July 3, 2009

Nothing in the world says summer quite like these three things:

Granted they aren't the actual Debbie's Sno Cones we get in West Monroe, but they are cute. We went this week and I got a cookie dough/chocolate sno cone with extra cream and nearly made myself sick. Back in the spring I got a banana pudding sno cone stuffed with homemade ica cream with extra cream and literally made myself sick.
This is hands down my group of friends go-to tanning product. You can buy it at the dollar store for a few bucks and it will char you to a lovely summer tan/burn. I wore it at the lake the week of the wedding and couldn't get back int he boat because I was so greasy it caused me to keep sliding off the side, luckily my friend Ethan came to my rescue and pulled me in by my life vest{otherwise I would have had to swim back or something}. But all in all I was the most tan/greasy of the group{most people act like I'm insane when I grease up}.
Last but certainly not least is my hands down favorite place to be...Bogue Chitto in Pike County, MS. I have spent countless summers camping and tubing there and have loved every minute of it. Nothing in the world is quite as peaceful/fun as floating down a river in Mississippi all day long. Which might I add is where we are headed tomorrow morning! I can't wait for Jeremy to get off work so we can head to V-town and get ready for our tubing experience this year. Luckily my long time sidekick/MOH is in town to float with me. Because as Jeremy will soon learn, Gabby and I always have fun, and we are usually a handfull...that potentially causes trouble. But that is who we like it.
Ahh all done packing...and ready to leave for heaven/Bogue Chitto.

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