only 120 days...till school is out for summer

January 26, 2011

I can't think of a better way to say it. But in the spirit of teachers I am going to steal Abby's statement: I am 12 kinds of exhausted. Lord help me, but school is making me nuts. I have been so busy that I didn't start planning for my 2nd formal observation (that only the non-tenured teachers get to enjoy) until today. I am days late on turning in my six weeks junk, which I never had to do at my other school. Even worse I am neglecting my graduate class and my internship assignments like crazy. Oh and forget sleep, my body apparently doesn't feel the need to partake in it. Which led me to this purchase this morning:
I know it was a waste of money, but home girl has no milk... therefore home girl has no latte.  I was not about to sneak soy milk or 2% out of the fridge, I only partake in skim. (My moo cows are fat free, and don't taste like watery beans) 

Oh and Jesus help me if roommates have not made me look like a recluse. I know I am one, but nothing makes you look less like a people person than hiding in your room 14/5 (that is how often I am home on weekdays). I just don't want to interact with humans after the number those 10-60 yr olds pull on me daily. Can't take it at all. 

In other news my dog is about to be charged with 20 different kinds of treason. That hoe bag Ellie ditched me last night to sleep with one of the guys. That hoe then came in at 5 am and wanted in bed with me, and I don't play that game. At least Maddie still loves me. Dang Jeremy for being gone, the girls are looking for any male attention they can muster up.