{just catch the dang thing}

July 18, 2009

Jennifer posted the rest of the wedding on her blog today. Whoo hoo.

Here are two pics from the post. I was so happy that the girls attacked the bouquet the way they did, and I do mean attacked. Most weddings I've seen lately the girls just stand there as the bouquet hits the ground like it's covered in anthrax{or big kid cooties for that matter}. But nope not the gals at our wedding, or the guys for that matter, they attacked it like it had money attached to it{or an actual groom}.The pic of my friend Ryan catching the garter{at one point his niece had the garter around her head} is in the slide show at the bottom of the page by the way. But yup, gotta love our crazy crowd.

I'm so glad married life is better than wedding planning...if it wasn't people wouldn't stay married long. Geez that week prior to the actual day is a killer, I actually lost 5lbs that week and not on purpose...I just got so busy I forgot to eat. Yes me, forgot to eat! Me, the person who starts thinking about lunch at breakfast and dinner at lunch...and what I'm having for Sunday lunch all week. No joke, I do believe there is a fat lady trying to get out some days haha. So for all soon to be's remember to eat, or at least schedule it in. Lord knows I don't remember anything I don't right down.


  1. At Cristi's wedding one of the other bridesmaids literally tore up the bouquet ripping it out of my hands! I should've let it hit the ground. In that case (first marriage) the wedding planning WAS better than the marriage! I'm really glad you're happy with your choice. He seems really nice!
    Anyway, your wedding was the most fun I think I've ever attended. (and in 44 years, that's more than I can even recall.) =)

  2. you'll never be a fat lady b/c you eat more healthy stuff than i've ever heard of!

    2nd - how embarrassing that i referred to jeremy as Mr. Pope in Walmart. OMG. So my only excuse is that I used to babysit a boy named Jeremy Pope, obviously NOT your hubby. I mean your blog is CALLED the newly BABBs and i read it every day. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM? Please apologize for me...so sorry!

  3. I just found you via Blue Eyed Bride. Great wedding pics over on your photog's blog! You look so beautiful!

  4. Wedding planning was the best/worst times of my life! I am so glad that it's over. I don't ever want to do it again!