When all else fails chew gum.

June 25, 2009

I've been trying to decide if I wanted to really do a wedding post or not, cause really who wants to hear a bunch of sappy junk...surely not me. So I've got better, I'll tell you how I honestly saw the whole blooming disaster as it ran its pillow popping self straight towards me.

6:30am- yes I was up way to freaking early! For some unknown reason Brittany had the wise idea that we should get a hotel room{I was afraid of what was to come seeing as I had a big part in her feeling like she was drug behind a truck to her wedding a year earlier} and house all the crazy BM's in the same room. Well after our bachelorette shopping trip to walmart the night before in search of spanx and a fedora we were out cold and sleeping 3 deep in a double bed. Which is the reason I was up so early, you see, I was in the middle of he 3 deep and had to turn which ever way the other two deamed acceptalble in about hour incrimints all night, none of which causes great sleep.

7:30am- I was drinking coffee with Britt in hopes that it would do us some good. Britt was involved in our bachelorette 3 deep double bed and was in great need of coffee as well, our other double bed party goer was out cold while the two lucky girls who only slept two deep were fast asleep.

after a time gap I have managed to block out that involved taking Gabby's car to get a tire changed...

11am- hair time. The hair appointment that was supposed to last till 3 managed to end by noon, leaving 5 girls with no plans, and one of those girls with a lot of free time to build up anxiety.

12pm- stopped by Sonic for my last free world meal, as if sleeping with two girls the night before wasn't enough. Funny I have felt better after staying out all night verses sleeping with those two haha.

1pm ish- a call is made to Jeremy to bring champane and orange juice. At this time the guys were at Fish Fry eating lunch and thought I had lost my mind by making this call. But when I'm nervous and gum can't fix it champane can{yes I know this is not a good way to problem solve but I was low on ideas}. Typically I get very sleepy after one glass. After a bottle split between 3 girls I was still in panic mode and nothing was gonna stop my downward spiral into I can't kiss him in public fit.

4pm- pics begin, and chaos insues. As stated in an earlier post this was the time where my beloved pillow was shaken to its horrible death. My face reflects this in the pictures, any non smiling are serious non smiling, not my its hip to not smile non smiling face.

5pm- panic begins and due to the lack of cheap champane present...gum chewing begins. We also sat int he room watching Animal Cops{thanks Brandi} while the BM's looked at me like I had lost my mind. Britt was sure to tell me I was fine and would not puke, but I don't think she believed me and my fear of PDA.

6:15- Mom comes in to give us a time update which sends me into a full on gum chewing I can't kiss him panic.

6:45pm ish- yes sir my music is delayed and everyone blames the ring bearer. But it was not him, it was just a delay for no reason at all. That delay did not help my case might I add. By the time I made it to the bottom of the stairs at least 4 people had tried to take my gum but I would not relent, I was gonna chew till my teeth fell out. And I know everyone prolly thought I was aboout to cry cause I was "so in love" well stand corrected loving onlookers, I was freaking out majorly by this time, all I could think the whole ceremony was...and I quote..."holy cow, holy cow, look at Binkly he will make you laugh, holy cow, stop smacking gum, where is Binkly, holy cow there are people here don't look at them, uh huh I will, don't kiss me, holy cow, it's done, run run run."

As you can tell I don't handle public kissing well.

7pm ish- After being proded onto the dance floor and not falling the party started and I quit freaking out. But up until this point I wanted to go home.

Now if I can get an email of the dance I'll post it.

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  1. I think it's pretty hilarious that you refer to your bridesmaids as "BM's" LOL