{sourdough or don't}

July 10, 2009

Has anyone ever started a sourdough starter? I hear of these starters that circulate every few years around town...but how do you start one? My husband loves sourdough and after being in Vidalia last weekend and hearing my mom talk about it {I can't remember how that came up} he thinks he needs it. His mom, like my mom, made a lot of sourdough when we were kids...and so he "needs' it. I, needless to say, basically challenged him to find a dish I can't make. Minus an incident were a entire recipe was attempted to be translated from Spanish I have never met a food technique I couldn't make work. But this sourdough may, just may, break that little streak. Plus this "pet" has a lot of up keep, and if he feeds bread starters like he does dogs, I'll end up with another dog that just lives in a jar.

At least the sourdough jar dog won't eat the carpet when we go to the store. But if I keep bread alive like I do plants it won't live long.


  1. Sourdough dog??? Seriously, where do you come up with this mess??!! I sense a cup of Mike and a few pinches of grandparents thrown in for good measure! You crack me up! =)
    My Mimi used to have sourdough starter in a jar. I don't remember how she made it, but the "upkeep" is just adding yeast daily, I think. Maybe a little water, too. But I don't think it's very complicated. Ask your mom-- you said she's made it before.

  2. There is a good starter online
    at whats cooking america.
    Can even use whole wheat flour.