{spicy chinese noodles}

July 27, 2009

After P90X was underway at our house our usual Sunday Lunch had to under go a change. Sunday is usually my "not so healthy" day so that I don't go crazy eating healthy during the week. Well, after reading through the P90X cook book I found a recipe I thought I could add upon to make a full meal out of it...Jeremy at the same time decided to invite a few friends over during this experiment, and I'm not keen on serving a experiment. But after Rebekah and I played with the sause for a minute to make it a bit more spicy we were happy and served it up to the boys.

Spicy Chinese Noodles

14oz box of whole wheat linguini
9 tbls of chunky peanut butter
9 tbls of low sodium soy sauce
9 tbls of rice vinegar
6 tbls honey
dash cayenne (red) pepper
green onions finely chopped
Heat sauce in pan and whisk together till combined. Then mix with pasta.
Asian Beef
-optional if you don't want it to be vegan
1 lb of round steak{or whatever you prefer, this is just cheap}
soy sauce to taste
udon sauce to taste
rice vinegar to taste
garlic powder
onion powder
green onions chopped
brown sugar to taste
Combine ingredients in a zip lock bag and let marinade over night.
Next day while preparing cabbage and pasta grill meat and slice. Then add over pasta.
Stir Fry Cabbage
1 bag of shredded cabbage
soy sauce
rice vinegar
garlic powder
onion powder
Heat olive oil in skillet then add all ingredients and saute till wilted.

We ate the cabbage on the side, or you could mix it in. Either way it was really good, and didn't taste healthy at all. Jeremy who complains about whole wheat would not have known if Rebekah
had not told him. The peanut butter really covers the nutty taste most people don't like about whole wheat pasta. I also used linguini because I didn't have time to run by the asian market to get udon noodles, but linguini is almost the same shape. Also if your peanut sauce seems to think add a little water or broth to thin it out, mine thickened up very fast.

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