Top Non-Social Socializing Ideas for Introverts

September 17, 2021

Not everyone has missed socializing over the past year. In fact, for some of us, it’s been bliss. 

Introverted types or those still anxious about the effects of the virus might find socializing in person a little overwhelming. And that’s perfectly okay. However, this is why if the party scene isn’t your style, we’re sharing six non-social socializing ideas that are perfect for introverts. 


While you’ll still have to leave the house for this one, volunteering is a great middle-ground activity. You have the chance to helps those less fortunate or more vulnerable while also meeting like-minded people. After the work is done, volunteer groups often offer social activities as well, but these are not compulsory. That means you can enjoy a little fresh air and company, then leave when you want to. 

Board games night

Introverts don’t have to be or want to be at home alone all the time. A board games night is the perfect way to hang out with friends, have some fun, and be in bed by 10. Whether or not you’re competitive doesn’t really matter; there’s a lot of fun to be had when pizza and games are involved. 

Afternoon tea

If you absolutely loved Bridgerton on Netflix and now find yourself enjoying only the finer things in life, why not get out for afternoon tea? With tea, cakes, and tiny sandwiches, you can re-connect with your best friends without the need for dancing or loud atmospheres. 

Alternatively, if you really prefer to be a homebody, why not try an afternoon tea delivery service? Then, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy a quintessentially British day – and could even put Pride and Prejudice on in the background. 

Online gaming

Those tired of playing video games could go old school with a few online games like Solitaire or Bingo. This bingo sites reviewer will help you find a reputable place to get started. A lot of bingo sites have different themes, too, so you’ll likely find a game that’s suited to your interests in no time. 

Book club 

Whether you’ve always been a bookworm or have started reading more over the pandemic, a book club is a great place to socialize, discuss topics in-depth and find some new book recommendations. You could set up and host your own book club – online or offline – or find an existing group in your area. 

Netflix party

There’s nothing worse than getting together to watch a film, only for everyone to talk over it. So why get together at all? A Netflix party is the perfect way to enjoy films with all your friends without interruptions. Once everyone is set up, you’ll be able to watch the film together in real-time while chatting via a chatbox. You can join in the conversation as little or as much as you’d like. 

Being introverted doesn’t mean being lonely. Some people just prefer their own company or are selective with who they choose to hang out with. There are plenty of socializing opportunities available to even the shiest of people.

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Why Updating Your Garden Can Improve Your Mental Health

September 13, 2021

For many of us, the recent lockdown following the coronavirus outbreak made us truly appreciate what we have on our doorstep and interestingly, how much time we enjoy in and around the home. In 2020, the lockdowns meant spending time in our backyard became the everyday norm. As a result, homeowners spent thousands of dollars renovating their outdoor space to make it a much more pleasant and relaxing place to be. 

Updating the yard can have significant positive impacts on mental health, an effect that has since been reaffirmed in an unprecedented and truly worrisome time for the entire population. 

Below, we’re going to look at some of the reasons why updating your garden can improve your mental health:

1. Exercise

Whatever project you have in mind when it comes to updating your garden, there is bound to be some form of exercise involved. Digging, carrying, hammering – you name it. Exercise has been discovered by scientists as one of the best ways to suppress feelings of anxiety and depression and form a more positive outlook on life. This is due to the fact that once your heart gets pumping, endorphins are released in the brain, which are otherwise known as ‘feel-good chemicals’ and have been proven to give a mental-health boost when you’re feeling down. Quite simply, if you don’t enjoy going to the gym, gardening is a great alternative.

2. Feel closer to nature

A scientific report discovered that spending just 120 minutes a week in nature is linked to good mental health. During the pandemic, millions of adults claimed that being surrounded by nature and wildlife was one of the only aspects that helped reduce their stress and anxiety and have continued to spend more time outdoors this year.  A gardening project is the perfect opportunity to get out in the fresh air and enjoy natural surroundings.

Building a pond is the ideal project for bringing more wildlife into your garden and is a feature that will help you stay calm though the use of cascading water blades from, which creates a visually pleasing sheet of water and a relaxing trickling sound.

3. Boosts your self-esteem

Have you ever taken care of a plant and watched it bloom? If not, it certainly is something you should try. There are few better feelings than nurturing a seed and feeling the sense of pride and self-esteem when it grows into a fully formed plant. Gardening takes a great deal of time and effort. Therefore, committing yourself to become a seasoned gardener is sure to give your mental health a positive boost.

4. Improves your attention span

Did you know the average adult has an attention span of just 8 seconds – shockingly, that’s even less than the standard goldfish. Consequently, taking on a gardening project can help keep your mind focused on one task that is directly in front of you as opposed to what is happening elsewhere, which could gradually increase your attention span.

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Improve Your Work from Home Chances With an Online Degree

September 9, 2021

 Working from home has been the default position for many companies over the last 18 months, but the trend is on shaky ground as the world opens up after COVID-19. 

With many businesses looking to recall employees to offices, many home-workers are considering the option of going back. 

However, for those that would rather stay in the field of work from home, doing an online masters in communication could offer valuable industry credentials to take to future employers, and more importantly, give you a solid grounding in business practices.

Boosting Your Skillset

Many avenues exist for employees working from home, but an online degree in communication is an excellent way of preparing yourself for the workplace and helping your career prospects. The convenience of completing your studies at your own pace is a major benefit of working online.

The professional world has been opening up job opportunities for employees with an online degree qualification from recognized accredited institutions.

Why Do An Online Degree Specifically?

More and more people are turning to online courses and programs in addition to their formal qualifications as a way of making themselves more attractive to potential employers.

The good news is that there's never been a better time to do it, with many new programs launching all the time - so, if you're interested in working from home without having to give up your formal career, it’s definitely worth investigating the range of online degrees available.

Why a Communications Degree Online?

The benefits of doing an online degree, specifically in this field, are numerous. Communication is an important element in any business, and to have the skillset to improve it can only benefit a company.

The advantages of doing an online degree in communication include:

Greater Flexibility 

With an online course, you don't need to commit to set timetables or quit your existing job.

You will be able to study at times that suit you and fit around any other commitments you may have - including work-from-home jobs if you choose not to give them up.

Greater Accessibility

Many of the courses on offer are designed for people who live in urban centers, but people in rural areas can also take advantage of this opportunity. 

You will also get the benefit of teaching from qualified tutors and a range of practical courses with a focus on industry specializations, allowing you to tailor your studies further.

Being at Home 

Due to the convenience factor, many students choose to study online from home

You don't have to worry about travel costs, and you can combine this with family time or looking after children if you wish - there are countless options to choose from! 

The hybrid nature of the course also means that you can study this from your own home- with the online element and the small classroom environment(if you choose to do an online degree in Communication from a school rather than online). 

A Great Move for Your Career

You can know that your learning is tailored to suit your needs and will help to make a smart move for your career.

With an online degree in communication, you can feel confident about putting yourself in a position where you are highly employable.

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Why you Should Choose Online Education as A Mom

September 8, 2021

For many people, the idea of home educating their children isn't something they want to entertain; education is seen as something that only experts can provide. 

While that may be true for some specialized classes, there are many options for early years and general education for parents who want to homeschool their kids.

Sticking To the Basics

When you consider your child's development and learning targets, you can see that many of them are things that can be achieved at home with little more than a bit of parental guidance and support. 

You don't need a classroom full of other children or other adults to help your child learn the basics. You just need to see their potential and make sure they get the best possible start in life.

A Little More Advanced

For parents who want to go further and educate better, doing an online education certificate is a great way to go. There are hundreds of online courses you can sign up for, such as the online Programs in Early Childhood Education, Childhood Education, and Educational Leadership available at

It can take years to get through all the levels you need to obtain a license and a degree in teaching at a standard school, which means that many parents won't have that kind of freedom to devote themselves fully to learning. It also means that professional advancement or any real pay rise is on hold if you are working even part-time.

Work Around Commitments

Many courses offer flexible study programs and great value education for a fraction of the cost of a traditional university course, and you can get your education certificate in as little as a few months.

You also don't need to leave your kids at home alone while you get educated. Online programs give you the freedom to learn from home and complete assignments online so that you aren't taking time from your kids while they're growing up.

Flexible Schedules

There are few limitations on how much you want to learn with online classes or how quickly. You can study at your own pace, and with the added support available from qualified tutors, you are likely to see great results as well.

Don't forget the kids! With an online course, you can get plenty of practice in the art of being taught from home, and this will help make sure that when it comes to homeschooling your children, you're ready to give them a great education and help them build a great start in life.

The Future Is Bright

These are just a few of the reasons that choosing online education is likely to be good for you and your children in the future. 

With online courses, you can learn what you want to learn and when you want to learn them. It's an exciting time to educate yourself and your children at home, and there are plenty of great programs for you to choose from.

Older children who are of high school age may even want to join you in furthering their education at home, learning important skills.

Learning Together

You can also learn a lot from your children as they grow up, and the experience can be invaluable for both you and your kids.

Education can help you to get a great start in life, and with the number of people choosing to homeschool their children rising across most age groups, it's worth thinking about how you can benefit from the flexibility online education has to offer.

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Meal Planning Monday

August 28, 2021

Let's go ahead and do Meal Planning Monday - on a Saturday - because Ida is about to make an appearance and who knows what the internet connection holds for Monday. 

The first two days never were made and got on this week rotation (thurs-thurs) but the recipe on Sunday - don't sleep on it. 

Thursday | Chopped Brisket Stuffed Potato (topped with sour cream and green onions) 

Friday | Air Fryer Sweet Chili Chicken & Brussel Sprouts with a side of rice

Saturday | Eating Out 

Sunday | Half Baked Harvest Thai Black Pepper Chicken with Garlic Noodles (This meal was wonderful! I made it early since Sunday will be a bust, but oh my word it was good!) 

Monday | Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf with Roasted Broccoli

Tuesday | Leftovers

Wednesday | Sam's Chick-fil-a knock off nuggets and fries (the kids fav and my fav on single mom night) 

Lunch - Taco Salad (Mon-Tues) and Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato (Wed-Sat) 

I'm also making this Peach Cake before the Faster Way 21 Day Sugar Elimination Challenge starts. 

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4 Essentials You Must Book in Advance for Your Wedding

August 21, 2021

When it comes to wedding planning, there will always be a long list of things to do. It can be a stressful time, as every couple wants their special day to be perfect, but it should be an exciting experience for you and your partner as well. While there will likely be unexpected issues that you will have to deal with together, to help you reduce the chances of things going awry and avoid unnecessary stress when wedding planning, make sure you book the following essentials way in advance.

1. The Venue

Even if you’re planning a low-key wedding where you tie the knot at the city hall and head over to your favorite restaurant or bar for the celebrations, you must still book ahead to avoid disappointment. All venues will have events going on, and if you have specific dates in mind for your big day, you need to make sure that where you want your wedding to take place is available. As soon as you have decided on a venue, put down a deposit as soon as possible to make sure you won’t lose out to someone else.

2. Catering

You can’t throw a wedding without providing your guests with food and drink. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of hungry people getting restless and wanting to leave so they can get themselves something to eat. A lot of wedding venues offer catering packages that you can choose from for the perfect courses and to suit your budget. However, if you are having your wedding at a venue that doesn’t offer this, you’ll need to organize catering yourself. Try to get your wedding menu finalized and the caterers booked a year in advance so you have peace of mind all of your guests will be well-fed, and don’t forget about the wedding cake either! 

3. Hair and Makeup

All brides want to look their best at their wedding, and even if you’re someone who doesn’t usually put a lot of effort into hair and makeup, it’s nice to treat yourself to a pamper session on your special day. However, makeup artists and hairstylists also get booked up for numerous events, so you need to get them booked in at least six months before your wedding date. This will also allow you time to go for test runs so you can experiment with various hair and makeup styles to find the ones that suit you and your bridesmaids. Contact the beauty salon, as they can help you find the perfect bridal look and offer a range of other treatments to help you feel like a goddess on your wedding day.

4. Dress Fitting

Another thing all brides need to do in advance is finding their wedding dress. This is because you need to allow for time to have a proper fitting and for these adjustments to be made so you can glide down the aisle in a dress that fits you like a glove. Ideally, give yourself longer than six months to find one in case these alterations take longer than expected – they will be working on other brides’ dresses as well, so assume they will be very busy.

There are many things you need to book in advance for your wedding, but these are essentials that need to take priority for couples, as well as transport and accommodation for yourselves and your guests on the day.

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Three Extravagant Gifts to Give to Your Husband

August 18, 2021

 Giving a gift to someone is a wonderful opportunity to show your love and appreciation for the person in question. When the gift recipient is your husband, you will definitely want to go the extra mile to put a smile on his face.

If you are looking ahead to a big milestone in your husband’s life, then you might want to think about giving him an extravagant gift to mark the occasion. 

Buying Extravagant Gifts

It can be hard to know what an appropriate level of extravagance is when it comes to gift shopping for your spouse. This can be made all the more complicated if you are not sure what he would like to receive or what some of his interests actually are. 

The following are three fantastic gift ideas that can help you to make your husband happy.

A Vespa Scooter

The Vespa is, without a doubt, the most iconic scooter brand in the entire world. 

If you need help with shopping for Vespa scooters, then, fortunately, there is a lot of great information online to help you make the best choice.   

If your husband has spoken of his interest in scooters or motorbikes in the past, then it is safe to assume he would love to receive this gift. You can either go ahead and buy one for him, or you can let him know you would like to do this and let him pick one out for himself.

You could soon be enjoying rides together to romantic destinations on his new Vespa scooter. 

A Helicopter Ride

If your husband is a thrill-seeker, then this will be an amazing gift for him to receive. Taking a ride in a helicopter could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and is sure to be a gift that he will never forget.

There are a number of companies that offer helicopter rides as a gift experience, and you can surely find one that is not too far away from your local area. 

Folding Electric Bike

If your man commutes to the office but is not a fan of breaking a sweat, then a folding electronic bike is going to be the perfect gift for him. 

Folding bikes are perfect for carrying onto public transport and can also easily be stored in the home or the office. The added electronic element will mean that your husband will have to put much less effort into riding the bike as the motor will give him a boost.

This is a gift that can be used any time for any purpose and does not specifically have to be used just for commuting. 

Gifts for your Husband

Of course, the gifts that you give to your spouse do not always have to be so extravagant. It is often the case that a small gift is all you need to mark an occasion and to demonstrate your love for him. 

Giving much bigger and more luxurious gifts can be saved for those super special reasons when you truly want to go above and beyond.

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Meal Planning Monday

August 15, 2021

Summer is done, and life is back-ish in session. Y'all I'd be lying if I said my head isn't still spinning from this move. Hopefully life settles into a predictable daily schedule soon. 

Meanwhile - I'm about to go back to Thursday grocery pickup. Half my order wasn't picked this Saturday. 

Thursday | Chopped Brisket Stuffed Potato (topped with sour cream and green onions) 

Friday | Air Fryer Sweet Chili Chicken & Brussel Sprouts with a side of rice

Saturday | Eating Out 

Sunday | Pioneer Woman Comfort Meatballs over Mashed Potatoes (but using Trader Joes Turkey Meatballs) 

Monday | Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Tuesday | Burger Bowl (just a deconstructed burger on salad instead of a bun) 

Wednesday | Sam's Chick-fil-a knock off nuggets and fries (the kids fav and my fav on single mom night) 

Lunch - Chicken Carnitas with broccoli slaw, pickled onion, avocado lime ranch (on low carb days I'll add half an avocado and regular carb days I'll also eat a peach) + tortilla chips if they fit in my macros. 

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3 Things You Will Need in Order to Become a School Principal

August 6, 2021

The field of education is one that is incredibly diverse in regard to the opportunities for advancement that exist. While many people find their true calling in working as full-time teachers in the classroom for the duration of their careers, others find themselves hoping to help affect positive change at a higher level within the education system.

Such individuals might look to become school administrators or even school principals. The position of a school principal is one that involves a great deal of responsibility and the ability to wear multiple hats throughout the day.

If you aspire to become a school principal one day, there are several steps that you should be prepared to take. You will need more than just your credentials as a teacher to be qualified for the job. Furthermore, you will want to make sure that you take steps to set yourself apart from any competition for the position that you have your eye on.

With that in mind, here are three of the things that you will need in order to become a school principal.

1. The Right Level of Education

Most states and schools only require you to earn a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject to become a teacher. However, if you wish to become a school principal one day, you will need to earn a graduate degree as well.

While in most cases a master’s degree in education will suffice, you might wish to consider a PhD in education if you are hoping to really set yourself apart from the competition and be as prepared as possible for the job. 

Consider looking into Merrimack College Master's Degree in Education program to get a better understanding of what such a degree program would entail.

2. Plenty of Experience

Becoming a school principal means that you will be working as the go-between for the teachers working at your school and other members of administration and the school board. This means that you need to not only have experience as a teacher to help manage them, but you will also require administrative skills to excel in the other part of your job.

You will need to understand the needs of your teachers and help them accomplish all of their goals within the classroom. They will be turning to you for support throughout the school year in regard to various aspects of their own jobs.

This means that you will need to have plenty of experience working as a teacher yourself. Several years of teaching experience is an important piece of the puzzle when your goal is to become a school principal.

3. State Licensing

Having the right education and experience under your belt will qualify you to be able to apply for state licensing and certification as a school principal. Make sure that you know precisely what your state’s requirements are so that you can be prepared as possible for the certification and licensing process. This will include taking and passing the licensing exam as dictated by your state of residence.

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4 Benefits of Completing Your Master's in Healthcare Administration

August 5, 2021

Today's guest post is very timely, with Dad's last hospital visit being understaffed plus all the recent news in Louisiana... we can use all the healthcare workers we can muster up. 


Completing a master's in any subject is no easy feat and will offer you many benefits as you choose your dream career path and use the skills you have learned firsthand. However, some degrees can indeed open more doors than others, and some can really be an all-rounder, which will get you into a role you love but in a variety of different places.

A master's in healthcare administration does just that.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of completing your master's in healthcare administration!

What Does A Masters In Healthcare Administration Involve? 

One of the best things about obtaining a master's in healthcare is that it enables you to work in many roles over the entire healthcare industry. It is not an over-exaggeration to say that all healthcare providers are absolutely critical to a patient's successful care. They are the heroes behind the scenes who help everything run smoothly, efficiently, and effectively, and all departments of every healthcare system need them. 

Learn A Variety of Skills 

When you study for a master's in healthcare administration, there is the chance to learn numerous important skills that can take your career and personal life to the next level. You will learn how to organize and plan efficiently, which can be used on a large scale. You will learn important communication skills vital for all businesses but could be a case of life or death when working in the healthcare industry. Problem-solving is another important skill that you will become expert at, as healthcare administrators need to navigate emergencies when they arise. This can be anything from a medical crisis to an administration issue.

If you are interested in learning these skills, then take a look at choosing between a MBA vs Healthcare Administration to see which course is right for you.

High Demand 

With healthcare and special needs on the rise, it makes sense that the roles which are associated with their care are also becoming in much higher demand. With people living to far older ages than they have previously and young ones being born every minute, healthcare systems and their professionals will always be a place. Obtaining a master's in healthcare administration means you will likely have high job security for as long as you are in the field, which is an important factor for many people choosing a career path. 

The Pay is Good

Many of us want to choose a career that we enjoy, but we also have to consider the financial side of our decisions. Opting for a role as a healthcare administrator comes with a lot of responsibility and comes with the pay to back it up. It will depend on which role you opt for and what level of experience and qualifications you have, but for those who have opted to take on a master's, they can expect to earn up to around $120,000 a year. There are often opportunities to expand in the role, especially in places doing well and looking to grow.

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Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box || August Peace & Quiet

August 2, 2021

 It's a new month... which means new essential oil recipes and blends from Simply Earth! 

If you haven't ordered before, you will quickly find out that you often receive a new Big Bonus Box every so often, or when you need to request one. It contains all the essentials you need for any essential oil recipe you will run into. You'll get several roller bottles and amber bottles to create your own blends. In the Big Box you'll also find beeswax, almond oil, and a solid and liquid coconut oil. 

This month's peace & quiet theme brings with it recipes I have yet to see Simply Earth include before! There is a bath fizz, lava rock shower diffuser, toilet cleaning bomb, bath salts, a roll on recipe, and a diffuser blend. 

This month's oils are: 

Peace & Quiet Blend - calms and relaxes
Peppermint - soothes and cools
Sage - uplifts
Lavender 40/42 - calms and supports immunity

You'll also receive citric acid, Purple Brazilian Clay, and a lava rock with string. 

I am seriously excited about the lava rock shower diffuser. Outside of the included recipe I could see this being amazing when you have a cold and use with eucalyptus. This month you'll be relaxing with that heavenly Lavender 40/42. 

One item on my DIY list for years has been a fizzy bath bomb, with this Fizzy Purple Bath Scoop that dream will finally become a reality lol! 

I know I've said "purple" twice in this, but that purple is coming from Purple Brazilian Clay which is known to detoxify the skin and make it look healthy! 

Here's a peek at next month's box - you'll be getting a Sweet Dreams Blend, Coffee, Cinnamon, and Blood Orange. 

As always, Simply Earth donates 13% to end Human Trafficking. This month 13% of profits are going to the organization Freedom Cry who offers help to trafficking survivors. 

Head over to Simply Earth to order your AUGUST box and use the code LABRIDEFREE to get a $40 giftcard towards your next order when you get your Bonus Box! 

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This Summer Lately - It's Been a Mintue

July 27, 2021

 A lot has happened over the past few weeks. 

Elliot had his last day of daycare in Alabama and it happened to be on a day where they made sand out of flour and baby oil. The kids got quite the kick out of playing with it in the yard... because it wasn't coming into the house. 

This picture of Elliot made me laugh so hard! He was posing with his hand on his leg and saying "cheese," which is you've paid attention in recent months - he's allergic to the camera. Suddenly he wants to see himself. 

About the time we were packing up and running out of meals to cook at home we headed for our last round of Saw's BBQ and played on the playground well past bedtime in Homewood. Elliot was beside himself, on the way to eat he had seen the park and yelled "playground" for five minutes. 

He was hot and wanted some of "Daddy's water" which was Coke. 

The weekend we ventured into New Iberia for our in-view-of-a-call time I made the family detour (and that detour went way south thanks to the world's dumbest bridge) just to get Jeremiah Ice. It was worth the extra two hours in the car. 

We came home and continued packing. These two really play well together, out of forced necessity surely. 

We attempted to see a Barons game with our favorite Springer clan, but he rain got us. Never the less, our little crew is always down for an adventure. Failed or not. 

We left the house one morning so the inspector could check it out of the buyers - this lasted 10 minutes before we had melted and found ourselves back in the sanctuary that is car air conditioning in July.

There aren't photos between this week and the next. I can get into a packing blur, and then it didn't help that loading and unloading the truck fell on downpour days and I was stressed the heck out. By the end of that day I was in tears and being talked off a cliff by good friends. 

My plan was to get here and then visit my parents, while also picking up a puppy. That was foiled, our closing kept moving (crazy buying times peeps). I managed to also find myself plagued with food poisoning from chicken salad and laid up on the couch all weekend. 

All of the puppy supplies I bought showed up, and this child spent the rest of that afternoon pretending to be the family dog. 

Speaking of dogs, we are picking this little boy up this weekend. I'll get a chance to visit Mom and Dad before school starts and we will see what having a puppy around the house again is like. 

This is a cockapoo by the way, when Jeremy started listening to the kids requests for having a dog again I jumped at the chance to get a breed I am familiar with, loved, and know we could easily train. My grandparents had a black cockapoo when I was a kid and he was honestly the best dog ever. We've rescued so many dogs since then, and he's still a very talked about pup. 

The question about why I didn't just find myself down at the humane society could come up, and I'll explain why I'm not this time. Elliot and I both have allergies, if I come into a home that has a short haired shedding breed I am sneezing in no time at all. I also like smaller dogs, this breed can be a good medium sized pup. They're smart and easy to train and very low shed. With young kids I didn't want to risk it with just any old breed, I had a size and temperament in mind. Plus, as a mother I've become increasingly breed picky. 

Hate me if you must, but it is this phase of life. We've rescued dogs off the road, abandoned by owners due to health issues, and even a dog bred for show that was going to be put down due to not being good breeding stock and deaf. I just want a dog at this time that I can personally train, and be able to trust as much as you can trust a dog, for the safety of the kids. Extreme? Yup. But getting a dog as a puppy gives me the chance to work on temperament from the start. 

Enough dog rambling. 

It quit raining for 35 seconds and our friend came by with the lawn mower to attack the jungle. 

Elliot stood in the door and then the window waving and saying "Hey Brandon" the entire time. He'd pay high dollar to get a chance to mow the grass himself. 

We went by Academy this week to finish up school uniform shopping. Shoes were needed. Harrison was most impressed with the black try-on socks. He wore them the rest of the day, swore he could dance better in them, and made me text a photo to Jeremy. 

This last bit is Elliot, mid ear infection, drinking a juice box and sitting at the door wishing Cox would calm down and quit messing with the internet. He was real irritated with them. 
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5 Ways to Keep Guests Entertained at Your Wedding Reception

July 26, 2021

 Everyone knows the wedding is all about the bride. However, it's important to remember that the guests who are attending your wedding love you and (most likely) spent decent money buying you wedding gifts. 

As such, it's a good idea to go above and beyond to make sure they have a good time at your wedding reception. You need to keep them entertained, as you'll probably be too busy to spend a lot of time with each and every person. 

We're here to give you some good advice on how to keep the party going smoothly. Keep reading for five wedding entertainment ideas. 

1. Provide Good Food

First, a wedding reception without good food is a disappointment. If people are going out of their way to celebrate a major event in your life, the least you can do is feed them

It's important to account for common food requirements and diets. For example, we recommend offering at least a few options for people who don't eat meat, are gluten-intolerant, or are allergic to dairy. 

2. Hire a DJ

Next, people love to dance at wedding receptions. Actually, they love to dance in general. 

Make hiring a great DJ part of your wedding planning. You can keep the majority of your guests entertained for hours. Just make sure the wedding venue you book has plenty of room for a dance floor.

3. Rent a Photo Booth

One of the best wedding ideas is to rent a photo booth in which you and all of your guests can capture memorable moments of the evening. This should be included in every bride and groom's guide to planning the perfect wedding. 

A photo booth is both nostalgic and entertaining for people of all ages. What better way to document fun memories of the people who are attending your wedding? Check out this guide on how to rent a great photo booth for your wedding. 

4. Offer an Open Bar

While we would never recommend trying to get people intoxicated, some of the best wedding receptions offer open bars to the wedding guests. By offering people delicious alcoholic beverages, you can help them enjoy their time better. 

Just as importantly, kicking back a few drinks generally helps people loosen up. You'll find a lot more people on the dance floor if you have an open bar at your wedding reception. 

5. Provide Games

Finally, depending on the theme of your wedding, it might be fitting to add outdoor games to your bride guide. Outdoor games like horseshoes, corn hole, and volleyball can really liven up a wedding reception. 

Additionally, it will keep all of your guests entertained while encouraging them to interact with one another. Outdoor games make for an exceptionally good time. 


Want to Keep Guests Entertained at Your Wedding Reception?

We hope you enjoyed our short wedding guide for keeping your guests entertained. But if you're looking for more tips for your wedding reception or design them, we can help. 

For more wedding advice and tips for life after the ceremony, stick around and browse through some of our other articles. Our website was created to help people like you plan weddings and thrive long after you say your vows. 

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Top Tips For Your Child’s First Haircut

July 23, 2021

Your child’s first haircut is an exciting milestone in their life and can be a fun activity for you both to do together. 

Although it can be exciting and fun, you might also find that your child does not completely enjoy their first haircut. In fact, for some children, this can be a very overwhelming experience. If this is the case, then it means you are going to have a tough time also.

To help you both get through this milestone as pleasantly as possible, you might want to embrace the following advice. 

Time the Appointment Well

If you know that your child’s mood fluctuates throughout the day, then make sure you book the appointment for a sensible time to correlate with this. If you find that your child is seriously not in the mood for a new experience when the time comes, then this could easily be a disaster. Avoid this by making a sensible decision with the timing.

The mid-morning is generally a good option to pick as your child will still be awake and alert. This can encourage them to be curious about the process and to enjoy themselves. If you let them know that you will be going to eat their favorite lunch or dessert treat immediately after the appointment, this can also help the haircut go well.

Trust a Professional

The person that you trust with this important task can make all the difference to how much your child enjoys the process. 

Searching online for the best salons in your area will help to ensure you hire a trusted professional. Conducting a quick online search for the salons that are local to you, such as by searching for a hair salon Surrey, will give you a range of different options to choose from. 

Come Equipped with Distractions

If your child is not having a good time getting their hair cut for the first time, then distracting them could be the best idea. 

Make sure your child knows that they can bring a toy with them or allow them to play a game on your phone. When your child is distracted by playing a game, they will not be giving much attention to the haircut. This can make the process go so much faster and without any complaints or protests from your young one. 

Encourage Their Opinion

Asking your child what they would like their new haircut to look like is a great way to get them interested and excited.  This is also a great way to encourage this child to be creative and imaginative and develop their sense of independence. 

As your child grows older, they will hopefully start to enjoy getting a haircut and to develop more of an opinion about it and learn about their own sense of style. Watching your child grow in this way can be very exciting for you as a parent. You can do your best to make helpful style tips and suggestions for them. 

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