{making progress}

March 31, 2009

After quite the productive weekend/week I am ready to not do another productive thing for weeks...to bad that isn't an option. Tuesday I went to Walmart an printed some pictures for the guest book table. Yesterday I attempted to submit our engagement announcement the News Star, no luck though because when I went to News Star the second time the girl decided to tell me that the lady I needed to see was not going to be back till Monday. Not to mention I mailed invites and maybe I'll finish the death by Martha Stewart project I started months ago. But Oh do stamps cost a ton, and when I said "holy cow" to the post man he simply replied well you do have a lot of stamps, to which I said "exactly that is a lot for sticky paper."

On an interesting note...after ordering my wedding night lingerie our lovely US Postal Service lost it. After the amount of money I gave them for stamps I should have had a mail man deliver it to me then model the nighty to see if I liked it or not. Luckily I got a full refund and will be heading to the store to buy it in person today. I think I am boycotting snail mail for a bit.

{hostess gifts are wrapped and ready to go}

{the lovely invite assembly line}

If you or anyone you know happens upon a rsvp card don't be surprised. I had to revise the line once after I realized I had gone through a whole book of regluar stamps and still had two forever stamps left over. So there are two invites running around without rsvp stamps.

Has anyone else ever used a caligraphy pen? My addresses look like they were written with a funny marker.

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{odd things in walmart}

March 29, 2009

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Today while wandering through Walmart and looking at the wedding stuff in hopes of finding a cheap-o garter(we are tossing it anyway why spend a ton right?) I happened upon something odd in the ugly cake topper section. It was a promo card for a photographer in North East Louisiana...that just so happened to have a code for $50 - $100 off any wedding package. So yeah I am now in possession of this card.

The photographer's website is www.matthewphoto.com. I would say his style is more traditional although he does have a few newer style pics in there. Matthew Lundell has been in photography for 10 years so he has some experience.

Oh and the promo code is: E5XOY

Just in case anyone is interested. And hey, if you are consider using him and would like the promo card (in case you need it) just let me know and I"ll mail it to you.
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Hope someone knows something about this.

March 28, 2009

The invitations I bought didn't come with inner envelopes but it is bothering me because it isn't traditional etiquette. A friend bought her invites from the same place and had the same lack of inner envelopes but she took the invite to a printer and bought some. Should I just buy an inner or do this for the outer. I personally don't feel that they will look as formal missing a inner but hey I wasn't happy when I was sent the wrong color invite anyway...then put the right color on sale in the store. So tell me, if you got this in the mail would you think "what on earth" or absolutely nothing of the sort and I am in fact just picking over an entirely minute detail.


Our wedding invitations do not have an inner envelope. How should I address an invite to a large family without using "and family"?


Put the parents' names on one line and the kids' names underneath, like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sullivan
[or Robert and Sandra Sullivan]
Brandon, Jennifer, and Kyle
12345 First Street
Anywhere, USA 98765

If you need two lines for the children's first names, that's fine. Keep in mind that children over the age of 18 should get separate invites, whether they live with their parents or not.
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{have your cake and eat it too}

March 25, 2009

Here are some cool cakes I found on theknot.com. Cakes have come a long way since our parents weddings don't ya think. Much more daring...and just plain cooler. I so can't wait to see my cake...and eat it too;)

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****update: got my tweets back;)

I changed my template...obviously. But I am having trouble getting all my gadgets back. Does anyone know how to get the twitter gadget back? I can't seem to find it.

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Something to sign

March 21, 2009

Lately I've noticed a lot more brides deviating from the tradional guest book and moving towards a signed picture frame. Well just super recently I saw a wedding where they didn't use the black frame that is being sold everywhere and using a custom frame. Well you can only guess that after seeing that I decided to follow the pattern. Ofcourse it was not easy to do considering a certian not to be mentioned crafts store wanted me to give up a million dollars, Ellie(cause no one would want crazy Maddie), and my not even thought of many years away unborn child for a frame, mat board, and glass. Well just so you know Hobby Lobby has much reasonable prices and with some bartering were willing to take Maddie.

Well here you go, the reasonably priced frame...and all the other wedding just surronding it.

{I promise you we aren't so crazy to have a engagement pic shrine to ourselves, I just have no where else to store them till the wedding, and after I sense the MOB is stealing them.}

***the MOB is short for mother of the bride, along with MOG mother of the groom and MOH maid of honor.

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rice throwing tradition

March 19, 2009

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Why is rice thrown at weddings?

Since early Roman times some grain - usually wheat - has been associated with the wedding ceremony.

The basis for the predominant theory as to why rice and other grains, such as wheat, have played a prominent role in marriage ceremonies for centuries, is that they are fraught with symbolism of fertility and of prosperity. By throwing rice at the bride and groom at a wedding, guests symbolically wish them a lifetime full of these blessings.

Historically, in certain primitive tribal cultures, the mere act of supping on rice together bound a couple in matrimony, as eating this local food together implied their living together. In other cultures, the symbolic eating of rice together preceded a shower of rice over the married couple.

Perhaps the most curious use of rice in the wedding ceremony, was its use in some cultures not to unite the happy couple, but to feed the uninvited evil spirits who always attended the ceremony. The rationale behind this practice was to ward off evil, as well-fed evil spirits would bring no harm to the blissful couple.

In early Roman times, wheat was the grain of choice for the wedding ceremony, as wheat, not rice, symbolized fertility. The virginal bride carried a sheaf of wheat in her hand throughout the ceremony, or wore a garland of wheat in her hair. Instead of the bride tossing a bouquet, as is traditionally done today, wedding guests tossed grains of wheat at her, and young, single girls clambered for the grains that bounced off of the young bride, believing that these grains could ensure them a trip down the bridal path soon thereafter.

The wheat tossing custom fell by the wayside under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, when the once airborne wheat instead was baked into small cakes, which the guests then crumbled and tossed over the bride's head. Even this tradition gave way to another, in which a large wheat cake was baked, then eaten, not tossed. Wedding guests, literally left empty-handed, had no recourse but to find a suitable substitute for the costly wheat cakes. They needed something to toss at the bride to reinstate themselves as active participants in the ceremony. The natural choice was none other than cheap, clean, white rice, and the tradition then born has stuck to this day.

article taken from www.coolquiz.com
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Looks like the exit is back on!

As of yesterday we bought a new motorcycle! Whoo Hoo! It is about the prettiest little bike I ever did see, sorry Jeremy, but its just to darn cute. As soon as blogger starts playing nice I'll upload some pics of our new ride;) but I have a feeling that might be awhile since I've been trying to upload pics for a few days now.

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{something old, something new, something borrowed, SOMETHING BLUE, and a lucky sixpence in your shoe}

March 13, 2009

Guess what came in the mail today...my earrings I ordered off off Etsy.com. Yes I have become obsessed with that site. But what the hey it totally goes with how I am and my weddingish theme. Well since the Martha Stewart obsession I've gone on a handmade kick, as you could prolly tell, and well everything I have been able to buy handmade has been handmade. Now don't worry the dress isn't handmade...but its from a smaller less known bridal company. But I have in fact been driving myself insane with all the diy projects. So with out further adieu, something that someone else handmade:

I had heard about the seller wiyomu from the i heart peonies blog, needless to say I loved the jewlery so much I ordered it the same day. And it finally came in!

So here ya go, something blue!

Now if I can only figure out something borrowed, and something old. New is obviously the dress, and hair piece... I ordered a sixpence, but who knows where it is in the land of pony mail...Mom mentioned using her garter for borrowed but I wouldn't be able to throw it so that won't work. Hmm decisions decisions. Maybe a vintage garter from Etsy for old?

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First Dance? and the sad end an exit...

March 11, 2009

This is the link to the John Legend song we danced to today in my Dance 301 class, its actually a lot easier to dance the lindy hop to compared to the actually highly up tempo swing music.

I know the words aren't exactly lovey dovey wedding music...but I like the tempo. So if anyone knows of a good song like this and even a little bit faster let me know.

And now that sad ending to an exit that never will be...

So Jeremy has/had a motorcycle {honda shadow to be exact} and the poor thing was totalled out by a girl on campus...who for some reason pulled out in front of a motorcycle. He didn't have time to stop he just jumped off before he hit the car. Needless to say insurance will only pay off the bike an so we are left without any bike or form of transportation for him at all. Well now after this lovely winter I can't talk Jer into just getting another bike, he now wants a car. Oh joy.

Well now you know the back story of what we were going to use as our exit after the wedding...
and it looks like now we won't be having the fantastic exit...
and back to a regluar ole exit...

{sniff sniff...could have been such a great exit...sniff}
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Wedding inspiration

March 9, 2009


Here are a few things that gave me the idea to go in the direction that we have gone in...

This is actually something that I was planning on buying and luckily when I saw Regina last she had ordered something similar to this and had mentioned draping tulle but I am prolly gonna use any left over ribbon I have a create this look...just mismatched and funky.

This is actually the pic that started everything. This is my color scheme plus brown. We are doing shades of these colors everywhere, mostly as accent to white or cream, but everywhere. Funny I say we like Jeremy and I are working on this...last person to ask him how planning was coming along he actually said we were basically done. Um Hello? Are we living on the same planet? Have you seen the to do list buddy? Men, just may be the most clueless animal on the planet.

This is what we are modeling the program after. Somehow we actually managed to copy this almost exact but in our colors. Only problem now is most printing places don't do Mac so it will eithr change the fonts or we can print ourselves...looks like I'm printing programs myself.

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Please Mister Postman

March 8, 2009

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Q&A: Invitations: Not Using Inner Envelopes?
Our wedding invitations do not have an inner envelope. How should I address an invite to a large family without using "and family"?
Put the parents' names on one line and the kids' names underneath, like this:
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sullivan[or Robert and Sandra Sullivan]Brandon, Jennifer, and Kyle12345 First StreetAnywhere, USA 98765
If you need two lines for the children's first names, that's fine. Keep in mind that children over the age of 18 should get separate invites, whether they live with their parents or not.

I found this on theknot.com and it kinda answered my question. Can you still address it Mr. and Mrs. Blah Blah Blah and family? Or should you be more specific. We aren't inviting a lot of children because it will be such a small wedding so this won't be done to many times. So far the only children are going to be close family, and there aren't many if any.

Also should we still get vellum to put in the invite even though we don't have two envelopes?
Or do you use tissue? I've seen both so I have no clue.
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So it's not wedding related but its funny

March 4, 2009

This is the site I came home to from class this morning. Granted I was gone from 9am to noon so who knows how long she was like this.

By the way that is Jeremy's work shirt and she is in the sleeve. I'm guessing she pulled the shirt off the chair and just walked into it. She was stuck of course and had been for awhile because she wasn't moving or making any noise. I supect she came to terms with the idea of just dying in the sleeve. Poor Maddie!

And yes I am so mean as to take pics of Maddie trapped in the shirt instead of helping her first. Poor dog, she is so into everything and such a terror that she has absolutely no sense what so ever.
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I thought this was supposed to be a happy time?

March 3, 2009

Not a painful needle involved time!

I emailed out minister and this is what he sent me:

This is a message i got from our wedding coordinator...

Whit, I called the Ouachita Parish Clerk of Court and the wedding license she gets here in Louisiana is ONLY good in Louisiana (any parish) -- this goes for Covenant and "regular" (!) marriages. You cannot use a Louisiana Marriage License in any other state.

Looks like there isn't going to be a covenant marriage for us...but we are lucky enough to get to have a Mississippi blood test whoo hoo(!).
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Oh to make it legal

March 1, 2009

So the topic of marriage license came up today...I was almost right. In both Louisiana and Mississippi the couple has to apply no more than 30 days before and no less then 72 hours before to get a license.

But there is a catch, in Mississippi you have to have blood testing and in Louisiana you don't. That alone is enough to change the wedding location. Well for me at least, I'm scared to DEATH of needles or anything like it, just ask my mother, she will tell everyone I'm a big baby.

So here is my question...
Our pastor is from Louisiana, and we are too, so can we get a license in Louisiana and at the wedding just say LA instead of Mississippi and make it legal without all the blood loss?
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