My Own Graduate Wife Journey [Part One]

September 18, 2012

A lot of you already know pieces of our little journey through graduate school, but recently we've made some new friends around here so I thought I would share the whole deal and my feeling towards it in one nice compact post:)

We got married under the idea that graduate school was in both of our futures. In fact half of our, no make that all, of our engagement consisted of me deciding what I wanted to do and taking the necessary tests to get into graduate school...and to start the second I finished undergrad. 

We've spent sometime swapping places on this journey. When I first started my Master's, Jeremy was still working on his Bachelor's. Around when he graduated he applied to get into a program and didn't get picked, they only took five people. So we gave that up, or more or less pushed it out of our minds. At the time we were so excited to be moving and for him to start his Specialist's in School Psychology. The let down, after the build up, was less than not fun. I was beyond miserable and stuck in a school I could have lived without. 

With that change of plans I continued my degree and Jeremy joined the same graduate work I was pursuing. It was fabulous, work wise and school. We had the same schedule for the first time in our entire relationship and even had the chance to ride to work together. That School Psych program he had applied to and been told they would resubmit him the next round? Yeah we totally forgot about it. 

Instead I became involved with Women's Ministry things at church and joined a wonderful Life Group. I honestly learned so much from those women and I miss them dearly everyday. Jeremy started co-teaching the 8th grade boys Life Group and helping out at youth events. We had great friends, good jobs, and were on  career path that could pay the bills and make us much happier than we were working in a restaurant like the days of old. 

Then out of nowhere we got a call, letter, or something...I don't remember exactly what and found out Jeremy's application was being reviewed by the department and he was being considered for the School Psych program. However, after the last let down we pushed it out of our minds once again, at least I did. 

I remember putting it on our Life Group prayer list, but that is it. I couldn't get more excited than "please pray he gets in, while praying he doesn't get in" at the same time. I wanted to go, but I enjoyed my ladies and living within an hour and a half of my family.  

Next thing you know we got the letter, THE letter. I slightly remember both of us standing in the kitchen not wanting to open it. We couldn't exactly stand to be let down twice, but we had a nice backup plan if we were not accepted yet again. 

Teaching. Both of us teaching. 

Because we apparently took a vow of poverty when we got married. (ha!)

We eventually opened it, and it said he was accepted

The excitement lasted a total of, oh, one day before I realized just what I had gotten into. 

More to come tomorrow. There is a lot, possible a 3 part-er. 

What was the one life event that you can recall changing everything on your planned path?