wedding slide show

June 5, 2009

We literally just got in from the honeymoon but I saw that this had been posted. More to come, I think I must have all the out take pics on my camera .


  1. Loved the slideshow! The pictures are great! =)

  2. Absolutely FABULOUS! I am kicking myself that we missed it!!! Beautiful and so much fun. I had an English class w/ one of his groomsmen. He was super nice and super intelligent. He was the ONLY fun thing about that old womans English class!

    Hope you live happily ever after! I need to come see your new place!

  3. omg, i love love love all the pics! you looked beautiful, and the wedding looks like it was sooo much fun =) i have to admit that i teared up at a lot of the pictures, especially the ones of you and your dad...i'm such a sucker for sappy stuff, lol. glad ya'll had such a wonderful day!