Happy Monday!

January 10, 2011

And Happy Sleet day to those of you in Louisiana. I know some lucky people got snow, but not in our neck of the woods. Let's get on with some bullet points.

  • I'm currently making Chili to celebrate the freezing weather that led to a lack of work, well I planned on making it anyway, but you get the point. 
  • Today is my nephew Joshua's 1st birthday.
  • Jeremy leave Saturday for the graduate School Psych program @ Nicholls. People keep acting like we are "separating". Stupid. I'm not that worried about our minor separation, and neither is J. Some things you just have to do. When a grad/specialist program that takes 6 people a semester says come now (when ULM discontinued their program), you go. I am in the midst of my internship (with only 4 observations left) so I can not go. I'd love to, but it would make zero sense.
  • There is a plus side to having a nephew with a not present baby daddy. You don't have to coordinate holidays, birthdays, or anything for that matter. We all get to be a lot closer to him. It isn't like it is with some people when you have to ask to hold their kid, I just hijack him when I want and do what I please...even when Mommy disagrees. But when you're the bossy older sister you do that anyway. Okay, maybe I am just a baby hog. 
  • Not only was this snow day a major teacher need, the kids need breaks from us just as much. Bad part is my first observation of this semester is Wednesday and I should have email my ULM supervisor Friday but didn't thinking I'd do it today, well no school means no lesson plans. Uh oh.
  • Here is a good recipe I found this AM for BBQ Chicken Enchiladas on Tasty Kitchen. 
  • Now I know owls have been super popular this year and when Jeremy was playing around on theChive today I saw these:

So cute and so easy. It just looks like they iced a cupcake with chocolate icing, topped with halved oreos and used M&Ms for the nose and eyes. Great for anyone who did the owl theme on their little girls room, which I have seen a lot of. 

Well that is all for today, a little rant, a recipe, and a snow day. 

What are all the Snow Day people planning on doing with their day?