meat-free/man-free wk 3

January 30, 2011

My attempts at complete meat free have been foiled by the Pioneer Woman. While I was on a straight and narrow path she posted this recipe for Shrimp Pico de Gallo. Which reminded me of the Shrimp Ceviche we had in Galveston for our anniversary. But you woulndn't count shrimp as meat would you? Me neither, at least not this week. So without further hesitation I will give you my meatish-free meal plan for the week. 

Whole wheat toast with honey nut cream cheese/ or hummus. (depends on the day)

Morning-The 1 leftover Kashi bar I have and apples w/ caramel. (which are only 70 cal yay)
Afternoon- Banana

guacamole w/ baked whole wheat pita chips
greek yogurt

I am going to blend these 2 recipes- Shrimp de Gallo & Avocado Shrimp Ceviche
Garden Vegetable Soup

Either way I am eating a lot healthier than I do with Jeremy around. Even if I am wanting shrimp this week. 

Oh and do you know that if the only meat you have had in 2 weeks was a chicken tender last Friday that eating a big honking steak, fried onions, roasted potatoes, and a massive salad for you Pop's Birthday will make you sick? I totally should have toned it down. But those fried onions kept calling my name. I'll post more on it later. Until then I am going to cap off my meat-weekend (cause the man is around) with some pecan praline king cake for breakfast with coffee and then a big burger for lunch after church.