the weekend

June 28, 2010

This makes wedding # 4 out of the 8 we are attending this summer. That means we are halfway done! Yay. The wedding we went to Saturday was for Ethan and Rebekah. Rebekah actually caught the bouquet at our wedding. I hate that now that I'm married I'm no longer allowed to catch the bouquet. That was so much fun. Anyway, here are some pics from the wedding.

Love their exit, their church is so beautiful. 
One good pic of us at the wedding. I don't have many pics of us...mostly of everyone else.
Her sister was taking longer than she wanted to get the champagne to toast and the newly weds started finding their own fun. They even danced while waiting on her haha.

I was such a fun and lovely wedding. I just love going to wedding where the whole crowd will get up and don't see that much in Baptist land. Our Presbyterian friends know how to throw a party.  I am so glad they all came to our wedding and danced the whole night with us. It really makes a big difference when you have crazy friends.

End of Part 1
Part 2

Sunday was baby dedication at my home church in Vidalia. Joshua is usually a good baby...but Sunday someone woke up earlier than usual, thew off his feeding schedule, and decided during dedication it was time to eat....then proceeded to holler at his Mom through the prayer.
Two Suez photo from Josh's 1 month shoot.
I need to stop chewing gum during pics. Just so happened my cousin Jessica and her son Carter{who is about a week younger than the monster} got to stand next to us. 

Is anyone else even remotely grossed out by this?
Baby's eating baby food grosses me out big time. First time I saw him rice cereal while I was trying to eat my yogurt I had to throw it away. The two looked to close together. It looks like Laura was just flicking green beans at him. 

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Sneak Peek

June 26, 2010

Here is a sneak peek from the wedding we went to tonight. This is Kathrine after catching the bouquet with the beautiful bride Becca. Congrats Mr. an Mrs. Landry!

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Obviously I don't Speak German

Call me a half crazed spur of the moment freak, but I just couldn't miss this chance. Most people who know me know I am obsessed with anything British. I went to England 10 years ago on a mission trip and had the time of my life, even though I was air sick all but the last day. This week my art professor came in with a ton of brochures about a study abroad program where participants get to live in London for a month and study all sorts of amazing things...I personally was looking into the Children's Literature class that takes you all over England to study the places and authors involved with British Children's Literature over the years. I was most excited about the Peter Rabbit and Winnie the Pooh part. We wouldn't be able to go this year, but could have the money saved up for two summers from now. I had already decided how much money I needed to put in a savings account to get to that point. 

Then suddenly Jeremy decided to tell me to go to some random website.

I didn't know where he was going with it, but apparently the meeting he attended this week was about a study abroad trip to Berlin in December. Here is the best part...we could afford this one. I promptly emailed his professor and she agreed to hold the two remaining spots for us to go on the trip. Yay!

Germany isn't someplace I have ever thought of traveling, I've always been United Kingdom obsessed. My uncle and his family lived there for awhile when he was in the army, and my grandparents went to visit them while they were there...but it still wasn't something that grabbed my attention. Luckily I have a few people that can tell me how to not freeze during winter in Germany. 

I just couldn't  pass this trip up. I am the traveler type, going somewhere new just makes me happy. I have a feeling this elation isn't going to die down any time soon either. I still get excited talking about my trip to England years ago. 

According to the website we are going to two palaces, Checkpoint Charlie, I can't think of the name...but the parliament building that was burned down in WW2 and a bunch of other places I can't think of the name of. Yay I love history!

Might I add I am so excited about German food. All the English food I had was bland...but then again I was super sick. When I was in Great Missenden I did sneak away from the group every day and go into town to this bakery that had the best meat pies and custards on the face of the earth. 

Have any of y'all been to Berlin?

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Fill in the Blank Friday

June 25, 2010

I couldn't think of anything to post about today. Maybe I am in some sort of writer's block and that is why I haven't made it past page 3 of my 7 page paper on Multiculturalism and Art Education. Thanks to The Little Things We Do blog for giving me something to post...and another excuse to not finish my paper.

1.  If I could choose my last meal it would be      sushi, Johnny's pizza, and Tres Leche cake. If it is my last meal I am hitting up everything   .

2.  My favorite person to share a meal with is      Gabby    because,     when we haven't seen each other in a long time we tend to eat Mexican food and gossip like high school kids. Fun times   .

3.  The best meal I've ever had was       Two Big Macs, a large fry, and an orange drink when I got back from England. I was sick and throwing up the whole trip so I barely ate, plus the mad cow issue had only veggie burgers floating around that place at the time. I was so happy to have an American McDonald's again...British McDonald's doesn't taste as good  .

4.  The one food that makes me feel instantly better when I'm having a bad day is      peanut butter balls .

5.  My absolute specialty in the kitchen is     My pasta is one of my favorite thing, surprisingly I've never put it on the blog. I make some darn hot wings and whole wheat pizza though   .

6.  The city that has the best food is      like I said I love London but hate the food. I'll have to push a chef I really like for a second though and say Monroe{cause I am drawing a blank}     and my favorite restaurant there is       Sage{Monroe} or Bistro{Ruston} they are owned by the same people and have the same chefs. I worked at Sage for a year and grew to love all sorts of things I would never have thought to order. But when I am craving sushi in Monroe I go to Samurai.    

7.  My favorite healthy snack is      hummus and whole wheat pita chips      .

8.  In my opinion the nationality which has the best food is     Hispanic, and I'm not talking about cookie cutter Mexican restaurants, I love the home cooked Spanish and Honduran dishes a friend of mine taught me to make     .

9.  If I could learn to cook anything in the world (and be really good at it!) I'd choose      French. It is so complicated but just looks amazing. I have a Julia Child book I look at but never attempt to pick a recipe to make    .

10.  The most outrageous dessert I've ever had was     The cake Jeremy had made for me for my birthday or Valentine's Day one year. It was so good, but I think I gained 5 pounds after I was done with it.       .

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{turn off your mind, relax, and float down stream}

June 23, 2010

All day I have been walking past the kitchen and immediately thinking "I should probably clean this up", then I continue walking. 

I have avoided the computer for most of the day because I have a 7 page research paper, two finals, and a case study to start on...which are all due next week. Aka the last week of Summer 1. Somehow I have knocked every last thing off of my extensive summer school to-do list except these things. 

I avoided starting lunch today by laying out in a kiddy pool{that is big enough to fit my pink floaty}, reading Greg Isles Devil's Punchbowl, and listening to the radio. 

Around 5 this evening I got a massive headache that took way to much Tylenol to cure, and gave me yet another reason to put off doing what a good grad student would do...homework.

I haven't even workout out to my new favorite aerobic dance video today because I've been so lazy. 

And now I'm listening to The Beatles. Go figure.

I need a good kick in the butt and to be possessed by Martha Stewart long enough to get some housework done. 

Good thing I'm not a housewife, because if I were I'd be a horrible one. I am a much better lazy college kid that hasn't come to terms with her age much less the fact that she has a ton of grad school homework to do this summer. 
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300th Post/Goat Cheese & Tomato Pizza

June 22, 2010

This is my 300th post, maybe I'll hit 400 before my two year blogversary. What better to post about than pizza, right? I thought I loved feta, but I think my allegiance may be going over to goat cheese. My old doctor back in Vidalia use to raise goats and make cheese, let me tell you something...goat's milk feta is amazing.

Goat Cheese & Tomato Pizza

whole wheat pizza dough
1 tomato
1 c goat cheese
2 c mozzarella cheese
1 large chicken breast- grilled and diced
1/2 small red onion
garlic powder
Cavendar's Greek Seasoning


You can get the dough recipe here

Roll dough out to fit pizza stone. Sprikle garlic powder over pizza. Slice tomato and lay evenly on pizza dough. Top with diced chicken, goat cheese, and mozzarella{reserve about a handful}. Slice onion very thin and lay on top of mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle remainder of the mozzarella on top and sprinkle with Cavendar's. Bake at 500 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. 

If I think about it I will usually add garlic and italian seasoning to my dough while I am mixing it. Whole wheat dough needs the extra seasoning or it tends to taste a bit to cardboard like to most people, especially Jeremy. If you like your onions cooked a little more you can always saute them ahead of time. Also this dough cooks best on a pizza stone, the stone make it crispier than it would on a regular pan. 

You can also view the recipe here.
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Did y'all watch Real Housewives of New Jersey last night?

I thought Danielle Staub was nuts last season, but she has flown the coop this season for sure. She needs to just change her name to nut-bag. There is a lot more going on in her crazy head that the show is showing. Four boob jobs, her obviously tweaked face, and recent stripper training/exercise class on the show with the gross creeps watching just screams low self-esteem.

So what are your thoughts on the Real Housewives series?

{image source}
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Making the bed.

June 16, 2010

Does anyone else have a problem with a husband who doesn't care about the bed looking pretty and all that good girly stuff? The last thing on Jeremy's mind is "did I put that pillow in the right place". So today when I had my Mom's cousin and her daughter coming to stay with us while her daughter attended orientation at the college here I attempted to force Jeremy out of bed so I could make it before leaving for class. I warned him several times I would make it with him in it. He apparently didn't take me serious enough.

Notice the lump? That is my husband refusing to get up before his second alarm went off. Is it fair this man can sleep in day light and I wake up at 5:30am because the light is to bright and I have to put on an eye mask? No! And that is a king size bed this massive diagonal lump is making look small at the moment. I feel like I am lost in a wall to wall mattress and my legs barely fall at the halfway mark. Don't you just hate tall people!
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{wedding #3}

June 14, 2010

Yes, I realize I didn't post about the first two weddings we went to this has been busy to say the least. So let's just start at number three.

My oldest first cousin Michael {someone people call him Stephen, but he is Michael to the family. I've also heard a few call him Mike, but my Dad is Mike and that is why Michael is Michael. Confused?} got married this past weekend. It appears we are getting married in random number. Ya see, there are four Mom had two girls, Laura and I, and my Uncle Skip{Mom's only brother} had two boys{actually Aunt Rosie had the boys but you get the picture}, Michael. Birth order for our group goes like this...Michael, me, Chris, and Laura. I got married first, then Michael{two days ago}, and Chris will get married in about 4 weeks. Laura currently has no approved prospects so therefore is forced into last place in the altar race. I won that race by the way. Luckily I didn't win the baby race. Laura took the cake on that one an decided to let us beat her to everything else. Am I making sense?

Anyway, since we have a fairly small family minus the massive amount of second cousins and so forth{that we happen to be close to} we are a pretty tight nit group that happens to be of Arnold decent and  get great joy in proving each other wrong. According to Nanny in the Arnold family the loudest wins. Just ask Jeremy, Arnold blood runs thick...I am LOUD.

Back to the wedding weekend.

First off I was super excited our hotel had a pool because I got to take Joshua swimming-or as swimming as a baby can go-for the first time.
You can't tell from the pic but he thought getting thrown in the air was the funniest thing ever. He loved the pool, looks like his Momma is going to either have to become more of an outdoor person or his Meme is going to be taking him out a lot haha.
Nothing says "my Meme prefers girls" like the Kelly's Kids spring colored jumper and peter pan he passed out playing with my Victoria's Secret lip gloss.
The newly weds, Michael and Misty, by the grooms cake that was very yummy. 
The next to be married this summer, Chris and Brandi. Chris and I are the two middle cousins, we are 7 months apart...and looked like twins when we were little.
Pop, Uncle Skip, and Aunt Rosie
He gave me a really good smile and then insisted I take him out. The little skunk was cranky till I took him out to dance.
You'd think we threatening to hurt these two by taking them to weddings. Needless to say my sister is the clone of them and hates to be anywhere for too long. Luckily the baby is on mine and Mom's team.
First Dance
The "baby whisperer", much like Nanny, Aunt Rosie can change a baby's mood from mad to happy or dead asleep in Joshua's case at the rehearsal dinner.

The smallest Cater also cut his first tooth during the wedding. We wouldn't have known by his attitude because other than when I tried to put him in the car seat for another 3 hour drive he was perfectly happy. 
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Show Us Your Life-China Pattern

June 11, 2010

I had my eye on the Paula Deen Dot Crazy patter since before I started dating Jeremy. So you would understand how upset I was when it came time to register and this pattern was being retired and Paula was putting out new patterns. Recently Belk quit carrying her line because she had sold out to Wal-Mart, I thought I was going to cry when the sales lady told me that. Although one soup crock has disappeared from the face of the kitchen, I did managed to find the egg plate I have wanted for so long. Yay!
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June 7, 2010

Alternately titled "Vacay Part One" 

On the way down to Galveston I was listening to a talk radio show {as usual} and happened to hear this guy cracking jokes about how often people say "I love you" in a relationship. It basically boiled down to once you say it you'll be saying it every 30 minutes till you die. Honestly it was funny. Cut through until Friday...We were driving back to our hotel in La Marque {which was 10 miles out and way cheaper by the way} from Schlitterbahn Water Park and I started to say "I love you" to Jeremy but I stopped. Suddenly I realized this: You both know you love each other, so why say it? Saying I love you in a relationship is basically the same as playing March Polo as a kid. It is the easiest way to check in an make sure the other person is still around. For instance, I love him, but I was only going to say it because nothing had been said in 5 miles...Marco?

Even better than "I love you" is the proverbial saying "Whatcha thinking"....Polo? So why is it people say this to each other 50 times per day other than to play the married version of Marco-Polo? {Excluding couples in a new relationship who still haven't found a reason to not like the other person} I'm tempted to just start saying Marco and see if I ever get a reply.

Now for the Olympus camera part of the vacation. Thursday-Moody Gardens Butterfly Exhibit.

I promise this isn't boob sweat. We had just gotten done playing in the gulf and I was wearing a wet swim suit. Hence no makeup and partly wet hair.
Butterfly zip line.

Later that night we went back to the Moody Gardens IMax and watched Avatar in 3D. It was a pretty good movie...just way to long.

Friday-Schlitterbahn Water Park. No pictures but lots of fun. If you go to Galveston you must go there.

Saturday-Beach/Downtown/Movie day.
Jeremy thought that board thing would be fun. Turns out it sucks.
Jeremy studying for the Praxis 2. Exactly how everyone likes to spend their beach time right? Not how I spent it for sure. 
Can you spot the bird that isn't supposed to be on the beach? I have never EVER seen a pigeon in Galveston before. 
I didn't know it until we took a bike ride around Seawall Blvd., but the Galveston seawall was built in 1911 after a hurricane that killed 6 thousand people. before then Galveston was level with the beach. I don't think I have any pictures of them, but all over town there are signs that show how high the water was during Ike, and it was always above my head. For the most part though the town has been rebuilt since Ike, there are still a few places that are still being rebuilt.
Someone obviously had no desire to take a picture with me.
I don't know what got into me on this trip but on the way down sharks became a focus of mine. I started looking up what the most recent attack was, because I was sure I'd be the next one. It didn't help that the first day we were at the beach the 4 main things they said not to be in the water if they occurred, occurred. 1. I saw a pelican diving for fish...which ment there was a school of fish, and therefore could attract a bigger fish. 2. Fish jumping out of the water. One jumped right next to me and according to the online shark guide they only jump when they are being chased. 3. The last girl attacked in Galveston had on shiny silver nail polish. I didn't have any on but my tube {as pictured above} was super shiny like a fish lure. 4. A couple articles suggested sharks see color contrast, no color...basically high color contrast swim suits and tan lines are bad. I had swim suit and two different sun burns, one browner and a lot of white skin.

Luckily I was not attacked...I was just beyond paranoid and never went farther out than a bunch of 8 yr old that were around. I thought I could run faster than the rest of the kids if one were attacked. Crazy yes, but that was my logical thinking of the trip.
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Lazy Much?

June 5, 2010

It just occurred to me today I haven't been on here in nearly a week. Why you ask? Well, this is my one week this summer with no work and no school and I've been as lazy as possible. So lazy that we are in Galveston, TX and being even lazier here. Once I get back to Louisiana I'll post about out trip, and the two weddings I totally forgot to post about.

I hope everyone has a good weekend! We are eating breakfast and about to go be lazy on the beach.
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