Cake Smashing?

June 24, 2009

I have always been under the impression that the actual act of cake smashing ment something bad, some junk about how you'll treat each other in the years to come. So I must be wrong cause I can't seem to find anything to prove myself right. In fact it seems to be that cake in the brides face is a fertility blessing. Not that I am looking for one of those at the moment, too bad we couldn't wait 5-6 years to cut the cake.

In our little cake cutting incident I did my best to control it, which never works, and it didn't. I was nice and fed it to him like I wanted it, in my mouth. But as I expected, and not because I didn't attempt to restrain his arm, I got cake up my you can see in the top right picture. Good thing this it's a blessing and not a curse to shove cake up the brides nose, cause it certainly took a second to get the icing out.

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