honeymoon day 3...

June 13, 2009

Or as I have referred to it... Attack of the small white fish.

On Tuesday our little Bahamas Celebration boat docked in Nassau, after taking our money without flinching, they shoved us out the door and then put us on another boat. One full of men talking like they were from Jamaica, at least Jeremy says so. After riding out to the coral reef by Paradise Island we were given instructions and jumped into the chilly water. {side note: incase you don't know about how I feel about snakes, frogs, lizards and any creature of that sort, fish only fitting in when I might touch them,

they gross me out beyond belief} After getting in and being smacked by a few waves I asked for the "I can't swim well floaty" to which I shoved under my tummy and floated happily. Untill...some kids close to me threw out fish food and I was suddenly swarmed by a zillion small white fish that were out for blood{fish food really, but I was freaking out liket there had it out for me}. Jeremy of course was having a blast looking around and attempting to catch these white fish. Had I not been afraid of fish touching me, and also been able to use the snorkel right without choking on the dang thing I may have been in his same happy floaty boat.

Luckily after a few minutes of this I got use to the nasty little fish and floated around lookinng at all the really cool fish that were no where near me. You may notice the sheer lack of pictures, well while on American outlets it didn't occur to me to charge my camera and then I forgot to get an underwater camera. But by then we were on the money boat sailing into the we are taking all your money sea, so we opted out of giving them $20 for a $7 camera since according to our very money concious selves all fish seen that day could be googled and pasted to something like we took it{haha}.

After the snorkling we were shoved off the boat and pushed onto a bus, those people drive crazy, and then dropped off at the Cable Beach Resort until further notice{or 4pm}.

Cable Beach was awesome, the food was beyond awesome{cruise food was kinda gross}, and after we stuffed ourselves to the point of up chucking we waddled out fat little butts out to the slide and had our selves a good ole time. Jeremy managed to find a group playing volley ball, and I opted for a less likely to get hit with a ball event...laying out.

We actually had plans for that evening back on the boat but were so wore out after getting back we slept till his alarm went off at 5 for the mojito tasting, turned it off and slept till the alarm went off for dinner at 8. Which we did get up for, but straight after went back to the room and slept till we got back to Fort Lauderdale the next morning.


  1. Day 3 is just to funny!

  2. Sleep? Sleep? I'm beginning to worry about you....:D