 c baking soda, 1 cup Epsom salt, few drops of eucalyptus & lavender oil + really hot water for 20 minutes... with ground ginger if I'm feeling flu-ish for 20 minutes is awesome. 
  5. Reading
  6. Cooking or baking
  7. Hanging out with family and laughing. 
  8. Napping, and I'm not a napper so when this happens I'm beyond happy. 
  9. Singing really loud alone in the car. ]
  10.  Hanging out with friends. 

How do you destress?