We're Expecting..

July 10, 2009

...something better than kids{haha}...our very own KitchenAid Stand Mixer!

Yesterday we went to Walmart to get the cheap stand mixer, well that didn't end up happening because before I could check out I backed out of it.

Today I was looking around online and comparing prices and features and came upon the outlet section at KitchenAid. Which happens to be the holy grail of refurbished KitchenAid products. Well those $299.99 Artisan mixers that everyone loves happens to go for $189.99 and I ordered this baby:

Unlike the Artsian and Classic stand mixers the Professional 5qt Heavy Duty has 475 watts and is commercial style. It does have a drop bowl instead of a tilt head, but it came in Onyx and could probable mix concrete.

Here is where is gets really good...we also had enough money left over to guy Brita pitcher, new 10x13 baking pan, a roasting insert for the baking pan, a Wilton professional fluted tube pan{bundt pan}, Wilton tart pan, and a Wilton springform pan. Which goes to show I can find a sale anywhere, and I'm pretty proud of myself considering we only went over $14.

So like my favorite magizine Glamour it is fitting to do this...for the price of a Kitchenaid Artesian Stand Mixer{$299.99} you could buy a Refurb 5qt KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer and a bunch of pans to bake in, and a water purifier{total $314} to clean your nasty Monroe water.

Not bad.


  1. hey you can still hold it on your lap and rock it
    glad you got the one you wanted

  2. You're so crazy! I knew the title was fake. When you really do have big news--- nobody is gonna believe you!!! LOL =)

  3. Oh, and when I mentioned the Sunbeam mixer, I wasn't talking about the $99 one. Anyway, my Sunbeam handmixer just bit the dust this year and I bought it in 1983!
    Anyway, glad you got what you wanted and hopefully it'll last forever! Soon as it comes in you can make another banana pancake souffle, huh? =)