Ellie Airlines

January 15, 2011

I know I posted the picture in my 365 page, but it was too funny not to elaborate on my main page.

Anyway, yesterday we started packing Jer to move down to Nicholls, an stop at my parents house the night before going to break the long drive up. We had spent a few hours packing and hauling stuff out when I finally decided to take out my bags. Well I made it out of the house with one bag and came back in for the other...big mistake.

Not only did Ellie disapprove of me overdoing my bag limit {typically I bring one so she was not going to have the 2nd one board} she was actually going to show it. I went to pick up the strap and Ellie ran over and quickly grabbed the strap with her teeth and snatched it out of my hand and put it back on the floor. I know this sounds exaggerated but it is true. So I went to pick it up again and she did this:
The little sucker jumped up and pushed down on the bag with her front paws. So like any good blogger I pulled out my phone and went to pick up the bag again. And again she jumped on the bag, but this time she growled at me.

Yes, I know this seems like something a dog would not do, but Ellie has spent so much time with me alone she knows what I am up to and is very insistent she goes where ever I go. Once I picked her up she let me finish packing bags. But on Ellie Airlines I had apparently exceeded the bag limit and she was going to have to enforce the law.