Its about time my dress came in...

February 20, 2009


But I'm not crazy enough to put the thing on here. Who do ya think this dress belongs to? Considering this is straight up 1970's it shouldn't be a hard guess. But I'll be nice and put part of my dress on here...

And that is all anyone is gonna see, don't wanna risk Jeremy seeing anything;)

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Bella Donna Update

February 18, 2009

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Remember the Bella Donna post a few weeks back...well Katie May {of TwoSuez} is now selling on Etsy! Just thought I'd let ya know considering that Etsy is the best thing ever and Katie took the most awesome engagement pics for what could be better than the two put together. So go check it out.

{Bella Neutro}

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February 17, 2009

Peonies...oh yay my hands down favorite flower of all time. I'm really not much for roses, as you will be able to tell. {my wedding flowers are white carnations and peonies} Only problem though is I'm not totally sure how I want my bouquet to look. I know I want nosegay{I should do a post later on types of arrangements} but after that I like both of the bouquets I have pictured. But now to choose between the green leaves or the green hydrangea...I like the how the blooms are open on the hydrangea one though. Funny thing is the florist was trying to talk me into fake flowers the first time I met with her, I kept telling her that I didn't care about the price if this was the only time in my life I would shell out over a hundred for stinking flowers. Plus its just my opinion but I hate to see fake flowers at a wedding, and having an outdoor weding surrounded by real flowers would only make it even more obvious that they were fake.
Well Thursday I'm going into town to talk to the florist again and hopefully have things done my way and no other imputs even considered. {last time there was an attempt to talk me into square vases but I bought my cylinder one so there haha}

PS. The wedding dress just came in, I can't wait to try it on! Whoo Hoo!!

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Ring Cleaning Tip

February 11, 2009


I found a pretty good ring cleaning tip. Use warm water a soft tooth brush and some dish soap...and voila...clean ring. I have seen a few tips that say to use tooth paste, and I'm sure it works great, but a couple of people have said that it can be to abrasive to the diamond. Appraently there is some coating on your pretty little bling that makes it super shiney and tooth paste will scratch it.

**On a side note I get to meet with the florist againt to finalize next week, and I get to meet with Regina at Twin Oaks to decide on the menu and all the other fun stuff. Whoo hoo nothing is more fun in the world than food! I have a feeling I'm gonna spend the whole reception being a pig;)

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The perfect wedding gift...

February 10, 2009

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...for Jeremy.

Is that not the funniest serving platter you've ever seen? There are several more platters like it too! So here is the link to this platter at least...

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{guest book table}

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Once again my Martha Stewart obsession has led me to do another diy wedding project. Granted I have searched everywhere to find one similar to the pic but no luck at all. I have had to come to terms with the fact that it just won't happen. But I'm sure that what I have to work with will turn out great any way.

{here my guest book table inspiration, the one pictured was used as a place card table, I have a similar divider that I am going to cover in fabric and put pics in it to place behind my table. Also I'm trying to find a few candle sticks to place on the table but so far I've had no luck finding ones close to the pic example.}

{here is my table I will use for the guest book, I found it at Pier 1 on sale so I feel like I did a decent job. I do wish it was a bit whiter but I can live with it.}

The bright side of this is that my whole house is done in this southern living country sorta style so I'll be able to use it after the wedding. It was a big concern of mine to not just spend money on things I would never use again and they would just sit in a box and waste away. Plus it is so much easier to talk Mr. Groom into things if he can see where the money went and that it won't just be useless after the wedding.

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February 8, 2009


Ok so I'm getting sucked into the Not Me Monday that MckMama does. So here goes...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not go grocery shopping and make a point as always to buy my oh so favorite healthy food. I did not wander around the store looking for something whole wheat because plain couscous just wouldn't do and get overly excited to find cracked wheat tabouli, then buy more veggies than you could shake a stick at and my beloved chick peas for hummus...only to come home and eat the nasty college food ramen noodles.

I did not run to the bookstore and buy an expensive book to study for the Praxis PLT only to discover that I am not even taking the PLT part for anothr year.

Oh and my wanna be chef slef would never put bell pepper into a hot skillet with out oil and when it started to stick pour olive oil into it to create a pretty little grease fire. No way I knew better than that.

I did not put off bathing the furbabies for two weeks until I couldn't stand to sit next to the big one. I would never be so lazy as to neglect my Ellie.

And I would never ever allow myself to get into an arguement about a quilt being on the gift registry, no it's to ridiclous to ever do.

There is no way I would ever put off studying for the GRE and not even do Stats 439 homework. I'm to good of a student for that, I never procrastinate on important thing.

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The dress I almost bought

February 7, 2009

There is a way better pic of this dress on the front page of the Thread site.{}

But anyhoo this is as close as your gonna get to seeing my dress before 5/30/09...and by the looks of it as close as I can get to seeing it too.{mine has yet to be shipped and three weeks late might I add} I still love love this dress, the material is so different and not the regular ruffle everyone is doing these days. But there were two things getting between me and this dress...the mom and the money. This lovely little number cost about twice what my Thread dress cost.

Guess it's good I didn't buy it though because not long after a pic of my beloved McClean dress was put on the main page I decided to show it to Mr. Groom and the conversation went this way...

me: "Wanna see the dress I almost bought for the wedding?"
mr. groom: "What's with the material?"
me: "Are you serious that is the entire point of the dress! Wow well can't wait for you to see what I bought."

That is just a snipet of the whole "is all your taste in your mouth" conversation. Sadly enough I think he wouldn't know the difference if I wore a white trash bad and tied it at the waist with a rope. Men. haha

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Furbabies + Wedding = Something to talk about

February 5, 2009

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Oh how I would love to have my furbabies in my wedding but two crazed daschunds who have no idea they are dogs can only end in disaster. For one my chunky monkey Ellie thinks that I must do as she says at all times, no joke, she seriously walks up to me constantly with this half growl like she is complaining. Not to forget about the little demon who has a taste for drywall, bones just aren't enough for her. Maddie is constantly chewing on everything{walls, Ellie, carpet, herself, shoes, clothes, the couch, brick, pine cones, tables, etc.} so it would only be a matter of time before she got bored and chewed through something. Maddie's other problem involves the fact that when she gets excited she poops. So I can see it now...the furbabies are walking down the aisle...Ellie is walking as close to the edge as the sidewalk as she can without falling off while growling at every guest and Maddie would notice all the people, immediately start running as hard as she can{leashes don't mean anything to her she will drag you/choke herself} and I'd guess right as she makes it close to Jeremy and I she decides to take care of puppy business.

Now don't get me wrong dogs are great in weddings sometimes. For instance my cousin had her well trained pup in her's and all was well. Another wedding I heard of all went well, but the furbaby was a bridesmaid with dress and the whole sha-bang; I'm glad it went well for them but in a small southern gossip pit/town the last thing you want are the guest gossping with everyone in town about your lack of taste in dresses...and dresses on a dog for that matter. It's one thing to give your pup a cute flower collar for the big day and have them join in on the fun but please people if they were ment to wear Davids Bridal the store would have a dog line.

***As a side note my dry wall eating demon furbaby didn't just chew on the cornerof the wall, she chewed a whole straight through the flat part of it and all while she was two months old with her tiny demon pup teeth. ***
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What are the chances...

February 3, 2009

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that this guest list will ever be done. And what is harder a) having to find addresses for everyone you ever met or b) having a limited guest list and trying to invite everyone without offending anyone and not go crazy.
PS. We have been engaged since August and a certain someone still has yet to get all of that someone's family's addresses. And I've got one word for Ha Ha;)
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It's Febuary...

February 2, 2009

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...and that can only mean two things.

1. My wedding dress is late since it has yet to appear in the mail and as of today it is 15 weeks when that thing was supposed to show up by 14.

2. It is hands down my most hated month due to the fact that my birthday is at the end.

Okay now for two positive things just so this doesn't end negative.

1. I bought the candles for the tables at the wedding...all I needed was 30 and walked out of Hobby Lobby with something like 74. There is no such thing as to many candles.

2. We had a great time at the Life Group Super Bowl party, I had the most amazing candy ever. Something called Cracker Candy, it was saltines, chocolate, butter and brown sugar. Plus I got to play with the most adorable baby ever.

There we go two positive things. Oh and something funny...I've never had a cooking mishap to date but today while trying to saute some bellpepper I decided to put a little olive oil in it cause it was sticking, well wrong order, it very quickly turned into a grease fire and I very quickly yelled for Jeremy to put the sucker out. So if anything it is looking to be a clumsy week.
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