Meal Planning... Wednesday

September 30, 2020

Clearly some week's I'm on and other's I'm very off. 

Monday | Meatball Parmesan & Salad (just meatballs, pasta sauce, & cheese - baked) 

Tuesday | Taco Salad

Wednesday | Sam's Club Knock off Chick-Fil-A Nuggets & fries

Thursday | Polenta Bowl

Friday | BBQ Turkey Hash

Saturday | Eating Out

Sunday | Trader Joe's Meal

Meal options outside of dinner for myself...

Orgain Protein Shake
Atkins Granola Protein Bar
Salad for Low Carb Days & Sandwich on Dave's Killer Bread with carrots and an apple for regular macro days
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Meal Planning Monday

September 20, 2020

Lookie here, Emily is getting her blog life in order before the middle of the week. 

Don't get too excited though, until we move into the house I don't think I'll muster up the excitement for cooking that I once had. Hence the sheer lack of recipes over the past two years. Honestly I just need a good kitchen for inspiration and half of buying a house for me is the kitchen. 

Now... new house doesn't have a gas stove like I like but it'll work until it dies and I can replace it. 

Monday | Eggs, Sausage, Strawberries 

Tuesday | Taco Salad

Wednesday | Sam's Club Knock off Chick-Fil-A Nuggets & fries

Thursday | Chili

Friday | Leftovers

Saturday | Eating Out

Sunday | Trader Joe's Meal

Meal options outside of dinner for myself...

Orgain Protein Shake
Atkins Granola Protein Bar
Salad for Low Carb Days & Sandwich on Dave's Killer Bread with carrots and an apple for regular macro days
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Ice Cream Friday, Egg Substitutes, & the Terrifying Life of a Cricket

September 18, 2020

 When school started I decided it was high time to start a tradition with just Mom. Every Friday we stop somewhere and get ice cream on the way home, and eventually when Elliot is riding with us we will let him participate too lol. 

Daddy doesn't get to be apart of this. 

It's an exclusive club. 

Today I laughed harder in that classroom than I think I ever have, you see we are in the process of studying ecosystems and putting our terrariums together. 

You'd think "no big" but I'm here to inform you that crickets and pill bugs are a big. 

I got my too boys from today's class and thought they would do the dirty work and I could avoid the crickets. I'm not a fan of touching crickets. Well, they were spastic while I picked out pill bugs for the terrarium. So I had a feeling crickets were going to go south. 

Was I ever right. 

Screaming ensued. The girls came running... I have no idea why because they also screamed and jumped around. 

Then... one brave girl accidentally got one cricket into the box without touching it. 

It was so bad one of my students was crying out of fear... she was afraid they would get her. 

Lucky for them it was then recess and we took a cricket break, lucky for me I knew who I would enlist from the other class to save the day. 

My next student came in and scooped out the crickets for our tubs, kid #1 showed back up to conquer his fear... in the most hilarious manner. He was still yelping and jumping, but constantly telling himself the crickets wouldn't bite. 

Who knew a bunch of big tough boys would lose it over a jar of crickets 😂. 

I've been sore as heck lately and it caused me to drag out my beloved yoga mat and bust out the Travis Elliot workout. I made it 22 minutes into Flexibility before I was needed elsewhere... and after that I might take out the entire 108 Days DVD set and start doing it again after we move. I needed it, and after not doing yoga for two years since we have been renting and in smaller spaces I have missed it. 

I've never been one to plan elaborate parties for the kids, but closing on a house next month is getting me excited to do something fun. So I think I'll pull from my favorite movie and have a tiny family party for Elliot. How cute is all of this!? Plus, I think I'll make that cake with the Pioneer Woman Chocolate Sheet Cake that is so divine... just make sure you accidentally use half salted butter because it actually made it so super good. 

Friends, it was 78 outside this afternoon when we got home and I spy leaves. I think my favorite time of year is finally here!! 

Harrison has been asking me every morning if we were going to listen to the bible, Morning Word recently started a podcast that is about 5 minutes long each day. It reads through the email they send... which is great because I honestly find myself searching for free time to read through it daily. 

After a few days he started asking about different bible stories and I came across this By Kids For Kids Bible Stories and he loves it. They tell bible stories in a way that reminds me of the old radio stories. 

I've made some further updates to my beloved chocolate chip cookie recipe and I finally got it perfectly chewy and yet crunchy on the sides and bottom. 

But this week I ran into an snag when we were out of eggs. Pinterest to the rescue. Turns out 2 tbsp water + 2 tsp baking powder + 1 tsp vegetable oil is equal to 1 large egg and you'd never know you were missing that egg one bit. 

A house full of college kids can attest to this. 

What do y'all have planned for this weekend? 

I think it's high time I make another Trader Joe's run, there's only one freezer meal left. 

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Meal Planning... Wednesday?

September 16, 2020

Hi, my name's Emily and I can't get it together around here. 

Things here, there, and everywhere messed up my meal plan this week... so I pushed it back... and then the food pushed back because I ran out of eggs and some zucchini went south. Eek! 

Monday | Breakfast Tacos (eggs, seasoning blend, leftover hash brown potatoes, sausage, bacon, cheese in a low carb wrap) 

Tuesday | Cheesy Kielbasa, Rice, and Broccoli Skillet (I shortened the time by using leftover rice) 

Wednesday | School Chick-Fil-A Fundraiser night! 

Thursday | Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, with Lima Beans & Bacon

Friday | Grilled Chicken, Mac & Cheese (I'll throw something together) and who knows what because I used the broccoli on Tuesday. 

Saturday | Eating Out

Sunday | Trader Joe's Meal

Meal options outside of dinner for myself...

Orgain Protein Shake
Atkins Granola Protein Bar
Chicken Salad, Crackers, Fruit
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The Amazon Sweater, Dinner, and a Failed Juice Cleanse

September 10, 2020

I joined together with a few blog friends on Instagram to do a little fashion carosal - go check out @blessedhautemess @organized_chaosblog @bringingupbeary and @rebeccaautin on IG to see what colors they got and how they styled it. 

Above is THE sweater with my favorite high waisted white jeans from J. Crew Mercantile, Leopard Rothy's, and the ever present jewelry from Mimosa Handcrafted (Mama bar necklace and Acadian Flag Cuff) 

 For this look I went with my favorite black Super Skinny Black Jeans from Old Navy, last years shoes from Target, and a vest from absolutely ages ago. 

"Hashtag" worst fashion blogger ever with that second look! 

I'm fairly excited about dinner tonight. 

I have a ton of veggies leftover from the failed juice cleanse and that lead to this French Cucumber Salad recipe. 

Then there's the short ribs from Meal Planning Monday. Yum! 

So funny story...

Elliot was sitting at the book shelf reading the other night, nothing unusual. Suddenly I noticed he was throwing away paper. 

Again, nothing unusual. He likes to clean and he tends to pick up behind Harrison. 

So I checked to see what he tossed. 

The boy threw away a page HE ripped out of the children's bible and then ACTUALLY put the bible back on the bookshelf. Which he never does. 

I don't know if I should be irritated or impressed that a nearly two year old thought this out so far. 

About that failed juice cleanse...

The long time readers around here will know I use to ride or die on juicing. Loved it. My most viewed and pinned post for years was a green juice. 

I'm not that person anymore. 

Let me break down the juice cleanse for you. 

1. Jeremy wanted to do 5 days. I talked him off that cliff and got him to three. 

2. Juice cleanse begins. 

8am - first juice - tolerable but not my favorite thing on this planet. (we were copying a local juice place to save money) 

10 am - better but still, it wasn't coffee and I had given up coffee if it had to be black. 


12:15 - I'm just looking at this green juice. It's mocking me. It looks like it's gonna taste like something you have to choke down. 

12:30 - still looking at it. 

1:30 - Jeremy shows up and takes a sip of his, half gags. 

1:31 - everyone agrees we are stupid and this is ending now. We got BBQ for dinner. 

Clearly I could juice through my 20's, but mid 30's Emily has more to live for than a missed meal. 

And that friends is why I now own a nice juicer that will never be used again. 
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Meal Planning Monday

September 7, 2020

It's been a minute, don't judge me. 

I've been meal planning, but something about quarantine just got me in a funk with any sort of schedule on this website. 

Monday | Who on earth knows because we were supposed to be on a juice cleanse that we both abandoned. 

Tuesday | Sausage, Zucchini, Peppers, Onions, and Goat Cheese Skillet with a Salad

Wednesday | Breakfast Tacos

Thursday | Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, with Lima Beans & Bacon

Friday | French Style Braised Short Ribs with Mashed Potatoes

Saturday | Eating Out

Sunday | Trader Joe's Meal

Meal options outside of dinner for myself...

Orgain Protein Shake
Atkins Granola Protein Bar
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Life Lately

September 2, 2020

 There's light at the end of the hybrid school year tunnel, supposedly we might just maybe kinda sorta go 5 days at the end of this month. 


Turns out that not being in the path of Hurricane Laura is just as stressful as deciding each and every hurricane if one should evacuate. 

Most of our friends hunkered down. I'm hearing my MIL in Monroe just got power back today, and my sister in Alexandria is still without power and water. My cousins in Natchitoches seem to have power here and there but are dealing with damage. 

Y'all this was a super storm. 

Katrina was just a bad thunderstorm in Monroe when it finally got there. We still had classes and I still went to work. 

So to soothe myself... I made Working Girl Red Beans and Rice. 

A former LAFMB writer friend runs that site and she is legit on the Cajun recipes friends. 

Outside of my class theme being pencils... it's all about the color. I need that room to be as bright and cheerful as possible and if you need an Advil when you leave I can hand you one. 

We had a slight run-in with the electricity again. Friday morning I got up at exactly 3:58AM to head to the ladies room and at the moment I sat my booty back in bed the power shut down. I didn't go back to sleep (makes for a terrible Emily) and then I got ready for work at 5:20 in absolute darkness with intensifying anger. 

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I think we've lost power more this year than I can recall being without power in all 34 years of living in Louisiana. 

So I went to Starbucks because again... no power. I ordered online, got there and the line was insane so I tried to walk in to grab my already completed drink. Doors are locked and they're ignoring me. 

I basically donated 5 bucks to them, we had to get to work and I couldn't sit in that line any longer (I'd already been there 20 minutes). 

So a touch later, when Jeremy and Elliot are finally moving he notices I left Harrison's lunch box on the table. 

Of course I did. I couldn't see it in the dark. 

And he saved the students day as well by bringing me coffee. 

No lie, before the coffee and after a lack of sleep they said I wasn't as peppy as usual. 

And because I love a good Cajun meme. 

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