September 1, 2012

I don't know about y'all, but I have a serious addiction to sugar. It doesn't matter how I get it, as long as I get it. And lest we not forget that special time of the month when I turn into a ravaged animal searching for chocolate in any way shape or form. 

Last night on Instagram Veggie Mama mentioned that she was doing Sugar Free September. While eating my huge coffee mug full of homemade vanilla ice cream I realized just how junky I had been eating throughout the entire month of August. 

I have no idea where it came from, because trust me I was on a kale chip kick like no other during the summer. 

Something about school starting back makes me want to sit in a dark closet and eat Snickers bars in peace and quiet. It could quite possibly be pegged as "emotional eating", but regardless I have got to let it go before I go into a super sized Winter weight gain. 

So join me this month as I cut out refined sugars and kick my addiction to to all things sugar.

Here's the specs:
-no refined sugar [i.e. cupcakes, white sugar, and all around garbage]

You can have all the fruit you want, because let's face it our bodies do crave fruit. Plus there is nothing wrong with all natural foods. But stay far far away from refined sugars like white sugar, corn syrups, refined honey and maple syrup. 

So let me know if you're in! 

Will you be participating in #sugarfreesept ?