{five reasons to not live with a guy}

January 20, 2011

***Disclaimer: don't get offended about this. This is just my rant to journal myself into a better mood.

I would really love to use this post to vent my socks off, but who the heck knows who actually reads this thing. Oh for the moment I would love a private blog where only my bloggy followers could read. 

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog so much that a blog social worker might show up and try to take it away from me. 

Lately, like I told Jeremy, if I could quit my job now and leave town I would. If I wasn't 3 classroom observations from a Master's Degree I would get the hell outta dodge. At the point the degree is the only thing that seems worth it. People are just to underhanded and secretive. The whole environment is just lame, which explains why the state test scores look the way they do. JBHM doesn't show up at the Harvard of elementary schools. {Oh how I wish I would not have been transfered.}

In other news, my two roommates are guys. I don't think I ever said that on the blog. I know it sounds weird but it was the only people we could find. I don't know a single girl who was willing to move in with me. Luckily they are two friends of J's who are good Christian guys. Luckily our house has 2 bathrooms and I can hide out in my room and not have to wander half dressed like I normally do. 

But there is a down side to living with guys. I shall now describe the downside with a numbered list. I now present to you the...

Top 5 reasons living with someone else sucks
{especially when you didn't agree to marry them}

1. Chicks showing up at your house and wondering who the heck you are. {I am sure you all have met the "college chick" I am talking about} Moreover, as one said "Who is that giant picture of that girl?"---said in the snotty-ist of voices. Then she said "Is that a purse in the fridge!?" Again in a snotty voice. I then took that as my cue to apparently forget about Proverbs 31:26 and state who I was, why there were pics of my wedding everywhere (its my house! The giant pic was my bridal portrait) and then smart off about my lunchbox. I was on fi-yar.

2. Much like husband (85%) of the time, I am the only one who knows how to open the dishwasher. 

3. They don't like to be cold. The guys have built fires in the fire place and constantly bumped up the heater. Oh if only others shared my love of freezing to death during the winter. I only turn on the heat if it gets below 60, but since getting married...and now adopting two guys I have not been graced with a not-in-use heater. I can hear the heater cutting on now.

4. With 3 cars at the house I no longer have "my" parking space. Yes I am that girl that had my space and would make my then boyfriend and now husband move his car out of my space at my apartment...and now house. 

5. The furniture has been moved to be in a optimal place for Xbox playing and there is a hanger on my counter. Plus There is a random lamp in the living room that totally does not go there. 

I now live in a "guys" house...only with lots of pictures of me everywhere, and fru-fru furniture in all rooms but theirs.