{ugh, summer school}

July 14, 2009

I wish someone would explain to me why the same girl asked the same professor every day if there will be a word bank on the test. Seriously he answers with the same thing, "no dear your in college now" and yet every day she asks again. As if asking will make him put one on there. If that isn't irritating enough for one class we are covering the French Revolution in the other class, maybe it's just me but I really don't care that Napoleon was exiled to Elba and later returned to Paris{while Louis 18th ran off and hid form him} only to be exiled again to a tiny island between Africa and South America. But for a non history remembering individual it is funny that I have retained the info that the Inca's were the only civilization in the history of the world to 1) never invent the wheel 2) never have outside contact with another civilization 3)never invent written language, and did I mention they were the largest of their time, exceeding the population of both Paris and London. But enough about summer school because there is only one thing that satisfy me when I have tons of studying to do, yes, dessert. {during one particularly hard test last year I ate an entire king cake in one weekend, but you didn't hear that} So here is the summer-y dessert I made last weekend to fullfil my study eating needs:

Really Easy Fruit Tart
{seriously I didn't use a recipe, and you don't need to, you can mock just about recipe and make it easier}

What you need:
1 tube of sugar cookie dough
kiwi{or any other fruit you like}
egg custard mix{I know it exist but I couldn't find it so I used cheesecake pudding mix, I was feeling to lazy to make custard from scratch}
apricot jelly
Now get out a tart pan and press your sugar cookie dough into the form, it will puff up when you bake it but it falls really fast, you can always help it by mushing it down, no one will see it anyway. Bake according to directions. While your cookie is cooling mix up your custard and when the cookie is cooled put your custard on top of the cookie tart form. Now while everything is firming up slice your fruit and arrange on top of custard. Finally melt down your jelly in the microwave or on the stove top and brush on top of fruit. {the jelly just gives it a pretty shine, I've seen it done a Food Network a lot}


  1. For a newly wed, you sure are cooking up a storm! I remember when I first got married, first time at 18, I called my mom for anything harder than hotdogs. I did progress to casseroles later on, but when you're 18, pregnant, working full time, and two LITTLE stepkids-- you take the easy road where you can. LOL
    Glad you were smart enough to start off without all of that going on. (Not that I regret the kids--- just the ex.) =)

  2. Emily, I am really impressed with your domestic ability. I'm gonna try this one. I need a tart pan though.

  3. Thanks, I use to consider going to culinary school. I just never could thought it was a very smart career choice.

  4. i am very jealous of your cooking ability -- you have no idea what a talent it is to be able to cook all of that stuff and make it look good too =) but seriously, even if i could cook *other than something simple using a recipe* i would still be too lazy to do it, lol =)