The Broke Teacher Summer Workout Schedule

May 23, 2013

School is officially out for summer, and with that comes the summer workout plan. Last summer I got together with two fellow teachers and we walked several miles, biked, and swam every single day of summer. This summer I'm on my own, which means I get to sleep in...but the summer workout is in full force. I'm hoping that by cleaning up the junky eating I've done the past month I can get in some good habits by the time we move.
 (Ellie and Maddie out last summer in Monroe, I didn't just workout that summer I also made the dogs play in a kiddie pool and lay out with me. They hated me.)

Now with youth camp and moving right after that, working out will be a little strange some days. Especially while I am still on the job hunt. On modified days I'll just do what I can, for instance during camp I will still be wearing my pedometer (Fitbit) so I'll be sure how many steps and calorie burn I am getting daily and I plan to take my iPad with me which has P90X yoga on late at night or early in the morning I will squeeze in a workout.
(Maddie trying to stay dry, I really want to do this after we move this summer)

Day to day, this is how I hope it goes (rough estimate on time, totally depends on when I wake up)

Morning -  Ultimate Yogi Session (55-75 minutes)
                  Breakfast after workout (Kale Skillet, Green Monster, Clean Pancakes)

Mid-Morning - Zumba/dance workout dvd

Lunch - I want to go as Paleo/Whole 30 as possible for lunch & dinner.

Afternoon - 30 Day Shred
                    Walk/run stairs at the Civic Center to get my 10,000 steps a day in. (It's air conditioned and
                     way to hot for outdoor day walking in south Louisiana)

Late Afternoon - Ultimate Yogi Hardcore or P90X Abs :: every other day

Dinner - see Meal Pinning Monday every week

Evening - Walk dogs 1.34 miles around the University track. If you live here the path around the fields is exactly 1.34.

I'm not able to bike or swim like I was last year, so I am just using my workout dvds to my advantage until Jeremy starts working and I can hit up an actual gym again. If I am bored half to death and craving a weights workout I will probably go to a friend of our's little gym set up his has.

I am so excited that tomorrow begins the waking up and having enough energy to put it towards workouts, working out during the school year was tough this time. Hopefully I can break that and get my butt in gear like it was in previous years.

What do you focus on during the summer?