June 17, 2009

Yup you saw it I changed the tag line and the header. We are now...and the newly babb's, no more...and a mississippi wedding. Considering the Mississippi wedding has come and gone I needed a name change.

Oh and if your reading leave a comment, comments have died down lately and I love getting feed back. So if you stop by say hey!

Last adventure honeymoon day to come very soon.


  1. Love the header AND the new title! (But take the apostrophe out of Babbs- it's bothering me. LOL) Hey, you're the one that asked for comments. hee hee

  2. love the new header...and can't wait for your disneyworld pics. i looove disneyworld =)

  3. hey i wondered if you would keep blogging after the wedding. so glad to see that you are!

  4. Yeah! I love comments on my blogs too. I get way more hits than comments.

    Looks like you had a great wedding and beautiful photographs to treasure your memories. I enjoyed your photos from Epcot too on facebook. I am so ready to take Natalie to the whole Disney World experience.

  5. didn't you have enough name changes with Social Security, Drivers License, bank, school, etc?