the awfully short lived pillow

June 8, 2009

Needless to say this was my favorite weddig detail an it didn't even make it to the wedding, intact that is.

I've been meaning to post about the ring bearer pillow for weeks an figure this is a good time...I'll start the honeymoon post soon. But back to the pillow which I loved so much. I found fabric at a fabric store here in Monroe and decided to do away with the white frilly traditional pillow{which anyone at the wedding prolly noticed the lack of traditional white frills}. But after months of talking about making it I finally went to Vidalia and put my lovely Mom to work. She can sew, I on the other hand can not. But here it is in all its pre-wedding glory, before the ribbon was lost and a groommen shook it to its horrible death. Which might I add was in the middle of pictures and sent my into a tizzy as I watch in horror as the buttons popped off and the pillow become one big blue puff ball. Sigh. Its over though now. Poor pillow.


  1. Remember that Rosemary managed to secure on of the buttons on the pillow, although it didn't have that tufting that was so cute. After all, we did get you two married and had a great time doing so in spite of the few pitfalls.

  2. Just keep a picture of it and pretend it was in the wedding :) One day, no one will remember.

    Heck, its worked for me. I've convinced tons of ppl that I've actually been married for 4 years...although it is not recognized by the state of LA! lol