Blog-tember:: A Day In The Life

September 12, 2016

I put this post off from Saturday until today because, honestly you don't care that I swept and then took a nap at some point... and possibly figured out a way into Ulta. 

So here's today... so far. 

6:00 - Wake up, shower, makeup, and figure out how much dry shampoo it takes to look like I washed my hair recently. 

7:00 - Make breakfast, tested out a compostable coffee pod I was sent by Influenster, & drove my 30 minutes to work listening to Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR. I'm basically 50, I know it. 

7:45 - 8:05 - I got to work and caught up on emails, made copies, and added what I needed to to my planner. Which was basically changing out what week I wrote what since I've been so mentally disorganized this past month. I also finally figured out the Brother printer in my room and made labels for Center Folders. 

 8:15 - 3:10 - I taught Reading. I fussed a lot, it's Monday and someone hit reset over the weekend. See also, I have zero patience for not doing what I asked the first 5 times. The book we are reading this week is really good though, the kids really seemed to like it.

4:00 - I got back into town late, my bus line duty ran long. Then I swung by the sitter's house to get Harrison... and put him down for a "nap" also known as Mama needs down time.

4:15 - Post nursing skin is a joke so I've been using every face mask on earth to make the acne go away. It isn't working. I watched videos on Youtube, basically beauty bloggers and The View. I'm not sure why I watch that show because I can't stand their political views lately, or at least the fact that anyone who disagrees with Joy Behar is treated like garbage.

5:30 - Jeremy started cooking dinner, he volunteered to take dinner to a couple in our Sunday School class that just had a baby. Notice I said Jeremy was doing it, I am in no mental state to get anything done. This once meal planning & preppnig queen was demonted quicker than Fergie after the tow sucking scandal. Like seriously... see the next photo.

Some time after 5:30 - I finally took my chicken out of the fridge that I cooked a day late to make chicken salad for the week. Last school year this would have been done on Sunday. It's like getting sick the first week of school killed my willpower to plan.

6:00 - Dinner

7:00 - Harrison's bath time.

7:30 - Harrison's bedtime.

8:00 - My bedtime & catch up on the DVR.

Super exciting, I know. Don't get jealous reading this. I know I'm not.