Almond Iced Tea

May 28, 2013

I know I mentioned it last week, but Jeremy getting a job has turned this summer (all 3 days of it so far) into a whirlwind. Monday was our first day to be able to really get to work on finding a place to live...and we did. It wasn't my first pick, but considering my first pick was insanely priced I opted for the 2nd pick that also had stained concrete floors.

Also, call me a crazy blogger...but a big selling point was the natural light int he house and the big front window. Hello better blog pictures!

I managed to interview bright and early at 8am, which meant we had to get up at 5am. Not ideal, even less ideal when I was given another interview for today at the same time. It puts a dent in summer workouts, but I have to be back early tomorrow to work on some blogging project stuff, so hopefully this interviewing deal settles down soon.

Another fun little thing, for us, this week is that our 4 year anniversary is Thursday. We will be having fun in NOLA and I'll post about it later. I've already come to terms with toting my big camera for the sake of good pictures.

Back to the anniversary. One of our favorite things from our wedding was the almond iced tea that was served during the little cocktail hour 30 minutes while people arrived. It took me several years to perfect it, but I finally did.

There is nothing so special about it, but it definitely tastes special. It really makes me feel like it's our wedding day again. Of all the food and drinks we were serving I darted for the drink table to get ahold of this as soon as we entered the reception....I also grabbed a biscuit. If you're interested where we were married, Twin Oaks, is a bed & breakfast in Natchez, MS. The owner, Regina Charboneau, is a rockstar of a chef and has catered meals for the Rolling Stones and has a few restaurants. The woman is seriously the southern charm ideal and is living my dream chef life. She has done the Today Show, writes for a popular blog, and wrote a cookbook...that I just so happen to adore. (I have no idea why her cookbook is selling for that much on Amazon, if you want one you could email her and get it for about $30.)

Almond Iced Tea

2 - 2 quart Luzianne Ice Tea Bags
1 1/2 cups sugar (or splenda)
1 tsp almond extract
1 gallon of water

Bring water (about quart worth) to a boil in a small pot and stir in sugar. Add tea bags and steep until the water is a deep brown (5-10 minutes). Remove tea bags, squeezing out tea, and place liquid in a gallon pitcher. Add almond extract and fill the rest of the way with water until reaching the gallon mark. Stir and chill. Serve cold. 

Note:: When boiling water to make tea you do not need to bring the entire gallon to a boil. I just get a very small pot and fill it up, from there on I just add water to my pitcher until it hit a gallon. It would take far to long for me if I boiled a whole gallon.