Finally a Home Whitening System I Love!

This post is part of the #SmileFearlessly campaign with Smile Brilliant. I was given their product in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #WhileIWhiten #SmileFearlessly

I'm not newbie when it comes to teeth whitening. 

In college my dentist actually told me to slow my roll if I wanted to still have enamel one day.

Thank you cheapo whitening trays from the early 2000's!

Since I'm immediately drawn to people's teeth I put a ton of stock in my own. A pretty smile makes a world of difference, the only problem is trying to figure out how to enjoy your favorites drinks (I'm talking coffee and tea over here!) and not look like you have George Washington's smile.

Meal Planning Monday

I'm making it another simple week at our house. Which is made even better by the Mardi Gras break. 

The Friday Before a Holiday is Always the Longest

In true Harrison fashion, he continues to keep me on my toes. Jeremy thought I was crazy when I said I was making cube steaks again this week, but low and behold Harrison swooped in and stole his Daddy's plate as I suspected. 

Mom win. 

Little Cajun baby likes anything seasoned with Tony's or served with rice and gravy. 

I've been weary of saying anything because I have friends who have gone through SO MUCH MORE to get pregnant. But, I broke down and ordered an Ava bracelet since we are on month 6 of trying to get pregnant. 

I realized after reading a few articles that I'm awful at taking my basal. I wake up a ton during the night so when I've actually had a 3 hours stretch of sleep it's the dead of night and I don't think of temping. Instead I take it at 6 AM after I've been up at 5 to go to the bathroom. 

So  I am spending too much money and solving those problems once and for all. 

Also, after I've got a bit more data and a solid review idea I'm going to be sharing my thoughts about this product and hopefully a discount code for anyone interested. 

Has anyone read The Princess and the Pea recently? I had a literal moment of "why is this dang bed so awful" only to realize it was more of a toddler mom problem. 

My grandfather recently read this book and suggested it to my mother. Hence I'm now reading it. In short summary it's a brief history of the insanity that went down in our area during the civil rights movement. You know things were bad then, but good grief the FBI labeled the area the equivalent of the Wild West and advised people to leave town. 

It's a great read.

But one that leaves you with your mouth open for much of it.

Honestly, if you've read Greg Iles Pen Cage series, this is the true story of that.

On the flip side, it's lovely to read the book and our family names aren't listed.

During that time though it's thought that my grandmother (Aida, in case you're wondering), who happened to be the Justice of the Peace at the time, left town to escape Noah Cross. The town's worst and one of the longest reigning sheriffs. She supposedly tried to go against him and his well known prostitution and gambling situation out at Deer Park and she left town afterwards. If you match the dates back up to this book, she didn't return to town until after he was put in federal prison.

It's seriously the most insane thing I've ever read. I knew many stories, but THIS takes it to a new level.
In other news, I tried a new banana bread recipe from Taste of Home. It's gluten free. It didn't rise that well. Which could partially be my fault seeing as I didn't realize it made two loaves and had to pull it out of the oven and scoop half the mixture out of the pan. 

Fun time. 

I teach reading comprehension by the way. As you can see I currently have none. 

It doesn't taste as good as my recipe though, just saying. 

Meal Pinning Monday

It's hard to believe this is the last week before Mardi Gras break. However, what's going to be harder to believe is the stretch without a break after that. 

In other news, the virus has left the building. I couldn't have washed another thing, we had no choice but to get over it. Literally, had I washed one more load of puke junk I would have exploded and died. 

True story. 

Now, dinner plans, because if I don't write it down I'll forget it and then who knows how the groceries in the fridge will pan out. 

The Virus, and Other Reasons to Burn Your House Down

When I said I had taken off work Friday because Harrison had the virus... I'm still off work. I'm not even entirely sure what day it is anymore. 

The other kids at the sitter either had this for a hot minute, got the throw up side and later developed the diarrhea situation... but Harrison. Oh Harrison. He had to out do them all. He has had both for 6 days. Is it 6? 

I can't even count anymore. 

He started this mess Friday and it's now Wednesday. I'm assuming it's Wednesday at least. 

Meal Pinning Monday

I'm a little late getting this up, but out of fear for forgetting what I planned to cook this week I had to get after it.

By the way if you've followed along with our stomach virus drama on Instagram... we tested H yesterday and it's definitely just the virus. I was so scared they'd say it was that N3 strain of the flu because of how it progressed Sunday.

Then even better than that, after throwing up like crazy Sunday night, he woke up today asking to eat and watch Turtles. Thank you Jesus!

Also, as far as Meal Planning is going on the blog... until Pinterest gets their act together I won't be posting their widgets for recipes. I'll still link to Pinterest, but they've made using their html codes a pain in the butt.

So this week the menu is...

Monday - Breakfast Taquitos (I used a low carb wrap for mine)
Tuesday - Grilled Chicken with Caesar Salad
Wednesday - Cube Steak, Roasted Potatoes, Sauteed Purple Cabbage and Onions
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - Stuffed Peppers
Saturday - Eating Out
Sunday  - leftovers from Friday

My breakfast this week is hard boiled eggs with homemade Everything Seasoning & lunch is Willow Tree Chicken Salad. 

What are y'all doing for dinner this week?