Blogtember: 5 Photos

September 30, 2016

A few days ago the topic was 5 Photos That Describe Your Year.

I'm late to the party but let's round off the month with this! Oh, and just FYI I went with 6 and could have easily used 20.

First off, this particular recipe has been super popular on my blog, Pinterest, and in the Whole30 community. It's a favorite of mine too, and I'm thinking of making it next week. Here's the link >>> Breakfast Pumpkin Custard

Another biggie this year, we finally got to Jeremy's ears. His first surgery went amazing and the second is scheduled for Christmas. Not ideal for other people, but his seminary classes aren't happening then and the break after having his ear literally removed and put back on is welcome.

In case you're wondering why he's having surgery on something that I say we are just getting to, let me explain. We've talked about this our entire marriage. As a kid he had infections upon infections, then tubes... that didn't come out right. That whole mess caused something like 7 surgeries as a kid. Fast forward to when he was 18 and wanted to join the Army, he couldn't get in because after being examined by several doctors they all agreed that he didn't have ear drums. Earaches with this man are a weekly occurrance. One ear, the other ear, both ears. He's lived a long time in a lot of pain. After finding a really great doctor and biting the bullet we found out that he could rebuild the entire middle ear. The doctor was even able to salvage Jeremy's ear bones (whatever they're called) and we didn't have to use... why can't I think of the word for fake ones.

Anyway, ears, it's been the year of ears.

I also took up gardening, right now we are in the process of turning the bed over to plant a winter garden... which I think I'll have more luck with here. The hot weather + neglectful Emily combo doesn't makes tomatoes happy. 

The second year of Motherhood has been amazing. Much preferred over the 1st year. I don't think I like infants if I'm being honest. Give me the melodramatic silly toddler any day.

Another big event for our year has definitely been the truck fiasco of 2016, which landed 3 idiots in jail for grand theft auto. It landed us a new car and a security system. 

Also, bonus picture... I just can't get over how much fun life is for someone seeing everything for the first time. Goats were the best ever.