If I Could Go Anywhere...

September 9, 2016

I skipped yesterday, there just wasn't time to photograph the house, but trust me you aren't missing my scarcely decorated messy house at all. So onto the next topic, travel.

I know a few people that won't be surprised to read this, but...

I wish I had photos from the last time I went, but that was way back when you didn't automatically get a CD when you printed your disposable cameras.

I'll say this though, of all the places I've ever been it's the most magical. At least for me it was. England was my place where I stepped off the plane and felt like I was at home, it was the place I was supposed to be.

As far as food went, Italy and Puerto Rico beat them by a long shot, but I loved that place way more. I'd like to go back again as an adult, as a teenager I didn't have a lot of say over my schedule and made dumb mistakes in scheduling.

For instance, I had the choice between the Tower of London and the Meridian, we went to the Meridian and it was closed. Will you believe me if I told you I was there the summer the London Eye was first open and we didn't ride it, I only walked under it on the way to a river cruise.

But the reason I love that place the most was because I got to live in Great Missenden for 10 days. We worked with a vacation bible school and during lunch I'd disappear and wander down to a local bakery for lunch. Every day I'd get a hand pie and then go to the grocery store on the way back and get a popsicle and something to drink.

Now, I can't imagine letting a 14 year old wander around a foreign country like that unsupervised... but it was my favorite part of the trip.

So if I went back I'd want to stay in a smaller town and pretend that I actually lived there again.