High Five For Friday

May 3, 2013

1. We went to a sushi & Dim Sum buffet in Baton Rouge last Saturday for lunch before searching high and low for this super tall skinny man some new dress clothes for internship interviews. It was beyond divine, so divine I convinced myself the table next to use was even thinking we were some piglets! 

2. I know most of my happy moments involve food this week. If you were privy to a certain Twitter convo you understand lol! After ole Jeremy went with me to Sephora to replace a eyeliner that lasted two solid years (yeah I know I should toss it, I'm cheap and it still worked great) and even helped me find the counter we got a Banana's Foster cupcake from Couture Cupcake to share. Oh my word! I could have eaten a dozen. 

3. Yup, more food. I took a trip to Whole Foods and stocked up on several raw meal replacements to try them out and see if they really will help with digestive problems. I even managed to snag some PB2, grape seed oil, and Synergy Chia Kombucha. I'll be posting about what I'm using that grape see oil for soon, and no it isn't food:)

4. The other day I decided Rudy had to take a walk, he gets so wound up and that is really the only way to calm him down. It started out pretty and sunny, he frolicked though puddles against my will, and when we were about 3/4 of a mile from the car I noticed the rain coming towards us. It was intense,  so intense I shoved my phone in my bra, scooped up the puppy, and took off running. I couldn't stop laughing the whole way, Rudy's head was bobbing and I was positive he had shaken baby syndrome  People continued to drive by, and I swear on my life if they didn't think it was as funny as I thought it was they have no soul. We were soaked to the bone and Rudy was confused as to why he was taking a bath outside, this dog HATES bath time! 

5. I tried a new salad dressing I found on Pinterest for a romaine and avocado salad. It's good y'all! All you do is mix 2 part EVOO to 1 part white wine vinegar. Combine 1 anchovy filet with a clove of garlic into a paste with a mortar and pestle. Mix in 1/2 tbsp of minced shallots and a good squeeze of dijon mustard. I put it all in a small mason jar and shook it half to death until it was emulsified. 

Can we also just say yeay that this week is over? I totally had the typical Wednesday evening teacher emotional breakdown. Praise the good Lord it is field trip day and this week is d-u-n done! 


This week I am also having a little "ask me anything" session and will be answering the questions next Thursday. You can submit your question on the post here, or on Louisiana Bride's FB page, twitter, or even IG.