To sleep, perchance to dream

July 21, 2009

I saw this bed on a blog this morning, and remembered looking at it awhile back on the Ethan Allen website but for some reason this time I love love love it. The bed I have now is an antique iron bed that is white and I thought that is what I would be looking for when we bought a king size bed, but not now. This bed is hands down amazing...looks like I need to start saving up for this puppy. Although saving would come easier if I had a job for the fall, but leave it to this town to be in a hiring freeze. Poor Jeremy is never going to be able to get away from my girlie southern living-antique-ish style, poor thing will probably die in a english country rose pattern bed sheet. But hey, the sooner we buy this bed the sooner he can sleep on the blue and green stripe shabby chic sheets...they were our girlie compromise, girlie enough for me, and as not girlie as shabby chic gets for him.

And Jeremy in case you read this and feel the need to save up money and surprise me, this bed is called the Quincy Bed. I'll even link it so you can find it easier.{ah chuckle chuckle you know that will never happen}


  1. Beautiful bed!

  2. LOVE that bed!!! i guess daniel has nothing to worry about when it comes to girly decor at our house...cause i am so indecisive with patterns that i usually just go for something casual and gender neutral. our bedsheets are white, and our bedspread set from linens and things is white, and our new couch is an off-white guess you could say i'm not very girly when it comes to decorating my house, lol =)