Blogtember:: Simplify

September 18, 2016

Today's topic is to list one product that simplifies your life.

Is it weird to say that I'm having trouble thinking of it?

Forget it, I'll go with two and explain why...

In the event you blogged pre-smart phone & data plan, you'll identify with this. Back in the day if you had a post due for a company or for an affiliate company life BlogHer you had to wait until who knew when you get on your computer. Or worse yet, you'd miss campaigns because you had to wait to get home to get on the computer to check your email and send your pitch.

Smart phones solved all of that for me. Now when we are away from home I can easily see what's in my email and fix as much as I can fix on the blog from my phone. Granted there are issues that arise sometimes that you need a real computer to do whatever it is, but the smart phone solved all of that. I can't tell you have many campaigns I would have missed had I not had a smart phone.

The other side of that is the iPad, I'm a terrible sleeper and my iPad serves as a way to watch tv without waking up Jeremy... simple as that. Plus I can do other things on it... but videos are key.

Then last, but not least, my Fitbit Flex. I got my first Fitbit about 5 years ago (the Ultra) and wore it until it died. Now, thanks to Fitbit upping their technology my Flex won't die. I do use it to track steps, but the main thing I loved about it when I bought it was that they added an alarm feature that vibrated instead of making noise.

If you've ever slept in the same room as me you'll know one thing, I hate the sound of alarms. Having a vibrating alarm makes me wake up much happier. Just ask Jeremy, when his alarm goes off I feel the need to kill people. Especially when it's this awful nuclear power plant melting down sound that disturbs my dreams, makes me think I'm dying, and then... then I wake up.

Now I could have listed my love for dry shampoo, but we'll stick to these two.