Labor Day Festivities & a Recipe

September 4, 2012

For Labor Day this year we headed over to our friends Luke & Sara's house with Gerard to grill. That big cage/shed in the background is full of lizards. Yeah. My worst nightmare. Their landlord raises lizards and sells them on the internet. Totally creeps me out. 
 Don't you just love Luke's grill? I'm a sucker for color. 
 We spent awhile sitting outside chatting and eating corn dip while Luke grilled up some stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped beef, and bbq country ribs. Can you tell the guys planned this menu? Straight meat! Corn dip was the only veggie aside from the tiny mushroom topped with a ton of sausage ha.
 Country pork ribs...yum. After we stuffed ourselves to the brink we played a round of Last Word, which is hilarious and I suggest if you ever see it to buy it. Nothing like grilling a huge lunch with friends on a declared labor-less day.

Now for the recipe. It is super easy, my father-in-law James makes them when we are down. Or up. They live 9 hours north of us so that isn't exactly down. Eiter way Jeremy makes them when he is wanting something heavy on the bbq flavor and they totally hit the spot.

Be warned this is a very difficult recipe with a lot of ingredients.

No really, it is super easy.
BBQ Country Pork Ribs
Ingredients - 
Cajun Seasoning
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce (or your favorite)
Boneless Country Pork Ribs

Directions - 
Season pork ribs with cajun seasoning, however much you prefer. If we want spicy we load them up. Next, arrange the ribs on a grill over charcoal with a very low flame. Still super hot, but not flaming massively. After a few minutes flip and slather bbq sauce on the cooked side. When they are almost done flip them again adding more bbq sauce. You will want to cook these all the way through, I really prefer the ribs with the slightly burned edges. 

Like I said, easy. No ridiculous amount of time spent smoking. Cook. Eat. Take a nap. 

That simple. 
See that corn dip back there? Recipe to come tomorrow.

How did you celebrate the Labor Day holiday?