Favorite Products of 2017

I know this thing says Top 8 and Favorite... but hear me out... these are just the top 8 of what I loved from the past year. It's what get's the most use. 

So click the links to find the products, and rest assured they are just links... no rStyle or affiliate. Just products I've loved. 

1. Top of the year is definitely the It Illumination CC. I tried their regular one this last time and as soon as it runs out I'm back to this one. Great coverage and makes you look amazing without looking like makeup.

2. Collagen Peptides. I think I started using them in 2016, but I've been pretty consistent the latter half of 2017. I don't love it just for the gut benefits, but it makes my hair and nail grow quicker and my skin looks better. Side note: the photo is of the wrong brand... oops... but I linked to what I've been using.

3. The holy grail of mascara... Urban Decay Perversion. Don't let people lie to you. Other mascara does not compare, although a great dupe is the Full 'n Soft mascara by Maybelline.

4. I ran out of my beloved Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Wiz a month ago and had to buy what I could find in town. The Wunder2 brow pencil did not disappoint.

5. Teddie Organics Rose Hip is the best thing to ever exist. How moisturized my face feels is drastic with and without this oil. I skipped one day and felt dry and tight all day. It's taken how moisturized my skin looks to a new level, no more dry dull skin.

6. Milk Piggy is basically heaven. I bought their Hell Pore and the gold mask this year and love them both. Just don't put the Hell Pore all over your face or expect to cry a lot when you peel it off. Nose and chin only people, nose and chin only.

7. Last year I dipped into the Naked Palette pool and this year it was all in. I'm still using my small basics palette every day for work but also got the Naked3 and for Christmas my mother got me the Smokey Palette. I'll never use another eye shadow.

8. I love the Big Boo Podcast and my mother reads both of their blogs, Big Mama and Boo Mama. Needless to say Big Mama raved about this and I wasn't mad that they were a Christmas present. Gap was on point with pajama pants this year. They are the softest leggings every.

Meal Pinning Monday

Nothing like a long weekend to start the week off, right? 

It's not a big Pinterest pinned week, but there are meal ideas none the less. 

Friday Four...

Considering it's been a social media free week, per a big church study kicking off/fast... I haven't taken any photos. 

Whomp Whomp. 

Basically if I can't post them I find I don't take them. But alas, I've still been alive and this is what's been happening. 

Favorite Books from 2017

I'm doing my best to remember this one because the library system changed how it was saving what I read... well I lost my record and am going off of what I can remember. 

These are just a, but a few of my favorites from the year. 

I also read all of the Against All Grain cookbooks as well as the new Pioneer Woman Dinnertime cookbook and loved them all. 

First up, the newest Robb Wolf book from 2017, Wired to Eat. 

I was already delving into Keto a bit when it was released but this really had me go full force. It's changed how I feel and I really love his take on nutrition. He's a Paleo person I've really trusted. 

Meal Pinning Monday

It's back to work and reality today. The break was really nice while it lasted, but let's be honest my waistline will appreciate being back at work. 

As long as no one buys a king cake. 

Oh and in case you forgot, this week I'm cooking from the Pioneer Woman Dinnertime cookbook. Page numbers are by the recipes incase you don't want to deal with Pinterest. I also added how I'm lowing the carb count for myself in each recipe. 

2017 In Review

As per every single year, here's a recap of what we were up to in 2017. 


We had a massive (South Louisiana scale) freeze, everything in the garden died except the carrots. Turns out Christmas lights will not save you from freezing temps mixed with rain.