Everybody's got something to hide, except for me and my monkey.

January 4, 2011

Do not be alarmed dear people, I decided to only post 365 posts over in the Project 365 tab. I know, I know, you were all super worried when you couldn't find today's post. Rest assure my boring ole day to day life will still be posted daily. 

Yeah, right. 

You were probably all thinking "Thank the good Lord she didn't post another pointless picture today." If you were thinking that I am sorry...still posting.

I really should have waited yesterday and used this photo for 365 though.
The girls were seriously cracking me up last night. Last Christmas Ellie got the "beloved" monkey...she wanted it so bad she unwrapped it before Cmas without permission. Over the year it became more of Maddie's cuddle buddy, but ever so randomly Ellie will decide she wants it back. Which led to last nights dog-ument{argument}. 

It all started as you see here, except Maddie didn't look like she cared so much. Right before I took this picture Maddie ever so gently snuck over to the monkey, that Ellie was sucking on {yes my Ellie uses her cuddle toys like a paci, you can hear her sucking}, and ever so gently tried to pull it away. Well, that didn't fly with Ellie...she started her really low, really serious "I'm gonna kick your butt if you take this from me" growl. Which then led to Maddie backing off, and going back into the dog bed...and to the picture above. 

This lasted for awhile. Ellie just loved all over her monkey. And Maddie glared at her like someone took her Happy Meal.

What strange things do your dogs do? Do my two dog owner readers experience the same sibling-ish behavior out of your dogs?