Five Things That Bring Me Joy

September 7, 2016

Today's #blogtember topic, obviously from the title... 5 Things That Bring You Joy.

I'm pretty easy to please, and pretty inexpensive to please, as you'll see. I tell Jeremy all the time he should be thankful he married someone who doesn't tote an expensive bag and need fancy things. The simple things make me happy.

1. Reading or watching documentaries about monarchies. Particularly the British Monarchy, but the Tzars are growing on me. I just find their history fascinating. Basically anything from early British history to the Victoria era makes me happy.

2. This toddler. Who knew 18 months old would be the most fun ever. Today Jeremy patted me and said "I love you," so Harrison patted me and tried to mumble it too. Lest we not forget his current favorite phrase right now "need cheese." Because, cheese is essential to human life.

3. I attempted to garden this year, it was a minor bust, but I'm giving it another good go and hoping that a winter garden works better for me. I'll be basically planting basil like a made woman every summer for the remaining years of my life. Fresh basil for 3 months was amazing.

4. Sweets. Yes I know I'm a bit food focused, but sweets are my love language.

If you'd like an alternate number four substitute makeup. 30 year old Emily has begun to love makeup... and any night cream with bee venom.

5. Last but not least... again food... my beloved ribeye. Mid-rare, however Jeremy seasons it, with veggies and I'm a happy camper. There's just nothing better than a grilled dinner.