Blog-tember:: Current Happenings

September 4, 2016

Reading... & working on the Armor of God bible study by Priscilla Shirer.  
Playing... old 90's music every day in my car
Watching... a few BBC documentaries about the last few years of the Tzar's in Russia. 
Trying... to work out, but we are on a level of busy that I can't keep up with yet. 
Cooking... all Whole30 for the whole month for #septemberwhole30!
Eating... all sorts of bad stuff before tomorrow. 
Drinking... La Croix, any flavor any time. We just can't agree how it's pronounced in my house.
Calling... the student loan people soon, I should be able to get my $5,000 off for 5 years in a low income school. Had I taught SPED it would have been 18,000. 
Texting... my sister and Jeremy in only gifs. 
Pinning... food, always food. 
Tweeting... anything funny, I've been dying over the political stuff the parody White House Press Secretary puts up. @weknowwhatsbest
Going... to work, and then work again. At least it's a long weekend. 
Loving... that it's a long weekend and we were able to come to my parents. See also - it appears the troubles of sharing a room we had over the summer have vanished, maybe. 
Hating... you don't even want to really know. That's a IRL conversation to have. But other than that, politics.  
Discovering... a all the things I can do with makeup, hello 30's. 
Thinking... about making 31 days of October all about going back to my blogging roots. 
Feeling... hot and sweaty, when's fall?
Hoping... that the seminary years go quickly. 
Listening (to)... the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast
Celebrating... Harrison sleeping better at my parents house!
Smelling... bacon, everyone's eating breakfast before church right now. 
Ordering... a new iPhone case, I accidentally ordered a 6 Plus and need a 6s. All the sad faces over here. Dang Amazon charging for returns. 
Thanking... the Lord that everything always works out, whether it be how we wanted to or now... it works out. 
Considering... using foundation. I know it's vain, but I've been thinking about using it. 
Starting... to finish the book I started 3 months ago.
Finishing... that book I started 3 months ago.