that is such a watergate answer!

July 21, 2009

That is what my history professor told us today when we said we didn't know who the secretary of the interior was. I think I'm gonna start using that phrase from now on. And in case you didn't know it George Washington was a drunk...along with a bunch of other people.

And that my friends is what I learned in American history today...for the love of summer school when will this end?

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  1. Everything I've read says George Washington was a devout Christian, so that doesn't ring true. Oh, well history is in the eyes of the teller, I reckon. Too bad GW is not here to defend himself.
    Love the bed in the picture. Larry sleeps in a four poster bed and our comforter set has purple cabbage roses all over it. They shouldn't care if it's a girlie bed--- as long as there's a girl IN it. hehe =)