June 27, 2009

disclaimer: I don't think this about all educators, just the ones I have come in contact with through this program. But if you ever said "but my child doesn't do that" in a child psych class, go ahead and group yourself into this.

Has anyone else had this problem?

It seems here lately we are at a limbo age.This is an easy example. When it comes to church stuff we want to be a part of the college group but at the same time I personally just can't relate to an 18yr old. I automatically view one like I see my sister, and life experience wise we are on a different page. But when we look at the couple class that spaned fromthe college class we don't fit there either. There are 4 pregnant women in there, and quite honestly that is not our cup of tea. Don't get my wrong though, my close friends who have kids, I love them and their kids to death, but random strangers...I don't care about your kids, and I would hate to have a whole lesson end up about babies. Sorry but they wouldn't want to hear me talk about my dogs{furbabies}. We even looked at a young adult class, and oh yeah we won't fit in there either. They have a night where you can drop your kids off with sitter and have a date night{since you apparently don't get those then}. What would they do if I dropped my kids{dogs} off at the sitter? Again. Limbo.

Then it hit in a area I thought I would never experience limbo in. College. This grad program I'm trying to get in{was told I was in and two day before the wedding they decided I had to up my gpa}is full of "old" people who are going back to college after years of procreating and 40 hour work weeks{I was told I was only sleepy at 8am cause I had never worked a 40 cause I'm so young...excuse me I have, I was tired cause I was up to late}. Well I'll give you the back story on that...you see this month I had to attend a summer seminar for a program that I may or may not get into depending on how summer 2 goes and after going everytime for a few weeks I had to skip Monday for an interview, and Thursday I left early to meet my MIL and parents at my house. This last week has been nothing but videos, and not interesting ones either, nothing I didn't already know....so I didn't see the harm in signing in and leaving early. Well some vindictive old hags saw the harm and snitched me out to the program director who then scheduled a meeting with me to tell me I had to retake the seminar next summer{now we were allowed to miss two days, I don't see where I broket that rule} without asking my side or why or anything. Just simply hearsay, they told her and she took it, she didn't see me leave or anything, and she had no proof, except for the woman who made it sound like I hadn't been there the entire month. And do you know what she told me in her office..."I understand your just young, but that is not professional and you'll have to come next summer..." funny thing is I am not "young" I graduated a year late which makes me "old" and behind, but apparently when "old" people are in class{the ones no one can stand cause of their questions and kiss butt} that makes me young, when the university actually calls them "non traditional students." I have done this for years, if the professor{which she isn't by the way} sucks you skipp class till they say something you need to hear, and other college kids never rat you out, that is just bad in taste...and quite 8th grade. Becasue seriously who am I hurting other than myself?

So now back at square one...limbo. It sucks. And so do Non traditional college students, I've learned to despise them greatly.

I'm either too old or too young, so what do ya do then? Limbo. Ugh. Sucks.


  1. All non-traditional students are NOT like that! Your mom and I were in that group, and I can only speak for me, but I NEVER once snitched on those kids--- even the ones that had the tests from their friends that took it before them. I figured they would reap their own "reward" for cheating eventually. Anyway, I am not writing because I'm offended by your statement (not at all)--- and I'm not denying your experience with the older people, or defending their attitude.
    Just wanted you to know, we're not all like that. Some of us enjoyed going with the younger people--- especially when my grades showed them up. =)

  2. Oh I know y'all aren't the annoying type. My main issue is with the ones that go to child psych classes and spend the whole semester saying "but my child doesn't do that" it just gets so annoying. I seriously don't know how you and Mom can stand most people in education, the ones I've met here are not so great.

  3. Does it hurt your feelings that I am laughing at this post. You totally crack me up!!! I love your honesty! I could never get away with talking about "old people!" ha!

    Does your church have a Nearlywed/Newlywed class?

  4. i feel ya on the limbo thing. and it's worse if you can only go to community college night classes (since i work full-time it's my only option right now) cause then you have all these "old" working class people, or a bunch of high school students who are getting early college credits out of the way. i couldn't relate to the still living with my parents group, or the ones who were older than our parents. this is the same with life, most of my friends had kids right after marriage. so how do you try to maintain a friendship with them when your worlds are so different. and when they ask when we are going to have kids, i don't know how to answer without being rude. it can be very confusing sometimes being an in-betweener =)

  5. LOL...I love this post! It's well written, but it says what you need to say! That's awful that you have to repeat the seminar next summer :( wish the instructor was more understanding because that is just ridiculous!