Honeymoon Day 1

June 10, 2009

Don't get mad but there are no pics yet. Lost the camera cord and am desperately searching for the little fellow.

But day one...We should have taken pics but after staying the night at Twin Oaks, room 5 by the way cause room 6 has a curse on it{more of that in a bit} we had breakfast at the Castle before heading to my parents house to get a few thing/drop stuff off and generally get this show on the road. Which happened to be funny cause some how we ended up with the top tier of my cake in our room and the first thing Mom said when I talked to her was "don't cry but we lost the cake" to which I replied "cause Jeremy put it in our room." But anyway we then headed to the lovely mall/Walmart to get sunglasses{I lost mine several times that week} and A.C. coolant for my constantly leaking car air conditioner. Which then led to driving.

And we/I mean Jeremy drove and drove and drove, and I slept and slept. Mainly cause his driving scares me and I'd rather not know I'm about to die. Plus there is less disagreement about how to drive when I'm asleep and can't put in my two cents.

We finally arrived at the cheapest hotel we could find in Kissimmee, FL {which might I add is a great way to save when there are other things you wanna do and hotels don't really matter to either of you} pretty close to midnight and stood in line behind a bunch of people who couldn't get their act together, and for two people who had to drive to Fort Lauderdale at 6 am it wasn't a site we wanted to see. But we made it to our room an crashed...which seemed to be the theme of this trip. But we sure did travel ourselves to death that week. A whole week in FL an not once did we set foot on FL sand.

Day 2 to come as soon as this camera cord is located, and I promise we have pics from that day.

Oh oh I almost forgot...If you haven't seen the slide show by Jennifer Lizenby then you should. Jen and her husband Bart did an awesome job on our photography, I'd almost redo the whole wedding to have them photog it again, but not really cause I nearly had a melt down those last few days. I would have to say I was not my usual self. But I will post about that when I do a wedding post after the honeymoon.

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