Turkeys & Chocolate Pie

November 24, 2020

I have got to become more mindful of taking photos again. With the move into our new house I have been awful at getting photos of the kids. Part of that is probably because I really only take out my big camera when the light is just right. 

Hence the following photo. 

I made my great grandmother's chocolate pie for a Friendsgiving Dinner, at the request of Jeremy. Harrison decided this was the year he loved it. (note the meringue in the blog recipe is the original, I am using a stabilized meringue now because a deflated meringue makes me insane... plus I like to make it taste more like marshmallow) 

I worked to make Harrison's disguise a turkey dreams come true... who do you think we made? 

The littlest boy in the house has hit the "pretending to read all the books by himself" age. It's far too adorable. This morning when I got him up he actually fussed at me because he needed "book mine" from his crib. He is sleeping with the Easter Little Blue Truck book. 

FINALLY! I got to dig out my plates and hang them this past weekend. This is my most beloved of all the plates. I happened to be in England during the week of the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday. I originally gave this to my grandmother but it came back into my possession when she passed away. 

Elliot. Being Elliot. I don't know who he has seen wear a hat like this to believe it should be done this way. 

In other cooking news, I've been so happy to be back in a full blown kitchen again. This weekend I whipped up that chocolate pie and some Rice Dressing... in the most clumsy of manners. I dropped eggs left and right. Busted many a yolk. Then I finally topped it off by getting excited by the fact that I had beef stock only to drop the jar, causing glass to go everywhere! Y'all know how that goes, it got caught in the top of my toe and I couldn't exactly feel it... until I was bleeding a trail through the kitchen. Good times friends. 

But hey, a nice kitchen again. So shove all the glass you'd like in my foot if it means I get have two oven racks. 

Now for some memes that have made me happy this week! 


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Meal Planning Monday

November 23, 2020

I'm finally at this on a Monday, but it's a short cooking week! Go figure. 

Monday | Keto Chicken Cheese Bake 

Tuesday | leftovers 

Wednesday | Mom is cooking 

Thursday | Thanksgiving 

Friday | Leftovers 

Saturday | Eating Out

Sunday | Trader Joe's Meal

Breakfast - Atkins Bar or Orgain Shake
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Meal Planning Wednesday

November 11, 2020

I'm getting better... slowly. Next week I'm going back to a Faster Way menu. Too many weeks living my best life in food land. 

Monday | Grilled Black Bean & Chicken Burritos with Chips & Salsa

Tuesday | leftovers 

Wednesday | Sam's Club Knock off Chick-Fil-A Nuggets & fries

Thursday | Red Beans & Rice (leftovers from the freezer) 

Friday | Leftovers 

Saturday | Eating Out

Sunday | Trader Joe's Meal

Meal options outside of dinner for myself...

Orgain Protein Shake
Atkins Granola Protein Bar
Sam's Club Chicken Salad Cup w/ Mary's Gone Crackers & Apple
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Where ya been?

November 6, 2020

 I've been missing in action lately on here and every other social media platform... buying a house will do that to a person. So here's a little recap of what we've been up to. 

I'm not sure how it happened but Elliot turned two last week. 

I'm so far behind on time that I haven't even uploaded the photos that I took on his birthday. But anyhoo, here is our resident always the baby at age 1 and this year at age 2. 

Elliot at his usual. Either ecstatically happy or more miserable than you can imagine. 

It's funny which kids do what and hang onto who. Harrison stayed attached to Jeremy, now he pays attention to my mom more. 

Elliot latches onto Grandaddy and wants to rough house. He's always as close as he can get and constantly bringing him books to read. 

Halloween. A time to refuse your costume because you are two and haven't trick-r-treated before. Or for others you are living your best kindergarten community helper learning life and being a police officer. 

After a year of trying to sell and two years of renting... we are finally in a house of our own again and living our best life. Y'all. Having space again is just insane. Like bananas. 

No more cramped up rental life. Plus... Mama done exited the county and is back in the land of concrete neighborhoods with little to no snake friends siting around all willy nilly. 

I haven't worn perfume in at least 10 years. Once we moved to South Louisiana my allergies got so funky that I couldn't even bare a candle or cleaning supplies. It seems heightened mold really effects me. 

Lately I've been on the search for a perfume made of essential oils, since they don't bother me. (I even clean and use them to scent our home because it's all I can stand.) After contemplating making a dozen Pinterest recipes I came across this Good Chemistry site. Then they popped up in Grove Collaborative. So I bit the bullet and ordered Queen Bee. 

It's heavenly, made of only essential oils, inexpensive, and didn't but me one bit. 

Go get your one. 

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3 Reasons to Have Art in Your Home

November 1, 2020

 Art – no matter how ‘good’ it is (which is subjective anyway), or how much it costs or who enjoys it; is something of a miracle. It starts off as nothing at all and goes on to become something that makes people smile, enhances their mood, and can earn the artist money in many cases. Art has everything, and there is enough variety to ensure that everyone, whatever their tastes happen to be, will love at least one type. 

It makes sense to have something this special in our homes, and many people do. It could be a painting hung on a wall, a photograph framed, a sculpture that sits on a shelf or a table, and so on. Yet although many of us will have this kind of thing in our homes, do we really know why this is such a good idea? There are many reasons, and here are just some of them. 

Make Your House a Home 

When you live somewhere, you will want to make that space as comfortable, unique, and fitting to your personality as you can. Even if you can’t decorate an entire house or apartment in the way you truly want to because you live with other people who have different tastes to you, you can still find at least one room – a bedroom, perhaps – where you can style it in any way you want. 

Art will play an important part in this. The instant you put art in a space, that space becomes more comfortable and homely. It immediately shows an element to your own personality that otherwise might not have shone through. This is what makes a house into a home, and if you want to enjoy living somewhere it’s something you’ll need to consider doing. Don’t be nervous about letting other people see the kinds of things you enjoy; it’s good to share your personality. Don’t hide the art away because you think it might be damaged either; arts insurance will protect it, so you can show it off as much as you like. 

It’s Affordable 

Some art is extremely expensive. It will depend on the artist and how famous or highly regarded they are, and in some cases it will depend on the subject matter and the materials used. Some materials are more expensive than others, so the overall piece of art is sure to cost that much more. 

Yet even if you don’t have millions to spend on art, there will be something that suits your budget. This is the great thing about art; there really is something for everyone, and there is something for everyone’s bank balance too. Even if you love a piece that is expensive, you might be able to find much cheaper prints of it to hang in your home instead. Art is accessible and available to everyone if you look around. 

Art Is Inspiration 

Art can be inspirational for any number of reasons. The most obvious is that, when you look at a piece of art you will be inspired to make art yourself. Even if you don’t think you are good at art, you can still enjoy the process. Remember, you don’t have to monetize everything you do, and you can do something for the fun of it and not have to try to sell that thing on Etsy or eBay if you don’t want to. 

Art can be inspiring in other ways too. If you don’t want to make art yourself, you will still be able to see what the artist was thinking and be inspired by their ideas and imagination. You might be inspired by the subject matter itself, or even by the person who originally bought the art for you. Art makes people feel all kinds of emotions, so just let it happen and don’t question it and you’ll love it so much more. 

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The First 7 Steps to Planning a Wedding

October 22, 2020

 People spend much of their life dreaming about the perfect wedding. Whether it’s your first or your third, planning a wedding is both exciting and stressful. The average time to plan a wedding often depends on how complex your wedding is to be.

A simple wedding can as little as six months, but an extravagant wedding can take over a year. Regardless of the type of wedding, there are steps to planning a wedding that you need to tackle first.

We’ll examine these first seven steps, so you can correctly plan your wedding with as stress-free an environment as possible.

Celebrate Your Engagement

Your soon-to-be spouse just popped the question, and you’re newly engaged. It’s time to celebrate. Before you begin the wedding planning, plan a quick engagement party. It serves to celebrate your pending nuptials and get the most important players in the room.

You’re inviting friends and family, so you’ll have them all available, and they’re likely all excited about wedding planning. The event should take place about 45- to 60-days after the engagement and be both fun and recruit people to help plan.

You’re engaged, so enjoy it, and don’t forget to gush over the engagement ring and how amazing your fiancĂ© is to everyone.

What’s Your Budget?

Everyone dreams of a fairy tale wedding with horse-drawn carriages and doves released as you leave the church. Sadly, this is possible for many people. Before you invite guests or start looking at dresses, you need to set your wedding budget.

You need to research the average costs of everything from the wedding venue to photographers. When you set your budget, don’t forget to add 10 to 20 percent for surprises. The cost of your wedding has many factors, from extravagance to where you live, but you can expect a minimum of $20,000 to $50,000.

There are ways to save money, such as having friends or family make decorations or do the wedding party hair, but some costs are inevitable. The budget is the most important step in planning a wedding because it impacts everything you do from there on out.

Set Up Your Guest Lists

The number of people coming to your wedding impacts the catering and costs of the wedding venue. The more people you have, the more expensive it’s going to be. The impact of your guest list also impacts the type of wedding you’re going to have.

simple church wedding is one thing, but a destination wedding in the tropics likely has close friends and family only. Don’t be afraid to not invite your second cousin that you haven’t spoken to in six years.

It’s your wedding, and you should invite who you want. Don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers. Close friends and family want to see you walk down the aisle, but extended family can live without it.

Create Your Bridal Party

They’re your closest friends and family, and you can’t wait to ask them to be a part of your wedding party. Often, the wedding party members help you plan the wedding and stand with you at the altar.

It’s a great honor to be a part of the wedding party, so ask them all to dinner or talk to each one individually to see if they’re able to join. Be careful of hurt feelings and unstable financial situations because, in addition to being a part of your party, they’re taking on a financial commitment as well.

The most important is your maid of honor, so choose wisely whether it’s your best friend of 20 years or your sister.

Steps to Planning a Wedding Include the Venue

Two places are important to choose for the wedding, the venue, and the reception hall. It could be as simple as your local church or a fantastical place that everyone loves to have their wedding.

You should contact them and see what dates are available. Don’t set a date before contacting the venue. The date may already be taken, so find out what dates are available and choose the one you like the most.

The venue should be a beautiful place that you can have your wedding as well as take pictures. Once you find the venue, the stress of wedding planning truly begins.

Time to Set the Date

The venue determines the date of your wedding, and everything after this revolves around that date. If your reception hall isn’t available on that date, then you need to find a new reception hall. The same goes for photographers, caterers, etc.

Some parts of the year are more popular than others, so keep in mind this could impact pricing. Expect to pay a premium for these popular times.

While you may need flexibility for your wedding date, don’t be forced into taking a date you don’t want. Don’t take a destination wedding during hurricane season because that’s the only date available for the venue.

Find Your Photographer

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, so it needs to be documented properly. You’ll choose many vendors for your wedding, but none are more important than the photographer.

This person needs to document the day not only functionally but also artistically. They need to be creative and not miss anything. Extensively research your photographers and check their reviews.

You need to have a good relationship with your photographer, so if it doesn’t feel right, don’t choose that person. Don’t feel pressured into choosing a photographer because they make you feel like you must choose them.

Your Wedding Planning Has Begun

The steps to planning a wedding are complex, but these first seven can get your started. You still must find your dress, get the caterer and decide a million other decisions before the big day…no pressure.

If you want to learn more about the wedding planning process or more tips for planning a wedding, then please explore our site.

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