Oh to drink lemonade on the porch & let the dachshunds run free.

September 27, 2012

While city life has its privileges, easy access to everything and seriously everything you can think of at your fingertips, there is just something so simple and peaceful about country life. 

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I've have loved the idea of the Amish, I would die in an instant with no electricity, but
just what their lifestyle embodies is appealing to me. No hustle, and none of the
insanity I run into teaching. It just seems like close nit families living off the land in a
very simple way. 
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Maybe teaching has turned me to this country life dream, every day I come into contact
with children who I want nothing more than to either rescue them from their situation
or beat their parents over the head with a shovel. The abuse, drug use, and all around
selfishness that leaves many of this generations kids neglected is just too much for me
to grasp. So I just teach day in and day out trying not to think about the insanity, the
missing moms and dads, and the lack of guidance these kids have. 

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Visiting my in-laws in Tennessee just strengthens my desire to live in the country,
homeschool, garden, and raise chickens and cows. It just seems like I could rescue our
future kids from the harmful influence public and private school offers these days.
Teachers can work their butts off to teach, but at the end of the day our kids are
learning about things they either shouldn't know or should learn from their parents
from random children feeding bad information and peer pressure. 

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Honestly though, country life just seems slower. I want to pick my veggies out of the
garden and have fresh eggs. I could almost give up my no guns rule and eat hunted meat
if it ment I could live out of town. 

So until I can convince Jeremy to move out to the country and let me grow things I will
just dream about a huge garden, chickens roaming the yard, and kids learning in the

What do you prefer, the country or the city?