{what I love that I probably shouldn't}

January 25, 2011

1. Eating over priced ice cream and frozen yogurt.

2. I could seriously eat potato chips until Jillian Michaels personally showed up to stop me.

3. I could stay in bed forever. For example I came home from work at 4 and it is almost 7. I just now got out to let the dogs in my room.

4. Chocolate

5. I'm glad I'm not a caffeine addict, but I love coffee...the fru fru kind.

6. Sleeping with my dogs.

7. I adore McDonald's Big Mac meals. I don't know how I married someone who doesn't feel the same about them.

8. I tend to sound negative even when I'm not. I am just cynical beyond belief.

9. Pulling my bangs out of my face. I know it looks better to leave them down but at this awkward length it is so much easier to pull them back until they are out of my eyes.

10. Workout clothes. I am horrible about wearing them everywhere. But when you have to be dressed up for work you don't feel like being dressed up everywhere else. Sorry I just like comfortable.