Busy Baby Strikes Again

Elliot is steadily proving me wrong on every parenting truth I held dear.

He wasn't a baby led weaning fan. Instead he has me ordering pouches off Amazon for his snack. Meanwhile, Harrison was a great eater.

I did convince him to wean early... but only by offering him chocolate milk. (never fear I got him on some DHA Horizon Organic and Hershey's Simply, it's nothing too rich)

His other baby trick... he doesn't sit still.

Harrison loved to go and do, but he did that with his own toys. I never really and truly baby proofed anything. Pictures stayed down. Breakables stayed down. He messed with nothing.

Elliot meanwhile is an absolute nosey baby. He loves to dig in cabinets.

I'm currently struggling with what to get a baby for Christmas who only loves eating small Legos and sucking on essential oil bottles.

(He hasn't swallowed a Lego yet but he sure wants to, and my oils have been moved from the side table because he constantly wants to dig in them and taste test.)

All of this leads me to Saturday.

Jeremy had been out of town at a youth pastor's retreat and I was at home solo parenting. I thought the children were convinced to occupy themselves for a second while I was cleaning the kitchen.

Thought being the key word here.

Elliot isn't Harrison.

He was playing quietly. I was cleaning. All was right in the world.

Until I thought to myself... "Elliot is only quiet when he's into something or pooping."

Sure enough he was into something. He had somehow found the tape dispenser and wrapped himself in tape.

I laughed, took a photo of his silliness to show Jeremy, and carried on cleaning up the tape situation.

Notice the bruise on his head? The look of "What on earth is wrong with having taped my leg up?"

Elliot immediately darted off for the living room and before I knew it he had knocked the lamp (the dear lamp he's been tempting to touch for weeks) onto the ground and broken the base.

Harrison, who had just seen the tape antics, walks over, shakes his head and says, "Mama, I'd be SOOO mad."

And that made me laugh harder than the rest of it.

I couldn't be mad at Busy Baby. But his brother thinking it was a good idea to be mad just made me giggle even more.

How to Take Care of Your Pre and Post Wedding Planning

Today's guest post is all about wedding planning. Tell me in the comments... how long did it take you to plan your wedding? We started in August and got married in May! 


Your wedding is said by some to be the best day of your life. While this might well be true, it’s also true to say that weddings are notoriously stressful. There is a lot of planning to do in the lead up to the wedding, and also afterwards. While many people focus on the former and give very little attention to the latter, both are important, especially regarding your mental wellbeing.

Read on for some pre and post wedding planning tips.

Pre wedding planning
Post-wedding planning
Look after yourself

12 months prior to the big day, book your wedding venue and your reception location. Also start to research suppliers of important products and services such as florists, photographers, hair and make-up artists and cake makers. Spend a month or so looking into your options and then book your chosen selection of professionals. Start hunting for your wedding outfits.

When you have 8-10 months to go, book your DJ or band for your wedding reception. Also look into accommodation for guests and either book it, or let guests know what they need to do. Now is also a good time to book your honeymoon. Doing it in advance will ensure you get what you really want, and you’ll probably also get a better deal.

6-8 months before the date, order your wedding dress and start planning your bachelor and bachelorette parties, if you’ve chosen to do these. Alternatively, go modern and arrange a pre-wedding party for everyone to be together.

With 4-6 months to go, choose your wedding party outfits, organise the legalities for the marriage, and book wedding transport.

2-3 months before the day, send out invites, buy your wedding rings and gifts for the wedding party. Finalise your catering plans.

At 2 weeks to go, finalise your guest list and seating plan, and confirm all of the previously made arrangements.

Spend the next two weeks treating yourself to spa days and preparing for your big day.

·       Ensure you’ve cleared the venue of your personal possessions
·       Pack for your honeymoon
·       Drop your wedding dress at the dry cleaner
·       Write thank you notes to your guests
·       Make a wedding album

Following the mayhem of a arranging your marriage, and indeed getting married, you may suffer from post wedding blues. It’s normal and understandable to feel lost after the wedding is over, not to mention tired and overwhelmed from the metaphorical rollercoaster of emotions. It’s important that you allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling. Talk to those close to you about your emotions.

There are ways to avoid or combat post wedding blues. After all the excitement, you may feel lonely, even though you have your new spouse by your side. To help take care of yourself, arrange to see friends regularly and perhaps take up a new hobby to fill the gap of planning a wedding. Treat yourself to some of the beauty treatments that you booked in before the wedding. If you’re feeling low or anxious, or have concerns about your mental health, seek help from a doctor or specialist center such as edentreatment.com.

Most of all, try to relax and enjoy your new marriage. Remember why you spent all those months planning to marry the person you love. Now it’s all done, you can enjoy your next chapter and all the wonder it will bring.

Meal Planning Monday

I honestly don't know how we got here, the past several months have flown by. Blame it on the ultra busy student pastor life... we are running quick. 

Somehow though, it's nearly the holidays. It's cold. And last I checked I had a newborn but that isn't the case anymore. I blinked and it's mid-November. 

Monday | BBQ Pork Shoulder, Balsamic Brussel Sprouts, and Sweet Potato Casserole - all from Aldi

Tuesday | leftovers

Wednesday | 45 Minute Coq Au Vin that I never got to last week.

Thursday | Red Beans & Rice

Friday | Leftovers

Saturday | Eating Out

Sunday | Church Thanksgiving Dinner

Meal Planning Monday

It's another one of those weeks. Mama has had a virus and been sick forever and I am finally just not eating real food today. So the delay is strictly based on the fact that thinking of food wasn't my jam over the weekend. 

I probably need to either quit being sick or change our meals a bit. We had our health screening and my HCL was low. I've eaten saltines or rice for days now. My blood pressure was also low, but I was programmed to do deep breathing every time I saw a nurse while I was pregnant with Harry and my BP was insane... now I can drop that puppy real easy. Oops! Next time I won't deep breathe like I'm trying to knock it down from 149 again... it was only 100 today. Anyway... more walnuts and fish (but I don't like much fish). 

Monday | Chicken Picatta

Tuesday | Taco Tuesday with the youth group

Wednesday leftovers

Thursday | Marry Me Chicken with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts

Friday | Leftovers

Saturday Creamy Bowtie Pasta with Onions, Spinach, and Mushrooms

Sunday 45 Minute Coq Au Vin 

Elliot | 1 Year Old

Elliot's Current Stats:

❊ Age – 1 year old! 
❊ Weight & Height – 24 lbs and 28 inches long. He's wearing a size 5 diapers and 12/18 month clothing. Mainly for width... the legs have to be rolled. 

❊ Eat – Elliot is showing his picky side. He prefers carbs. Rice. Grits. Potatoes. Maybe it's because this mama was dead to the world and didn't go full blown baby led weaning on him like I did with Harrison. He has many more preferences than his brother did. 

❊ Sleep – Sleeping through the night! 

❊ Recent Milestones – Cruising all over the place. He says bye bye and waves, Elliot will also say mama but only when he's upset and trying to get my attention. Sadly the little crawfish baby still hasn't figured out forward in his walker lol! 

❊ Special Moments – He is obsessed with Harrison and follows him everywhere. He watches Harrison when he's eating and tries to go behind him and take any spoon left behind and use it the same way Harrison did. We had a good laugh recently too, if you haven't heard Elliot's laugh you are missing out. I was smacking Harry with a pillow and he was dramatically falling over, Elliot was absolutely dying laughing at Harrison. 

❊ Mama’s Experience – Slowly but surely right? I'm much more for the ease of the newborn phase or anything after 18 months. This clingy one year old baby is rough on a mama who likes to go and do. He has demands and makes them very clear. 

❊ Comparison - You aren't getting the fully edited Elliot photo but here is a look at just how different they truly are. Same shirt and photo backdrop, but totally different faces, skin tones, and hair. Lucky for me Elliot also got the pretty baby curls like his brother had. 

Life Lately

Elliot's one year post will be up soon, I've just been editing  photos here and there as I get a chance.

Bare with me, I've been sick as a dog since Sunday afternoon. The kids at school think I'm nuts because I also haven't worn makeup... but why where it when you're about to blow your nose constantly.

Harrison had a blast on Halloween as per his usual. This child loves a holiday and one that allows you to gather candy is even better. We just went to the Trunk r Treat at church and that was plenty of tricking and treating for this mama. 

Elliot meanwhile, he isn't allowed to laugh in photos anymore. The child does not have a pretty laugh. He's a full on tossing your head back, turning beet red, and ceasing to breathe kind of laugher. 

Jeremy had the idea that we should all dress up this year... I doubt this becomes a yearly thing. Mama is apparently not a medium in an adult onesie. Found that out the hard way. 

The birthday cake, it was great and quickly turned into mom's daily treat after work. If you haven't made this layer cake... you need to. 

It's officially been cold enough that frost has hit. It was so cold the first of November that my car actually still had frozen spots when I got to work. Not to mention Jeremy's trunk wouldn't even open for me. 

Heaven for this winter lover! 

It's been staying chilly and that is something we don't see on the regular in South Louisiana. 

Plus... hello open doors! 

Oh, and with the coming of November has also come the end of nursing our youngest baby. I was ready for it to end this time. I think had we not moved I wouldn't have felt this way, but this new phase of life has thrown me off enough that I didn't enjoy stressing over milk. If anything I've learned a few things I'll do different when and if I have another. When I took a break from pumping this summer my supply tanked and it was a hot mess from then off and I never recovered. 

But with that I am able to get back to using Retinol. Just so happens that back when I was pregnant I ordered a bottle of Buffet serum from The Ordinary and they accidentally sent me their Retinol 1%, I was told to keep it and I've hoarded it away in my beauty drawer. This week I busted it out and am using it nearly like I did RetinA. 

Granted RetinA was twice a week, but I am using this every other day... washing my face, waiting about 10 minutes, putting Retinol on, waiting 20, putting on my moisturizer and then going to bed. I can't find a good post anywhere about how to use The Ordinary Retinol so I thought the safest way would be to mirror my use with RetinA. The squalene in this is supposed to make it much more gentle on your skin and you won't see the RetinA peeling. 

As soon as I'm done with this bottle I'm ordering tried and true RetinA though.