Blog-tember:: Life Swap

September 13, 2016

I've stumbled all over this one today trying to decide who I'd swap with.

I'm going with my obvious choice though, The Duchess of Cambridge.

I've always been intrigued by the royals, so stepping into her shoes would be interesting. Especially on a off day. Catherine's day without a press opportunity for a charity, just at home (albeit a pretty grand home) with her kids. 

I'd like to see what she wears at home, what's her schedule, what do they eat? How well do the kids behave? What's her relationship with her parents and siblings in private. How's William?

Clearly William is the "biggie" question. 

What these people are like behind closed doors, no interview, no one around. That's the real question. 

Or maybe... what's Camilla like? I'm still not fond of her and never will be. 

Who would you switch lives with? 
Or if you're coming here from the link-up, who'd you choose?