Souffled Banana Pancake

June 29, 2009

I have been trying to find a good recipe to make in my new cast iron skillet since I've never cooked in one and happened to watch Food Network the other day and saw Paula Deen do this recipe for Souffled Pumpkin Pancake, it looked amazing so I had to have it. But there were a few problems...{1} it was a breakfast item that didn't have an ounce of health and nuts weren't enough to make it count...{2}I don't own pumpkin pie spice and didn't feel like buying canned pumpkin...{3} what exactly is the point of butter milk and why can't I sub it out for something healthier. So here is the original recipe with my health tweeks to the side:

5 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/4 cup pecan halves {didn't have any but walnuts would be good in my tweeked recipe}
2/3 cup all-purpose flour {completly void of nutritional value so I used whole wheat flour}
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice {didn't feel like buying it so I just used cinnimon}
1/3 cup sugar {you could use splenda, but I didn't have any on hand}
1/4 teaspoon salt
4 eggs, separated
2/3 cup buttermilk {I used whole milk, had just enough left in the gallon from making ice cream}
1 1/4 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup pumpkin puree {use two mashed ripe bananas, two large ones should equal a cup}
Confectioners' sugar, for dusting {didn't have any so I left it out}
Maple syrup, for serving {didn't have any so I used honey}
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a 10-inch skillet over medium-low heat. Add the brown sugar and stir until the sugar begins to melt. Add the pecans and cook for 2 more minutes. Transfer the pecan mixture to a small dish and set aside. Reserve the skillet for the pancake.
In a small bowl mix together the flour, pumpkin pie spice, sugar and salt. Set aside.
Melt the remaining 3 tablespoons of butter. In a large bowl, add egg yolks, buttermilk, vanilla and melted butter and whisk until blended. Gradually whisk in flour mixture. Stir in the pumpkin puree.
Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form and gently fold into the pumpkin mixture. Gently spoon the batter into the reserved skillet. Sprinkle the top of the pancake mixture with the reserved pecan mixture. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes or until golden brown.
Dust the pancake with confectioners' sugar. Cut into wedges and serve with maple syrup.

The tweeks I made on this didn't effect taste enough to know it was whole grain and healthier, Jeremy has no idea that I use whole wheat flour and if he did he probably wouldn't eat it. {Jeremy if you read this I'm lying I never make your food healthy and don't tell you, and I never use whole wheat flour;)}This recipe could also be a good fridge meal. You could leave out the sugar and add savory seasoning and meats, cheese and veggies and had a savory breakfast. This souffle is just a good recipe to bulid on so long as you have the basic ingredients. And hey I found a way to use to over ripe bananas that I was either gonna have to toss or utilize quick, and I didn't feel like taking the time to do banana bread. Jeremy even made the comment that it tasted like banana bread.

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when life gives you lemons, do a recipe post

June 27, 2009

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Nothing in the world is better than flan and homemade ice cream, and homemade ice cream is way easier than flan. I know lots of people prefer to put eggs in ice cream but I am just not a fan of the taste. It may freeze better but raw eggs are just a little dangerous for my two time food poisoning self to get use to. So here is my{handed down from the grandmother and mom} homemade ice cream recipe.

1 gallon whole milk
1 can sweet condensed milk
1 can evaporated milk
1 cup of sugar
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

Just mix it together and freeze it half to death in a 5 quart or larger ice cream freezer{our ice cream freezer is a 5 quart and we had some milk that wouldn't fit, but only about 2 cups}

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disclaimer: I don't think this about all educators, just the ones I have come in contact with through this program. But if you ever said "but my child doesn't do that" in a child psych class, go ahead and group yourself into this.

Has anyone else had this problem?

It seems here lately we are at a limbo age.This is an easy example. When it comes to church stuff we want to be a part of the college group but at the same time I personally just can't relate to an 18yr old. I automatically view one like I see my sister, and life experience wise we are on a different page. But when we look at the couple class that spaned fromthe college class we don't fit there either. There are 4 pregnant women in there, and quite honestly that is not our cup of tea. Don't get my wrong though, my close friends who have kids, I love them and their kids to death, but random strangers...I don't care about your kids, and I would hate to have a whole lesson end up about babies. Sorry but they wouldn't want to hear me talk about my dogs{furbabies}. We even looked at a young adult class, and oh yeah we won't fit in there either. They have a night where you can drop your kids off with sitter and have a date night{since you apparently don't get those then}. What would they do if I dropped my kids{dogs} off at the sitter? Again. Limbo.

Then it hit in a area I thought I would never experience limbo in. College. This grad program I'm trying to get in{was told I was in and two day before the wedding they decided I had to up my gpa}is full of "old" people who are going back to college after years of procreating and 40 hour work weeks{I was told I was only sleepy at 8am cause I had never worked a 40 cause I'm so young...excuse me I have, I was tired cause I was up to late}. Well I'll give you the back story on see this month I had to attend a summer seminar for a program that I may or may not get into depending on how summer 2 goes and after going everytime for a few weeks I had to skip Monday for an interview, and Thursday I left early to meet my MIL and parents at my house. This last week has been nothing but videos, and not interesting ones either, nothing I didn't already I didn't see the harm in signing in and leaving early. Well some vindictive old hags saw the harm and snitched me out to the program director who then scheduled a meeting with me to tell me I had to retake the seminar next summer{now we were allowed to miss two days, I don't see where I broket that rule} without asking my side or why or anything. Just simply hearsay, they told her and she took it, she didn't see me leave or anything, and she had no proof, except for the woman who made it sound like I hadn't been there the entire month. And do you know what she told me in her office..."I understand your just young, but that is not professional and you'll have to come next summer..." funny thing is I am not "young" I graduated a year late which makes me "old" and behind, but apparently when "old" people are in class{the ones no one can stand cause of their questions and kiss butt} that makes me young, when the university actually calls them "non traditional students." I have done this for years, if the professor{which she isn't by the way} sucks you skipp class till they say something you need to hear, and other college kids never rat you out, that is just bad in taste...and quite 8th grade. Becasue seriously who am I hurting other than myself?

So now back at square one...limbo. It sucks. And so do Non traditional college students, I've learned to despise them greatly.

I'm either too old or too young, so what do ya do then? Limbo. Ugh. Sucks.

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Sweet Olive Soap Works of New Orleans

June 26, 2009

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I saw this soap and thought it was just way to cute! It is affordable and made in Louisiana which makes it all the better! There are tons of cool Louisiana inspired flavors.The pic you are looking at is of Banana's Foster soap, which I plan to order very soon. Here is the link to the Etsy site:
Sweet Olive Soapworks

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{is it just me?}

or were someone's measurements a little off?

I ordered this table a few months ago, I think, and my parents decided they wanted to buy it as our wedding present. I honestly didn't care if Santa Clause or the Keebler Elf brought it to me I just wanted a solid wood farmhouse table, and I wanted it bad.

Turned out perfect{for a giant}, now all we have to do is paint it{and saw off the legs}and stain the top. It cracks me up to walk into the kitchen an see this thing because the legs are 36" and even 6'4" Jeremy looks like a 4 year old sitting in my white chairs at that table. I will have to post pictures of us sitting at this table before we fix it as a before and after. But notice my little white looks like a kids table next to that giant thing.

Guess my do-it-myself projects aren't ending just because the wedding ended. Now if my plant-it-myself project will ever grow we will have basil, dill, cucumbers and peppers. But at the rate I'm killing the hydrangea I don't think stuffed pepper and cucumber salad are in my near future.
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When all else fails chew gum.

June 25, 2009

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I've been trying to decide if I wanted to really do a wedding post or not, cause really who wants to hear a bunch of sappy junk...surely not me. So I've got better, I'll tell you how I honestly saw the whole blooming disaster as it ran its pillow popping self straight towards me.

6:30am- yes I was up way to freaking early! For some unknown reason Brittany had the wise idea that we should get a hotel room{I was afraid of what was to come seeing as I had a big part in her feeling like she was drug behind a truck to her wedding a year earlier} and house all the crazy BM's in the same room. Well after our bachelorette shopping trip to walmart the night before in search of spanx and a fedora we were out cold and sleeping 3 deep in a double bed. Which is the reason I was up so early, you see, I was in the middle of he 3 deep and had to turn which ever way the other two deamed acceptalble in about hour incrimints all night, none of which causes great sleep.

7:30am- I was drinking coffee with Britt in hopes that it would do us some good. Britt was involved in our bachelorette 3 deep double bed and was in great need of coffee as well, our other double bed party goer was out cold while the two lucky girls who only slept two deep were fast asleep.

after a time gap I have managed to block out that involved taking Gabby's car to get a tire changed...

11am- hair time. The hair appointment that was supposed to last till 3 managed to end by noon, leaving 5 girls with no plans, and one of those girls with a lot of free time to build up anxiety.

12pm- stopped by Sonic for my last free world meal, as if sleeping with two girls the night before wasn't enough. Funny I have felt better after staying out all night verses sleeping with those two haha.

1pm ish- a call is made to Jeremy to bring champane and orange juice. At this time the guys were at Fish Fry eating lunch and thought I had lost my mind by making this call. But when I'm nervous and gum can't fix it champane can{yes I know this is not a good way to problem solve but I was low on ideas}. Typically I get very sleepy after one glass. After a bottle split between 3 girls I was still in panic mode and nothing was gonna stop my downward spiral into I can't kiss him in public fit.

4pm- pics begin, and chaos insues. As stated in an earlier post this was the time where my beloved pillow was shaken to its horrible death. My face reflects this in the pictures, any non smiling are serious non smiling, not my its hip to not smile non smiling face.

5pm- panic begins and due to the lack of cheap champane present...gum chewing begins. We also sat int he room watching Animal Cops{thanks Brandi} while the BM's looked at me like I had lost my mind. Britt was sure to tell me I was fine and would not puke, but I don't think she believed me and my fear of PDA.

6:15- Mom comes in to give us a time update which sends me into a full on gum chewing I can't kiss him panic.

6:45pm ish- yes sir my music is delayed and everyone blames the ring bearer. But it was not him, it was just a delay for no reason at all. That delay did not help my case might I add. By the time I made it to the bottom of the stairs at least 4 people had tried to take my gum but I would not relent, I was gonna chew till my teeth fell out. And I know everyone prolly thought I was aboout to cry cause I was "so in love" well stand corrected loving onlookers, I was freaking out majorly by this time, all I could think the whole ceremony was...and I quote..."holy cow, holy cow, look at Binkly he will make you laugh, holy cow, stop smacking gum, where is Binkly, holy cow there are people here don't look at them, uh huh I will, don't kiss me, holy cow, it's done, run run run."

As you can tell I don't handle public kissing well.

7pm ish- After being proded onto the dance floor and not falling the party started and I quit freaking out. But up until this point I wanted to go home.

Now if I can get an email of the dance I'll post it.

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Cake Smashing?

June 24, 2009

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I have always been under the impression that the actual act of cake smashing ment something bad, some junk about how you'll treat each other in the years to come. So I must be wrong cause I can't seem to find anything to prove myself right. In fact it seems to be that cake in the brides face is a fertility blessing. Not that I am looking for one of those at the moment, too bad we couldn't wait 5-6 years to cut the cake.

In our little cake cutting incident I did my best to control it, which never works, and it didn't. I was nice and fed it to him like I wanted it, in my mouth. But as I expected, and not because I didn't attempt to restrain his arm, I got cake up my you can see in the top right picture. Good thing this it's a blessing and not a curse to shove cake up the brides nose, cause it certainly took a second to get the icing out.

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is there something wrong with the couch?

June 21, 2009

Disreguard the crazy dog in the front, Maddie seems to live in her own la la land and is usually a few minutes behind the rest of us.
After we got home from lunch today I decided to sit down an attepmt to go over a few tricks with the dogs since we don't work on it like we should these days. Well as usual Maddie doesn't understand any trick more complicated than sit{but I give it to her, she is a daschund and they do what they want} and Ellie is such a pig she does every trick she knows before I even have a chance to say a thing. After the first few treats I decided to start working with Ellie on speak{she use to be really good about mockning sounds I made} and noticed that Jeremy went from sitting next to me to laying down. Well what do ya know I get up and make the bed, do a few more chores and come back to this. I can't decide if he is homeless or dead but I kicked him and few times and got nothing.
Wish I had the ability to fall asleep in random places. I'm gonna have to make a series out of this considering how often this incident occurs. Or even better, this should be a name that photo contest.
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a small reminder...

June 20, 2009

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...for the non scrolling few.

I found out today that my grandfather has been exploiting me to people. Okay I'm lying he just told family members about my goofy blog. And it just so happens that a few of the pretty lady folk{pretty cause..well..the women in my family are dang pretty;)} asked about wedding pictures. When I get a link to the whole sha-bang I'll spread the news but until then...for all the anti scrolling folks is enough of a sneak peak to get your wedding pic fix. It is at the bottom of the page so keep scrolling, and when you think your done scrolling, scroll some more.

And for the technology illiterate click play{just kidding I know you know how to work a mouse} and the slide show should start. And don't forget to tell me what you think about it...cause I have found you non commenting people out and I know where you live. Love y'all.

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Flashback Friday

June 19, 2009

Ya know I've never done this before and realized that according to we have been married 20 days today so here ya go. This pic was taken on our first date at the Emery/Pierce the Veil/a couple other bands I can't think of the name of concert. Originally we were supposed to go with a group of our Psychology friends but they backed out so we went anyway, it was in Little Rock, AK by the way so it was a bit of a drive. This was my first emo-ish concert and it was actually good, if you came to the wedding and were wondering what was with the rock music playing at the begining instead of traditional music we this is why. We both love concets and figured why not add that into the wedding. So here ya go, our first date and why you heard screamo music at a wedding, pretty good flashback right.

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{honeymoon day 5}

June 18, 2009


Well I give up, so in no particular order are the Epcot pics...well just a few of them.

So about the trip...Thursday morning we got up at about 7am so we could be at Disney at 8am even though they don't open till 9am. This was our plan to beat the kids to the park. And might I add it worked, we were totally done with rides by 2pm. After wandering around to all the rides{which Jeremy spent the whole time saying "at six flags they have this"} that we wanted to ride in Future World we headed over to the World Showcase. Being the foodie couple that we are we decided to get something to eat at every country. Well we did skip a few but we managed to get a drink in Mexico, a pretzel in Norway, nothing in China{too common}, a dessert in France, skipped the food in Japan cause we were hurrying to get to another exhibit, a bratwurst in Germany, skipped gelato in Italy once we realized we could get that brand here, skipped America altogether{didn't hang around for anything}, fish and chips in England{yum yum}, and got to Canada only to realize it was way out of our price range.

While we were in France eating dessert it started to rain, so we waited, and waited, and waited, and it never went away. We talked to two ladies about cruises for about 15 minutes before giving up and running to England. I didn't realize how far the run was and my pretty little white shorts were completely see through by the time we made it. After hopping through a couple stores soaking wet we found out that Winnie the Pooh was supposed to make an appearance, but never did; then the 60's rock concert{that looked very Beatles like} was supposed to preform, but they didn't show up either. Stupid rain.

After that episode I insisted we find Minnie and Mickey and convinced Jeremy to wait in line forever to get pics clear on the other side of the park{by evening the place was over run with kids}. Which we did, soaking wet and looking like we were pulled behind the boat instead of riding in it to Future World.

Lucky enough we made it back to England in time to get fish and chips for dinner and watch the fireworks...or so we thought. As soon as we were done eating{on the ground in the middle of the sidewalk for that matter} it started pouring again, so we ran into the pub and crashed some unsuspecting family's reserved {expensive} table and finished our night at Epcot.

As a side note:
There would have been a day 6 but while waiting in line Jeremy starting talking about going to Savannah, GA to eat lunch at the Lady and Son's and I was so tired I talked him out of it. Now you know I'm tired if I don't wanna do something Paula Dean related. It was just after realizing how early we would have to get up to be there when they opened to ensure we actually got seated{they don't do reservations and there is a chance you won't get seated} I couldn't stand the thought of traveling anymore than we had to. So I opted to sleep in and just go home. I missed my dogs and couldn't stand the thought of adding a mile extra to our already long we came home. I regret not going to the Lady and Son's but there is always next summer, and always another vacation.

After all that driving I have seriously dreaded driving anywhere, even to the store, the gym, church, and I'm sure if someone was a mile away and said drive here and I'll give you money I might just say maybe later. Okay maybe not, but you get the point.
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June 17, 2009

Yup you saw it I changed the tag line and the header. We are now...and the newly babb's, no more...and a mississippi wedding. Considering the Mississippi wedding has come and gone I needed a name change.

Oh and if your reading leave a comment, comments have died down lately and I love getting feed back. So if you stop by say hey!

Last adventure honeymoon day to come very soon.

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honeymoon/the traveling adventure day 4

June 14, 2009

Yes as you guessed the camera was still dead at this point.

Wednesday morning we got up, had breakfast, and sat in the lounge until they called our floor to exit the boat. way. You would have thought that boat was on fire the way I was trying to get off of it. I think I knocked over three kids with my suitcase runnnig through the place, okay not really, but I get so far ahead of Jeremy that it took a minute to find him.

After that we got our car and headed off with our Garmin in search of somewhere to change the oil. Yes I was so busy the week of the wedding I failed to get it done. You can by now tell the kind of lovey dovey honeymooners. I mean seriously who gets their oil changed on their honeymoon?

Once we were done with that little deal we drove off into the vast land of please Garmin don't put us back on a Florida turnpike{one of those puppies cost us $13 on the way down} in search of Kissimmee. After tons of driving{I don't remember the trip taking that long to get to Fort Lauderdale but I was asleep the way down} and one stop at Pollo Tropical for some flavorless Cuban food we arived in Kissimmee and headed straight for Epot.

After purchasing our Disney tickets and trying to get the cheapest deal known to all budget crazed honeymooners we decided to catch a flick at The Loop. Again no pics, but after some legit window {we are on a budget remember} shopping and dinner at Chipotle we wandered into the cinema with two older couples and watched Up! in 3d. Don't waste your money by the way, it was awful 3d, I had my glasses off half the time cause it looked the same either way.

After the movies we went back to the Super 8 we stayed in Sunday. I had to remind the lady that there was a room for $34.99 and that we had it a few days before cause she surely wanted to sell us a much pricier room that was out of our honeymoon budget We gladly went to sleep till we were forced by a alarm clock to get up and truck over to Epcot an hour before opening to beat all the kids as a way of skipping lines. And it worked, but more of that later.
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honeymoon day 3...

June 13, 2009

Or as I have referred to it... Attack of the small white fish.

On Tuesday our little Bahamas Celebration boat docked in Nassau, after taking our money without flinching, they shoved us out the door and then put us on another boat. One full of men talking like they were from Jamaica, at least Jeremy says so. After riding out to the coral reef by Paradise Island we were given instructions and jumped into the chilly water. {side note: incase you don't know about how I feel about snakes, frogs, lizards and any creature of that sort, fish only fitting in when I might touch them,

they gross me out beyond belief} After getting in and being smacked by a few waves I asked for the "I can't swim well floaty" to which I shoved under my tummy and floated happily. Untill...some kids close to me threw out fish food and I was suddenly swarmed by a zillion small white fish that were out for blood{fish food really, but I was freaking out liket there had it out for me}. Jeremy of course was having a blast looking around and attempting to catch these white fish. Had I not been afraid of fish touching me, and also been able to use the snorkel right without choking on the dang thing I may have been in his same happy floaty boat.

Luckily after a few minutes of this I got use to the nasty little fish and floated around lookinng at all the really cool fish that were no where near me. You may notice the sheer lack of pictures, well while on American outlets it didn't occur to me to charge my camera and then I forgot to get an underwater camera. But by then we were on the money boat sailing into the we are taking all your money sea, so we opted out of giving them $20 for a $7 camera since according to our very money concious selves all fish seen that day could be googled and pasted to something like we took it{haha}.

After the snorkling we were shoved off the boat and pushed onto a bus, those people drive crazy, and then dropped off at the Cable Beach Resort until further notice{or 4pm}.

Cable Beach was awesome, the food was beyond awesome{cruise food was kinda gross}, and after we stuffed ourselves to the point of up chucking we waddled out fat little butts out to the slide and had our selves a good ole time. Jeremy managed to find a group playing volley ball, and I opted for a less likely to get hit with a ball event...laying out.

We actually had plans for that evening back on the boat but were so wore out after getting back we slept till his alarm went off at 5 for the mojito tasting, turned it off and slept till the alarm went off for dinner at 8. Which we did get up for, but straight after went back to the room and slept till we got back to Fort Lauderdale the next morning.

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now what was i gonna say?

June 12, 2009

This just occurred to me. It's gonna take a second but I'll get to the point, maybe.

My senior year research paper was on Elizabeth and Robert Browning. Okay ya with me? While doing that paper I began to love her sonnet How do I love thee? and I have read it a countless number of times since then. Now I'm no romantic, I'm actually a huge cynic, but that sonnet alone speaks volumes about what love is, or should be. Now I haven't mentioned it yet but I had trouble coming up with a title to that paper...and one day in class Hath{my english teacher} asked what my title was and I of course told him I didn't have one to which he replied "Use a line in her sonnet." The line I used was "I shall but love thee better after death" and if you know anything about that couple you would know that they were hopeless romantic's who overcame many trials in their lives but yada yada...but to this day the last two lines "And if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death" have puzzled me for some reason. That makes absolutely no sense to me but at the same time it makes all the sense in the world.

But anyway you see where I started with the Browning's, now in the past few years I've read Robert Browing's sonnet that begins with "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be."

Then, I'm pretty sure but my memory leaves me much as it is doing now, my grandmother suggested we dance to Grow old with me by Mary Carpenter.

And if you have watched the slide show you would realize that song is on there.

Now I've totally lost my point, and the direction I was going with this for that matter, but it is funny that the only couple that has written the only thing that I my cynical self find romantic and have not critized in any cynical way has seemed to follow me, just as much as I have followed it.

I haven't always been this way, when I was young I was sure that Prince Charmig would sweep me off my feet. But due to a strong dose of reality and the realization that men are no more princes as we are princesses, I am no longer that hopeless romantic. But I guess now I am a cynical romantic, who loves anything by the Browning's and no one else.

But get back to your Friday night and quit reading this, cause I have no clue where I was going with it at all. I must go I have two barking dogs, one of which is afraid to bark to loud and hides by me.

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Day 2

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Day two can be summed up pretty quick. First we drove to Fort Lauderdale and went to the Ramada Plaza Resort to redeem out boarding passes which all seemed like a huge hoax but turn out to ge legit. After that we proceeded to drive to the pier which consisted of a lot of driving in circles trying to figure out what was going on and where should be park. We finally found parking and ended up on the boat to your left. Which was also interesting and led to some interesting times.

After some wandering and dinner with a couple we met from Bulgaria

we went to the 50's dance where Jeremy preceeded to be attacked and forced to dance with an older lady who was beyond drunk{we saw her and her friend when we got on the boat and they were drink and this was at about 11 so she was far gone}. I can't tell if he was having fun or being tortured but someone asked why I hadn't borken in on their dance and rescued my husband, but I didn't see the need in ruining the his fun {haha}. Both Jeremy and the guy from Bulgaria{who I can't remember his name cause I'm horrible with names} agreed that they felt violated and needed baths.

And that right there is the end of day 2, yes I know we are dull...Tuesday and Thursday were much more interesting.

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Honeymoon Day 1

June 10, 2009

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Don't get mad but there are no pics yet. Lost the camera cord and am desperately searching for the little fellow.

But day one...We should have taken pics but after staying the night at Twin Oaks, room 5 by the way cause room 6 has a curse on it{more of that in a bit} we had breakfast at the Castle before heading to my parents house to get a few thing/drop stuff off and generally get this show on the road. Which happened to be funny cause some how we ended up with the top tier of my cake in our room and the first thing Mom said when I talked to her was "don't cry but we lost the cake" to which I replied "cause Jeremy put it in our room." But anyway we then headed to the lovely mall/Walmart to get sunglasses{I lost mine several times that week} and A.C. coolant for my constantly leaking car air conditioner. Which then led to driving.

And we/I mean Jeremy drove and drove and drove, and I slept and slept. Mainly cause his driving scares me and I'd rather not know I'm about to die. Plus there is less disagreement about how to drive when I'm asleep and can't put in my two cents.

We finally arrived at the cheapest hotel we could find in Kissimmee, FL {which might I add is a great way to save when there are other things you wanna do and hotels don't really matter to either of you} pretty close to midnight and stood in line behind a bunch of people who couldn't get their act together, and for two people who had to drive to Fort Lauderdale at 6 am it wasn't a site we wanted to see. But we made it to our room an crashed...which seemed to be the theme of this trip. But we sure did travel ourselves to death that week. A whole week in FL an not once did we set foot on FL sand.

Day 2 to come as soon as this camera cord is located, and I promise we have pics from that day.

Oh oh I almost forgot...If you haven't seen the slide show by Jennifer Lizenby then you should. Jen and her husband Bart did an awesome job on our photography, I'd almost redo the whole wedding to have them photog it again, but not really cause I nearly had a melt down those last few days. I would have to say I was not my usual self. But I will post about that when I do a wedding post after the honeymoon.
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the awfully short lived pillow

June 8, 2009

Needless to say this was my favorite weddig detail an it didn't even make it to the wedding, intact that is.

I've been meaning to post about the ring bearer pillow for weeks an figure this is a good time...I'll start the honeymoon post soon. But back to the pillow which I loved so much. I found fabric at a fabric store here in Monroe and decided to do away with the white frilly traditional pillow{which anyone at the wedding prolly noticed the lack of traditional white frills}. But after months of talking about making it I finally went to Vidalia and put my lovely Mom to work. She can sew, I on the other hand can not. But here it is in all its pre-wedding glory, before the ribbon was lost and a groommen shook it to its horrible death. Which might I add was in the middle of pictures and sent my into a tizzy as I watch in horror as the buttons popped off and the pillow become one big blue puff ball. Sigh. Its over though now. Poor pillow.
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wedding slide show

June 5, 2009

We literally just got in from the honeymoon but I saw that this had been posted. More to come, I think I must have all the out take pics on my camera .

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