Flashback Friday

July 31, 2009

Last night it occurred to me that my baby dog Ellie is going to be 3 this year. Honestly that makes me sad. We spent every waking moment together when she was little and we lived alone in my townhouse, she rode in the car with me everywhere, visited friends houses, even went to a few parties. Don't get me wrong, everyone loved Ellie and I was expected to bring her with me if I went anywhere. Oh we had so much fun just us. She is unlike any other dog I've had or been around, from day one she is so relaxed and trusting of people that she prefers to be carried like a baby{yes I know that is bad for daschunds, but she like it}, weird enough she like to be held upside down. I know, I know, she isn't a child and I sound like one of the mom's who has a kid turning one or something...but Ellie is my baby. Here are some pictures of Ellie when she was still a puppy:

{attempting to teach her to potty outside, this was her response to grass...eat leaves not potty}

{the first week I had her...already interested in shoes, thankfully we broke that habit fast.}

{I was attempting to study, Ellie was attempting to eat the paper. Only because her best friend Adriel taught her how much fun it could be to shred it.}

{our first and last New Year's Eve at my old apartment, Danielle and I moved out about two weeks later}
Yup, I miss her being a baby. She use to follow me everywhere but now she is so independent she only bugs me to death when she wants something. Ellie has her own agenda...usually involves bossing around Maddie and laying in the grass and sleeping all day. Funny the day I got her she loved Danielle and Adriel but if I touched her she yelped like she was in pain. Now she may not want to do what I'm doing but she wants to know what I'm doing, and for heaven's sake don't pack a bag around her she gets super excited about traveling to Vidalia. I've only left her with Jeremy once...and that was one very unhappy dog.
Oh, look in the background of the second picture...see the pink dog? Well Danielle bought her that dog and she loved it so much she would suck on it to fall asleep at night, I'm not kidding you could get close and hear sucking. Not licking...honest sucking, yes I admit she is weird but that is what I love about her.

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