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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blogtember Day 26

Today's topic:: Something that made you laugh or cry recently?

Y'all know I'm not about crying, too much to cry about to bother with it.

So here's a few things that made me laugh.

Now for my favorite, I wanted to post the whole Larry King Reads Mean Tweets but was unable to find it. Instead here are two of my favorites. (I would have posted a video that had them in it but it had too much language... womp womp)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Blogtember:: Family Recipe

Instead of just sharing one recipe, I thought'd I'd post the pinterest board where I share my recipes from this site.

I'd say about 90% of my recipes are family recipes, and most came from my grandmother. So browse around, pin a few, and if you really love pumpkin make my Pumpkin Better Than ... Cake.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Something I Wish People Knew

Today's Blog-tember topic is: Something you wish more people knew or believed.

I'm just going to talk about right where I'm at in life now.

I'm on my 8th year of teaching, and for 6ish years of it I was constantly told that if I were a mother I'd be a better teacher. As if suddenly you have compassion for kids because you were in labor at some point.

One year I even had a parent yell at me over the phone that I didn't have children, admit I didn't have children. My response: That wasn't a graduation requirement for my Master's Degree. The Master Teacher who was in the room with me quickly snatched the phone away from me.

My very first year teaching I had a parent corner me and tell me I had no right teaching because I was too young, hadn't taught before, and didn't have kids.

Again with having kids.

I'm here to tell you something though, having a kid didn't make me a better teacher.

It made me worse.

Have a I always been strict? Yes. Did people think I'd soften up having a kid? I guess so. That aspect didn't change though, because I just have high expectations on behavior and the effort kids put forth.

So what changed?

Well if you've read the recent viral post "To the Spouse of a Teacher." You'd think all my stress is "these poor mistreated children" related. Some of it is, but after several years I've learned to leave work at work as far as that's concerned. I can't fix the children's parents, I can only make them think someone loves them and believes in them while they sit in my room.

The issue though, my mind is elsewhere. I'd rather be home with my child.

Instead when I get home I'm so drained from hearing other people's children peck me half to death that when my own child is tired or fussy I don't have the patience for it. I used it all up on other people.

My child basically gets sloppy seconds mommy.

The tired, just wants to lay down and watch TV, not even bother working out version of Emily.

He doesn't see the 8AM happy, tea drinking, haven't heard my name 1,000 times Emily.

So for everyone who thinks having a child makes you a better teacher, nope. However, it also makes you a worse mother.

Because by 4PM Monday-Friday I have nothing left to give.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Blogtember: Favorite Recipes Posts

Today I'm listing my favorite blog posts, and since my main focus for the majority of my time blogging has been food I'll share my top 5 favorite posts from my recipe vault. Enjoy!

Oh and true story, I thought I'd share more than breakfast recipes... but I'm just sharing my favorite breakfast recipes. It's my favorite meal of the day.

1. Coconut Apple Breakfast Bowl
This recipe is a Whole30 favorite of mine when I've had all I can take of eggs and need something light.

2. Clean Eating Green Pancakes
I went though a stint after the Green Monster Smoothie phase that led to a variety of green meals. This was the favorite.

3. Breakfast Pumpkin Custard
This is my most popular recipe on my webiste (used to be a green juice) and it's caused the most Pinterest related arguing. Is it Whole30? Why'd she call it custard? It's not really a custard, I just needed some way to describe what the texture of it was. It's a casserole that doesn't taste like meat.

4. Shortcut Cinnamon Rolls
Also known as, I love Pioneer Woman's recipe but just can't wait for dough to rise.

5. Whole Wheat Banana Bread
I adore this recipe, it's my go-to really ripe banana user-upper recipe. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blogtember:: Simplify

Today's topic is to list one product that simplifies your life.

Is it weird to say that I'm having trouble thinking of it?

Forget it, I'll go with two and explain why...

In the event you blogged pre-smart phone & data plan, you'll identify with this. Back in the day if you had a post due for a company or for an affiliate company life BlogHer you had to wait until who knew when you get on your computer. Or worse yet, you'd miss campaigns because you had to wait to get home to get on the computer to check your email and send your pitch.

Smart phones solved all of that for me. Now when we are away from home I can easily see what's in my email and fix as much as I can fix on the blog from my phone. Granted there are issues that arise sometimes that you need a real computer to do whatever it is, but the smart phone solved all of that. I can't tell you have many campaigns I would have missed had I not had a smart phone.

The other side of that is the iPad, I'm a terrible sleeper and my iPad serves as a way to watch tv without waking up Jeremy... simple as that. Plus I can do other things on it... but videos are key.

Then last, but not least, my Fitbit Flex. I got my first Fitbit about 5 years ago (the Ultra) and wore it until it died. Now, thanks to Fitbit upping their technology my Flex won't die. I do use it to track steps, but the main thing I loved about it when I bought it was that they added an alarm feature that vibrated instead of making noise.

If you've ever slept in the same room as me you'll know one thing, I hate the sound of alarms. Having a vibrating alarm makes me wake up much happier. Just ask Jeremy, when his alarm goes off I feel the need to kill people. Especially when it's this awful nuclear power plant melting down sound that disturbs my dreams, makes me think I'm dying, and then... then I wake up.

Now I could have listed my love for dry shampoo, but we'll stick to these two.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Blog-tember:: De-stress

So true story, I'm not doing the vlog day. I just don't have time to do it today.

Although It would be interesting to redo the accent vlog from 5 year ago to see if I've been overtaken by the Cajun accent yet or have stayed true to my Southern girl roots.

On to today's topic, de-stressing, it's my favorite.

What better day than today to write this, Jeremy actually surprised me with a massage this morning. Hence the above photo of post massage hair. 

Don't think I'm someone who does this often though, this is my 3rd one in my life. Best one yet, that prenatal massage was no fun. Laying on my side and having a gentle massage was boring. Plus I should have waited until the 9th month to actually do it. 

Now on to my list of my favorite ways to destress >>>

  1.  Massage or Facial, but that is few and far between. 
  2. Home facials, anything that makes me think I'll look better at 80 is a winner in my book. 
  3. Drinking hot tea and watching mindless TV. 
  4. Detox baths - 1/2 c baking soda, 1 cup Epsom salt, few drops of eucalyptus & lavender oil + really hot water for 20 minutes... with ground ginger if I'm feeling flu-ish for 20 minutes is awesome. 
  5. Reading
  6. Cooking or baking
  7. Hanging out with family and laughing. 
  8. Napping, and I'm not a napper so when this happens I'm beyond happy. 
  9. Singing really loud alone in the car. ]
  10.  Hanging out with friends. 

How do you destress? 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Blog-tember:: Adventure

Today's topic is:: What's the craziest adventure I've ever been on?

That would have to be in time in Naples, Italy. Which also includes getting there and leaving.

It was just nutty overall.

We missed our train due to miscommunication, then were threatened to have the cops called while we all sat in a train station because there was such an issue with protesting that it wasn't safe. We went during the big economic crisis there.

To top it off I was mugged in a group of 11 people. Or he attempted to mug me. A guy on a motorcycle drove through our group and grabbed my purse (Cross body wearer over here, he didn't get a thing.).

Our day trip to Mt. Vesuvius was cancelled due to the wet winter weather... but we went to Pompeii anyway (without the entire group like we were supposed to the next day --- they were all in Florence that day) and got into a car with some stranger who charged up something like 40 Euros to ride up the mountain and then find out that... we couldn't go.

So we ended up going to Pompeii without our whole group.

But only because we were having to go back to Rome early because the train system was boycotting the next day (when we were supposed to be in Pompeii).

Then to leave Naples we had to board a train early to beat the protests.

It was plain crazy, but so much stinking adventure packed into two days.

Here's my original posts on it >>> Naples 1, 2, & 3
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