{antique shop art project}

July 2, 2009

I have to admit I am bored to tears inbetween summer 1{aka education hell} and summer 2{aka retaking history classes from when I started college}. This "housewife" thing is not for me, I guess it is because my Dad really stressed the inportance of not depending on men{he made he learn how to change tires and oil before I could drive} and I understand it is not like I am just mooching off Jeremy, but due to the grad school set backs{aka tattle tails who care that I skipped class} I just feel like I should be working on something. Oh and don't forget job set backs, I emailed a principal to see if he had made a decision on a job only to find out that a vetern teacher came back {he said he was very impressed with me and would hold onto my resume if something came up, but that doesn't pay the bills}. But anyway here is what I did the other day to take my mind off the stress of school life, not to mention my Pottery Barn catalog came in the mail and gave me tons of ideas.

Honestly nothing in is more fun than wandering around antique stores all afternoon, I just so happened to stumble upon an old cabnit door for $6 and had to have it. This was the first step in making this hunk of junk useful and cute, tapeing off everything that you don't want chalkboard paint on.
This was the second step, spraying three coats of paint on the cabnit door, the can said to do two, but three never hurt. Oh and turns out chalkboard paint int the can is 8 bucks where spray can is only about 3.

Now stripping the tape off, it's time to paint

Finished product, and it actually works. I love monograms, so it is so much fun for me to be able to monogram things now. I am one of those people who look at girls like they are nuts for going by their soon to be husband's name before the "name change" so to uphold my rule of "its tacky to go by Mrs. Blank Blank when your still a Ms. Blank" {sorry recently I have been amazed at women wanting so badly to ditch their name, I've had the same name for 23 years and happen to be one of the last ones who will have this name in our blood line so why should I be so excited to pretend to change it pre wedding} I with held personally monograming things. I've been a C for 23 years, why should I so quickly change to a B in a moments notice. As a side note: it didn't go over well with Jeremy that I wanted to hyphenate my name, I ended up not doing it, but if a girl wants to who cares, it's not 1723 anymore.
But back to the chalkboard...I am still trying to pry the little metal pieces that held it in the cabnit and haven't had an idea good enough to trust it won't break it. But untill then we will admire our chalkborad grocery list/potential calendar/to do list on the counter.
Hopefully tubing this weekend will get all the bitterness/anger out of my system towards school and I will go back to my not as often ranting self.


  1. i would have never thought of that! cute cute cute

    oh and you're bored, feel free to go to work in my place. just tell them i lost a hundred pounds and your the new me. ha!

  2. Thanks for leaving me a comment to make me feel better about my lost files. I still can't believe that you're married, but I am SOOOOO happy for you! I'm glad you found me on blogger, and I added you to my friends list! =) I hope that everything's going well with your new life, and I LOVE that board you made!

  3. Very creative! Luuuve it!