Italy Day 7: Catacombes & Last Night Outings

September 30, 2012

After leaving the Vatican we rushed to a late lunch and hopped on a bus to the Catacombe di San Callisto. They were a bit out of town and we couldn't take a lot of pictures, but it was a really cool experience. 
 What I found interesting about the site was that the oldest graves were closest to the ground surface. The deeper you got the newer the graves were. At the time they were burring people by continuing to dig downward and would lower people in to put in the new bodies. The stairs you take to get in and out of the Catacombes are not how people originally got in. They weren't installed until much later.

 The "newer" stairs, although I think they were put in sometime in the 3rd century.
 One of the original entrances where they would lower people in. This is why you want to travel with a history professor, Elle happened to know where this was and we walked out past the actual tour area to it.
 After getting back into town we headed towards the hotel and happened to pass our favorite gelato shop. Seriously we went several nights in a row, I could die very happily after eating their Tiramisu gelato.
 After resting for an hour and getting our fill of "free" wi-fi, everyone agreed we needed to hit the town before getting up early to come home. First stop...the Trevi Fountain. What is our Trevi count as of now? Who knows, I saw it more than my bed on this trip!
 This time though we did get to throw in coins. Being that Euros are so much more expensive we tossed American pennies...I'm sure it doesn't work the same way.
 The neighborhood around the Trevi is much more magical than it is during the day. It is hands down the most romantic place on earth, and something about the freezing cold make it that much more romantic. There were hazelnut vendors on every corner and Christmas lights everywhere. I could have given up everything and skipped our plane home to stay in Rome forever.
 When Jeremy wouldn't take a pic with me this random guy tried to take a picture of me, and not for free. Then Daniel jumped in, we were all a little silly at this point, but he definitely took the cake for goofball. And notice I said the Trevi was romantic, I didn't say I looked hot. I look like an American who was freezing to death and wearing every winter accessory she owns at once. Where on earth were my gloves?
 Finally ole JerBear jumped in. Too bad the lighting on our faces is so terrible.
 Hazelnuts! He was not happy I was taking photos and not buying anything, and that seems to be the Emily with a camera in Rome theme.

 Eventually after wandering shops and sampling every version of limoncello available we landed at Ciro & Ciro for the best fried food on the planet. Most of us go the sampler that had friend spaghetti, veggies, cheese, and a whole bunch of other things. Fatty food heaven!

 Before we officially gave in for the night and realized we had to sleep or would be more than miserable on flight we hit up the best gelato place on earth one last time.
Then we gave in and went home. And that makes the last post for Italy. Sad face.

Now I need to go back and do it again. Then again I just need to move there.

What is your most memorable trip?