Dating in the White Space

Our calendars as parents in this day and age are already packed. 
Packed with activities. Packed with work. Just packed to the brim with daily life. 
That means adding in time for Mom and Dad to be, well, not Mom and Dad is difficult for most of us. How do you add a date night in when the kids have to be everywhere? Or even worse, feeling guilty for leaving the kids on a Friday night after spending so little time together during the week days? 
This was something I really wondered about how we’d do as a couple. Would we get lost in the kids and then 18 years later, not know the other person? I’ve seen so many divorces from just that. It isn’t how I wanted to see my marriage go.

I recently shared how we work in quality time together as a couple, over at the Lafayette Moms Blog. I've love for you to head over there and read more about taking advantage of the white space in terms of dating (and I'd love it if you left a comment). 

Chocolate Hummus, Flying, & Unpopular Opinions

The photo Harrison had me take of him on Friday during the storm perfectly depicts life with him these days. Now I'm not exactly thrilled at the jumping off the coffee table, and I often try to stop it. But in that moment it was pure Harrison and whatever he had just seen made him dart off to his bedroom and return with a cape announcing that "I needa fly!" 

You can't very well stop that from happening. 

Especially since his love for pictures has grown and he needed this documented. It'll be a photo for the wedding slideshow for sure. Holding his cape back to make sure it fluttered in the wind and all. 

Sunday was dedication for kid numero 2. As you can see from his face he is nosey rosie. After seeing photos he was very interested in Torie's camera and Bro. David's beard. The baby loves to pet a man's beard. 

Elliot is beyond curious about everything. This will be the child that will take apart the DVD player just to see what's inside. 

I'm calling that now. 

I'm also going to state a wildly unpopular opinion, I hate Mother's Day. I don't mind things being celebrated in the comfort of your own home, but public celebrations and attention stress me out. Plus there's the pressure to dress up, have the perfect picture, be showered in nonsense. Can't I just get a nap, have some ice cream, and someone else do the dishes? 

In other news... 
Getting a car adapter for the pump this go-round was the best idea ever. This saved me from bathroom pumping during a work meeting. Granted the supervisor about died when I walked out with my keys and my big ole bag... but my girl bits were kept private at least.

Also. Get your self a LaVie. (use EMILY10 for a discount)

Our little tub o' mayo finally figured out how to roll to his stomach and back... and now I'm pretty sure he has got to be dizzy from the spinning. 

Is school not out yet? No?

I honestly thought this week was the last full week. Jokes on me.

Dessert Hummus was finally spotted in our area, thank you Wal-Mart! It tasted divine. I actually served it with apples, graham crackers, and pretzels. The pretzels were probably the best with it though. If you're curious about the taste, it's exactly like brownie batter... just a hummus texture. 

Our summer camping trip was changed from Buffalo River to Broken Bend, OK due to the distance. Major points for my parents coming with us and bringing my nephew. Harrison will have a blast and it'll be nice to have more people to talk to while we drink coffee outside all morning. 

And in the event of a storm... the kids can sleep inside somewhere else lol. I'm seriously thinking my nephew needs to sleep in the tent with us one night just to do it. This will be his first camping trip. 

Until then I'll just be staring at this picture and pretending I'm drinking coffee in the woods with my Keens on. #campinglife 

How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is more easily obtained these days than it ever was before. 
Can’t get to the gym, no problem there are workouts you can stream to your TV instead of doing the same old boring DVD every day. No $$ for a streaming service, no problem … YouTube has a wealth of free workouts. 
Heck, I even know someone who just takes advantage of every free group workout that pops up in our area. 

I  recently shared tips to avoid sabotaging your healthy lifestyle, over on the Lafayette Mom’s Blog. I’d so love for you to head over there and read what I've learned about living a healthy life with long term goals in mind.  (and I'd love it if you left a comment).

Things I Bought & Liked | April

Wet & Wild Photofocus Setting Spray | This is a long time love product of mine. Tati Westbrook said on her Youtube channel ages ago that it was a decent dupe for Urban Decay Up All Night, and it really is. Make sure you get the white bottle though. The black is matte and the sprayer gets clogged immediately. The white though, it's sheer setting spray heaven.

Mina Eyebrow Henna | After having my brows done for my birthday I decided I could do them myself for a fraction of the cost. I could. I did. They looked exactly the same and for 12 applications I paid about 14 dollars. Compare that to the 50 to have my brows over plucked and then dyed. Yeah, I'm growing out what threading did to me. Let me also add... I also dyed my eyelashes. This henna dye is a miracle product.

IWOLLENCE Loose Henley Blouse | Yes, I love it, you need one too, end of story. I'll be ordering every color.

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash | Touted as a dupe for that 60 dollar Drunk Elephant Rice Enzyme Powder (maybe another brand, I need a nap) this is exactly that and at a fraction of the cost. It's a nice light exfoliating wash.

Olaplex 3 | I was a hair virgin until 2 Octobers ago. After two balayage treatments... I was about convinced that I was going to have to give it up. My hair was brittle and just not pretty anymore. THIS. ABSOLUTELY. SAVED. MY. HAIR.  One bottle will easily last me several treatments. Know that it isn't a conditioner though, this is a treatment to rebuild the hair structure.

Orgain Grass Fed Clean Whey Protein | I haven't broken into the powder protein yet, but I did try the premade shakes I bought Jeremy. It's really good and everything I was looking for, organic and clean with a healthier sugar. It doesn't contain aspartame or sucralose.

Blissford Satin Pillowcase | Possibly the ugliest thing ever, but it gets the job done. My hair had started knotting up at night with my regular pillowcase and messing with my desire to not wash my hair that often. A silk/satin pillowcase is actually supposed to help with breakage as well as wrinkles. So more good reasons to use one. It's just so dang ugly. I struggled to pick a color and the lavendar is awfully florescent.

Jumbo Smoothie Straws | If you love the Ikea straws but live too far from Ikea to drive just to get a straw... this is your straw.

Womice Stainless Steel French Press | After Jeremy dropped and broke our glass French Press I wanted something more sturdy. This double walled thing was the solution. It's basically made the same as a Yeti mug. My only complaint is that the strainer/press thing lets coffee grounds get through. I've had to resort to straining my coffee through a tea strainer, but whatever. No one can break it and prevent me from drinking coffee for 2 Prime shipping days again.

A few other non-Amazon items >>>

I've been wanting to get Harrison a gummy vitamin that has folate instead of folic acid. Folic acid isn't adsorbed by the body as well and can actually cause problems for some people. [Here's an article I found on the matter.] Anyway, I found one. Granted it isn't some sugar free picture of crunchy health, but it contains the vitamins I want for my 4 year old that can fill in the gaps that diet alone won't cover these days. I got a bottle of the Lil Critters Gummy Vites at Target and decided to find them at our local Walmart, just be careful and read what is in them. Some bottle sizes contain folate and others have folic acid.

I also almost bought the Waleda cream that I saw a dermatologist touting on Youtube, but realized it contained mineral oil. That's a big fat no for my skin and immediately causes breakouts. Instead I thought I'd use the Honest Company Balm that I use on the kids... on my face. I've actually been liking it. It's heavy. Like HEAVY. But at night that is what I want, as much moisture as I can slather on. I like the ingredients better than the Waleda, they're much more skin friendly is you have breakouts and still want a heavier night moisturizer.

While we were in Austin I saw one of the Lush next to the Amy's Ice Cream we were hitting up. I had to try something so I walked away with their FOMO Jelly Mask. The purpose of this mask is to reduce redness, and it actually works great. I was expecting more of my Korean jelly mask but what it turned out to be was a jelly mask texture that dried down like a regular mask. It's great and if you have redness I'd suggest it. But, BUT, what I'd really recommend and am kicking myself for not purchasing is their Charity Lotion/Balm Pots. It was the most amazing hand/body lotion I've used in ages and had zero fragrance. After we left and my hands still felt great I was pretty sad that I talked myself out of that $7 pot of lotion.

M O M S D A Y G I V E A W A Y || starbucks gift card

I haven't done a giveaway in ages, so let's have some fun since Mother's Day is coming up!

Follow the steps below to be entered::

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Currently | May

It's that time of the month again, May 1st means the link up with In Residence

ADMIRING | Any and all photos of bright, airy, spacious living areas. I'm over this apartment in every part of the word. It's closing in on me and I swear the breaking point was finding mold in the humidifier this morning. I've never had that issue before, but I suspect between the nasty orange hard water sludge and the mold in the toilets and bath... there is more to annoy me. I admit it, moving into this apartment was an awful idea and heavily pregnant Emily should not be allowed to make decisions past what's for dinner.

PLAYING | We sold Harrison's balance bike that he never figured out for a regular bike. He hasn't exactly figured it out just yet either. Then again, he isn't the epitome of athletic so... there's that. 

BORROWING | At the moment... time. I'm just borrowing time until I am out of this retched apartment. (prepare to ignore all apartment rants until I move out, sorry in advance)

REMEMBERING | I'm currently trying to remember how we did Baby Led Weaning with Harrison. I am not good at second times at all. Maybe I just put in less effort for repeat events. Either way, I have got to get some meal ideas in my brain soon. 
FINISHING | I've been listening to The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding audio book at night for a few weeks now, it's really good if you like anything British. The book is about the women who made Queen Elizabeth's wedding dress.